Imagine getting lost in New York one day when visiting an old friend. You walk around aimlessly for hours until you finally sit down and rest your already hurting feet, letting out a frustrated groan. Loki walks by asking if he can help you somehow. You tell him where you were heading and that you got lost. Wanting to help Loki offers to walk you there. 

As you two walk you talk about a lot of things, including your hobbies and find out that reading is a big part of both of your lives, and after finding your friends house, you promise to meet again.

A couple days later you meet up in a small cafe and talk for several hours, mostly about books, but also about each other. At dawn Loki offers again to walk you back to your friends house, jokingly saying: “Just in case you get lost again” But somehow you two end up at his place, spending a sleepless night together. 

As you wake up the next morning the first thing Loki says is: “Looks like you got lost again” before flashing you a smirk.

Friendly reminder that...

Rex and about half his loyal troops formed the 332nd Battalion within the 501st to fight under Ahsoka’s leadership.

So it’s highly possible that when Order 66 popped off, all your favorite clones were caught up in the Siege of Mandalore.

Safe to assume that the 332nd was formed by Ahsoka’s favorites within the 501st. And her favorites tended to be the focal point of TCW episodes.

Meaning more than likely, Ahsoka’s troops had guys without chips and guys with chips. So when the Order came down they weren’t just hunting Ahsoka or Darth Maul.

They were hunting their brothers. Guys who already lost Tup and Fives to circumstances they couldn’t understand and yet drove them to honor his legacy with surgeries.

Rex has gone on record saying he didn’t betray his Jedi general. But since Filoni and Hidalgo confirmed that Rex would’ve been in Ahsoka’s unit during the Purge, and seeing as how there’s no bad blood between them when we see them in Rebels…

Rex and god only knows who else, fought their own to save their Commander and then went into hiding.



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