Favorite Video Games [13/?]: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

What did the king of Hyrule say? That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule?! How ridiculous… So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool… What can they possibly hope to achieve? Don’t you see? All of you… Your gods destroyed you!

An updated ref for my human Fi design. It’s not much different from the old, except for the fact that I got rid of the little crystals on her hand.

I drew Fi wearing a backless dress cause I thought it would be easier to put on, especially after when she has loses arms. Of course, someone else helps her put on the dress and button it for her.

She has no scars cause she has incredible self-healing ability. If she didn’t, her entire body would be covered in them.

7 days until Valentine’s Day

Can’t do Mario and Peach without doing Link and Zelda. The fuzzy feelings here are just as warm and loving.

Actually, I never done Wind Waker Link and Zelda before. It was alot of fun. Might draw more often….maybe….I don’t know yet XD.