Portrait of a young hero

A piece inspired by this one from the early renaissance; I fancy the idea of Link sitting to get his portrait painted. Perhaps in the era of Twilight Princess, Zelda would find it stored away somewhere in Hyrule Castle, in a forgotten corner collecting dust. I would imagine thus, as a forgotten and unknown hero after all. I am not an artist and I know this is not very good but this took some time so I hope you guys like it!


(Another little Zelda college AU, wow it’s been a while xD with doodles and a little fic. Also this is my new account,y old one was @pandah3r0)

A new kid. A young, droopy-eyed kid, who’s hair was just as pale as his skin. Who wore weird clothing and a weird hat. She first saw him in her chemistry class, then in the cafeteria while eating with Ganon and Link, watching them from across the room and now her dancing class. This was ridiculous, she had to tell them.

After class she rounded up the brute and the mute and told them about the boy.

“He’s weird” she said, straight to the point, arms crossed over her chest.

Ganon quriked an eyebrow up and looked at her with a hint of amusement. “Well that’s odd of you, you usually don’t judge anyone without getting to know them first, it isn’t your ‘etiquette’ ”

He held up his hand with his pinky finger sticking straight out, pretending to sip out of a cup. Link chuckled at this and Zelda’s face was one of annoyance.

“I’m being serious, he’s been following us, particularly me”

“Why would he-”

Ganons words were halted quickly by a small “huussh” from Zelda. They had rounded a corner but she had seen something and made them backtrack, taking Link by the collar and yanking him towards her before he could be seen. It was him. The boy she had been talking about. They peeked out through the corner and suddenly Link knew who the boy was. He was the one who had kept staring at him all through Math class.

“See? I told you, the kid is suspecious”

Ganon looked down at her, his lips forming into an annoying smirk, “Maybe you’re a little delusional princess”

“I’m not delusional, even Link agree’s, right?”

The Blonde boy nodded eagerly, his eyes still fixed on the mysterious boy in the hall way.

“There you have it…and don’t call me princess”

Ganon huffed slightly and shook his head, his eyes showing boredom. “And maybe you’re both delusional”. They stayed there for a while longer but before they were about to leave the unexpected happened. The mysterious boy turned his head and stared at all three of them, a finger picking at his nose.

(OK so, yes, that is my version of what skull kid would look like if he was normal lol. His hat was made by his mom, he’s also a dancer and he has Majora’s mask tied to his belt, which he puts on when he’s feeling embarrassed…oh and his name is Eugene in this one but his Nick name is of course skull kid cuz of reasons xD)