Things I loved about David's Rational Mind


• Rational David’s British accent (Dan Stevens regular accent).

• When told to imagine a chalk board, David immediately conjures up a huge lecture hall style room with 6 huge chalk boards, and if that doesn’t describe David’s personality idk what does.

• The animations on the chalk board.

•When regular David attempted a British accent, it sounded exactly like Patrick Stewart, which was either intentional or not, but still a nice nod to the fact that in the comics, Legion is P-X’s son.

• That moment when he questioned if he was given away because of Faruqh or if his parents just didn’t want him.

• “I am pretty, I am loved.”

The Silent Film scene from Legion, Chapter 7 just might be one of the greatest pieces of art in television history. I really do not understand yet how to explain how perfect it was. This whole series is amazing so far, but that scene is everything the show is trying to do all at once and they nailed it.

Aight so ~

Beauty and the Beast, Legion, Sense and Sensibility, and Downton Abbey (I know, it’s a lot) are giving me all the Dan Stevens feels. 

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….dreamy bastard

Anywho, who would be down for some Legion imagines? Anyone else hella addicted to that amazing show? If not, you should be. 

<3 ElRoy