Pandaren - World of Warcraft by Valentina Remenar

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard to create a fan art and portray Pandaren Monk from their game World of Warcraft. Bigger work in progress images you can check here and the project you can see here.

I was really excited to get the opportunity to draw a non-humanoid character, since I always draw humans. It gave me the chance to explore new techniques and styles within the context of World of Warcraft. I really wanted to create a dynamic piece conveying the magic and intensity of the World of Warcraft universe.

Where have all the Murlocs gone?

By Risri Elthron

Known for their tribe like fighting and living styles, the murlocs around Westfall have been a plague upon the poor beleaguered souls that call the prairie their home. With all the evacuations of homes, some residents feared the Riverpaw Gnolls and the coastal Murlocs would overrun the land. This reporter went into the invasion zone in an attempt to capture a glimpse of the other denizens of Westfall.

What we found though was empty camps and villages with one exception. Did the Murloc flee back to the ocean depths? Were they corrupted? Or did they flee to Elwynn or Redridge?

Dodging demons and felfire, we spotted at one at one Riverpaw camp, creatures feasting on the remains of several dead Riverpaw. Did they get corrupted or were the remains the unlucky few who did not escape in time?

At one farm, Eredar were spotted patrolling around a windmill. We didn’t get too close but were they setting up for occupation?

With the empty village and empty camps, one wonders if life will return to Westfall once we are free from these Legion invaders.

Which zone will you be doing first in Legion?

Reminder you can do them in any order and they scale to your level - no fixed leveling path.  Some official blogs on each zone:

Leveling in Legion

Azsuna - Azsuna is home to the remnants of the ancient night elves ravaged by the wrath of Queen Azshara. This accursed land is rife with many mysteries, and serves as refuge to what remains of the Blue Dragonflight.

Val’sharah - Within these densely forested lands, you’ll find the very heart of druidism. This is the location of the Grove of Cenarius, where the demigod first met Malfurion Stormrage and later began his training. This is also where the Emerald Nightmare’s influence bleeds into Azeroth, corrupting the land. You’ll also find key places such as the tainted world tree Shaladrassil and the dungeon Black Rook Hold—an elven fortress that dates back to the War of the Ancients.

Highmountain - The location of one of the largest mountains in Azeroth, Highmountain is a rugged and beautiful place. Here, three tribes of Highmountain tauren are locked in a bitter struggle against the savage drogbar that threaten their lands.

Stormheim - The land of Stormheim is one of harsh beauty, a reflection of the vrykul who dwell here. As you explore, you’ll learn more about vrykrul culture, including the origins of the mysterious Val’kyr and the terrifying Kvaldir. Along the way, you will contend with the vrykul God-King as he races to claim the Stormheim’s Pillar of Creation on behalf of his Legion masters. Ultimately, your quest will take you into the very heavens where the greatest champions of the vrykul await to test your worth.

Suramar is saved for after you hit 110 and have at least friendly rep (or is it honored…) with all of the main factions in the above zones.

Hey guys! I’m trying out Twitch tonight in a bit for World of Warcraft. I may or may not be able to answer questions as I’m playing, but I’m not sure how it all works just yet. I’ll let you know. If there’s any classes you want to see specifically, let me know and tell me the spec. I’ll mainly be playing on my Demon Hunter tonight otherwise.



so a bit spontaneously i’m going to be the table assistant of a certain lovely @catbatart and so we are cramming cash together for that!

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Even the #catsofinstagram are helping take down the #legion

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Daily Positive Warcraft Post

I LOVE the Burning Legion.

Not a common thing to say, right? Well, Warcraft really does demons differently, but, in a great way. Instead of some creatures from hell, it’s an interdimensional army against the whole of creation.

I love the pureblooded demons, the demons who are just beings of intense fel energies. They all have really unique forms and features. From Pit lords to Felstalkers. They can either be HUGE or really small. Either way, they are very interesting and one hundred percent awesome. 

Then the recruited demons, like the Eredar, and the Felguard are beyond epic. I would die for more Nathrezim lore. The Doomguard are badass, especially with their new models. The Felguard have always been super interesting while staying somewhat simple. 

All the demons are amazing and so well crafted. But, in the end, we all love the big guy himself, Sargeras. A fallen titan with somewhat good intentions, destroying the universe. His story since the Chronicle has been well crafted and greatly interesting for people like me. 

Thank you, Blizzard for making such a huge enemy that has shaped the lore since the beginning and continues to shape the lore to this day. (And starting Tuesday.)

Death Incarnate, Night Triumphant

“…Jeziel Lightsworn… has been declared missing… Argent Crusade’s ranks were razed… The Broken Shore… alive, albeit just barely…”

The silence was deafening.

 The sheer sound of nothing roared in her mind, etched into her skin and carved into her bones, as she gazed upon the letter in her hands. Sulfur scent and curling smoke drew her from her daze, and she watched with calculated indifference as the parchment and ink were devoured greedily by the felflame dancing around her fingers.

Ash slid from her palms, warm snow on the valleys of crushed velvet of her gown. She heard nothing but the rumble and hiss of the Broken Shore’s black ocean in her ears as she stood, pale hands brushing away the delicate flakes. They smeared into the royal blue fabric. Her mouth twisted into a frown.

“…do not hesitate to call upon any one of us…”

A troupe of Lightsworns at her beck and call and none of them were half as competent as the one that had gone missing. Upper lip drawing back into a sneer, she crossed her study in three quick strides, wrenching open the door with such force that it slammed into the wall behind it with a resounding bang. The awaiting handmaiden, eyes empty and silent as the grave, did not start at her mistress’s growing ire.

Thirsting vengeance surged through her veins and the roiling power at her core bayed for blood. Blood of the Legion, blood of the Crusade, blood of his thrice-damned family. 

The ring on her right hand was removed and tossed aside. Alassondre, eyes sliding closed, tipped her head back and reveled in the ecstasy of unchained darkness and devilry as it curled around her soul. Demonic energy crackled along her skin, caressing the porcelain flesh with supercharged, phantom fingers. Sweet nothings of murder and mayhem slipped along her psyche like silken sheets. 

A quiet sigh and pools of pulsating felfire drifted open. The walls of her estate reverberated with her power. Her resounding steps turned towards the demon wing. All of unholy hell crept into the smile that kissed her tender mouth.

The Broken Shore would be the Decimated Shore when she was finished.

[ @crusaderjeziel

Where is OCF? Legion Version

We should have posted this awhile back but @kharrisdawndancer just reminded me I forgot to do it! So here is where we have been/will be for Legion.


Aelberyn initially deployed to the Northern Barrens, but after finding that the area was well defended she and Jericho agreed to move the House forces to Tanaris. They have been there for the past two weeks. She has been acting as a liaison between House Akh'Argar and Horde officers, but the majority of her time is spent on the field as a battle medic and fighting back the Legion.

She has taken this weekend as leave to visit Iloam & her children before returning on Monday to deploy to the Broken Isles. 


Jericho has assumed the rank of House Commander and is currently in command of the House Akh’Argar army. They are working with the Horde and have fought in battles in both the Northern Barrens and Tanaris. While spending most of his time fighting on the front lines with the men, his leadership has shown with coordinating troop movement & organizing strikes. He has also authorized the House to take in refugees as well as increase the flow of supplies. 


Iloam was asked to personally guard Fib & Sean Bloodsword along with their assigned House Seraphim. He has spent the last three weeks at the family castle in Lordaeron with a small skeleton crew of guards & servants. They are prepared to move to various strong houses throughout Azeroth if needed. Right now the safety of the children is the top priority. 

OOC Details:

  • We are all primarily focused on PvE right now - leveling up to 100 to prepare for xpac & then taking in the new content. 
  • Jericho and Iloam are now transferred to WrA Server
  • We are all available to RP on Skype - and love to do so!
  • We are also available to RP in-game, just get in touch with us (whisper in-game or message on Tumblr) and we will setup an RP time to login.