[Ray teaching Ava and Sara maths]

Ray Palmer: And if you do this, it means it’s 90 degrees.

Sara Lance: We’re literally in the middle of winter.

Ray Palmer: No, I didn’t mea-

Ava Sharpe: [to Sara] Must be global warming.

Ray Palmer: [facepalms and leaves, giving up]


Years ago, the five Guardians of Childhood defeated the boogeyman, Zolomon, and cast him away. The Man in the Moon made sure that his prison was fortified this time with a special spell. Only one mythical creature could break the spell and keep Zolomon from being dragged back into his lair.

Barry, also known as Cupid. 

Only his pure heart could break the chains of the prison, so Zolomon sends his Nightmares to collect Barry and bring him to his lair. The Guardians barely get to the young cupid in time to save him, and Jack Frost aka Leonard is put in charge of protecting him while they find a way to stop Zolomon…

So ok…. if the Superman series does get made, and Batwoman is picked up for a full series (which it likely will be), there will be 7 superhero shows on the same network

Which is a fucking lot

So, what I think will probably happen (or at least what I think should happen) is this:

1) Just end Arrow. Sorry to Arrow fans, but I think the more shows that get introduced, the less and less people care about Arrow. End the show to free up some space. They can still keep Oliver and some other supporting characters to pop up in other shows and crossovers, but I don’t think we need a full series of it anymore.

2) Either Batwoman or Superman will end up on the DC streaming service, but will still be part of the universe. I think it should be Superman since we already have a Supergirl show on the network covering a lot of the Superman mythos, so it just seems like more of the same. 

Westwave, Buy the Farm. 

     Sometimes hearing your voice, is all I need to quiet my demons. 

francoamerican  asked:

I’m so glad you reblogged that Sara’s best Captain moments gifset because I also have so many feelings about it! She’s such a great leader!!

Thank youuuuu and yes SHE IS. I will always cherish that feeling of watching Sara get a chance to quietly step into leadership in S2 and like, not quite believing that the show was going to let her be captain? And then that moment of the show sort of agreeing like yes, of course she’s the best captain, of course she loves this team and this ship and would do anything to make sure they live their best lives saving time.

(Sometimes I just think about Sara Lance and get so proud of her, like what a good hero and leader and friend and captain she’s had the chance to be.)