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On the Necessity of Phil Gasmer

I recently saw someone suggest that rather than wasting time on Phil Gasmer, we should have been introduced straight-away to Evil!Rip Hunter.

I very strongly disagree with this.  Because Phil Gasmer serves a very important narrative point in Rip’s story arc.

Phil Gasmer shows us exactly who Rip is when everything’s been ripped away from him.  It shows us that even without his knowledge, his experience, his wit and composure, Rip is a kind, courageous, clever and honorable person.  And that at his deepest core, he loves his team.

We really got to meet Phil Gasmer in the span of a day, or maybe a few days, depending on how long the Legion had him before they got the disc.

During that time, we saw that he was making a movie of his experiences with the team.  That he’d made Sara, or well “Sandra” the lead.  We know that Jax, or “Max” also had a very significant role.  And if Jax’s reaction is any indication, the rest of the team was treated favorably as well.

Even when he has no idea who they really are, “Phil” imagines his team to be his heroes.

Then during the course of the episode, he is terrorized, falsely arrested, and kidnapped out of an interrogation room by a man pretending to be his psychologist.  He is knocked out and abducted and told everything he believes about his life is a lie.  While they insult him to his face, by the way.

And then still, when the team is caught in the lurch trying to get the spear, he steps forward.  He walks willingly into danger to help these strangers.

We needed to see Phil Gasmer.  Because we needed to see who the core of Rip Hunter actually is.  He might be anxious, he might be bumbling and clumsy, but he is so brave and wonderful.

And we needed to see him because we needed to see exactly what Eobard took away from Rip.

Evil!Rip isn’t courageous.  He’s not a coward of course, but he isn’t courageous.  He doesn’t push through fear.  He doesn’t seem to feel enough to be afraid in the first place.  

Evil!Rip isn’t honorable.  In the first five minutes, he lured the team into an ambush, shorted out Gideon, the Waverider, and Firestorm.  Neutralized Ray and Mick, and shot Sara point blank.  The most you can say about him is that he didn’t shoot her in the head, for an instant-kill.

Evil!Rip got to keep the intellect and cleverness.  But he lost the kindness, compassion and his love for his team.

And really, given some people in this fanbase, we had to see Phil so that we wouldn’t see any arguments about brainwashing revealing who Rip really is.  We saw Rip stripped down to who he is at the core BEFORE Eobard recreated him.  Evil!Rip is a facsimile.

I’ve said before that I think Legends season 2 is providing us with an amazing deconstruction of their lead character.  First, we see him at his best.  (Out of Time).  Then we see some examination of his strengths as a leader by watching Martin take his place (JSA).  We get to see how well he’s trained his team, by watching them function without his direct oversight (Shogun through Chicago Way).  We get to see him stripped down to his core, without memories, recourse, or support.  (Raiders of the Lost Art, Legion of Doom).  And now we see exactly how scary he would be without the traits that make him human.  (Turncoat).

Phil is a vitally important part of this entire process.  And I am glad to have gotten to meet him.  :-)

From Cawls Tv Trope entry.
  • Mad Scientist: He’s considered a borderline heretic in the Mechanicus for his apparent lack of regard for its rules, including but not limited to admitting that human technology and its current understanding is lacking compared to other races and studying and reverse-engineering xeno technology to get around that. He’s even gone so far as to create what may actually be an Artificial Intelligence (a big no-no in the Imperium) based on his own personality and memories. He’s even proposed the idea of creating new Primaris Marines using the gene-seed from the Traitor Legions and even the two Lost Legions. Guilliman balked at that notion and forbade from doing it, fearing the possible disastrous consequences, but suspects Cawl will try it anyway.


Lost Legion/Fustuarium versus the Othard Resistance! WAR!

Our two groups joined forced for a battle between Garleans clashing with Othard forces over a similar goal! 
A crashed airship, complete with intel.

Garlean forces met up to receive their orders. They were there originally to search the area, then came a distress call from a crashed airship..

So we moved out! Hastening with word came of enemy sighted. 

Garleans and Othards met, faced off, and engaged!

In the end, Othard people got past the line of Garleans to our commander, and forced a cease fire on both sides as they held him hostage.

Rafailleur negotiated Garlean side, with a magitek operated by Amethyst as his trump card, with Godo and the commander Keiho from the Othards. The negotiations were in earnest…

The rest of us were either KOed, or waiting the conclusion, so we did the only feasible thing that could be done… 

Group shots with silly poses!

Anyway, the Othardians won, by forcing our surrender, and leaving with the intel they wanted, even if the agreed cease fire ensured everyone picked up their wounded and left with no further blows. 

Special thanks to everyone who could make it! It was an awesome event to lead into the coming story line of Stormblood, and was fun, if a bit stressful, to plan out.
Hopefully the next battles will be as fun… 

Shout out to my co-GM, @mishivymendi , for organizing this event with me and @aegir-ffxiv