Legend of Korra

I’m re-watching the Ba Sing Se episodes of Legend of Korra and one of my headcanon for the next Avatar after Korra would be someone studious (since the pattern seems to be the reborn Avatars take on characteristics they lacked in the previous incarnation) but now I’m thinking…

What if the next Avatar isn’t born to a prominent family like Korra was or Roku but born in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, and the Avatar doesn’t know they’re the Avatar until late in life.

Maybe the next Avatar will be a thief just like Wan was.

This Avatar would already have a tough life before they know they are the Avatar and their story is how they grow from their cynicism to being more positive and filled with hope.

It would be an interesting arc.


“You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy, and it swirls around us.  The Air Nomads’ Aang’s love for you has not left this world.  It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.”

The announcement of the upcoming graphic novel brought up all sorts of old feels, so in commemoration of the continuing story, I decided to break my own heart.  Enjoy.

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First 'Legend of Korra' Graphic Novel Coming In June 2017
The Legend of Korra wrapped up back in 2014, but that doesn’t mean the end of the line for Korra, Asami, and the other heroes of Republic City....

Hi y’all! I’ve been sitting on this for a while and so thrilled to finally anounce: whaddaya know, I’m drawing THE LEGEND OF KORRA COMICS for Dark Horse! with Mike DiMartino himself on writing, Jane Bak on colors, and Heather Campbell on covers (check the full size work of hers through the link)!

It is super exciting to be a queer Asian woman martial artist drawing queer Asian women martial artists!!!

  • Nickelodeon:Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra aren't nearly as profitable as Spongebob because nobody's buying the merchandise.
  • Nickelodeon:For over a decade, has refused to release a soundtrack for both shows despite both having some of the best music in history.
  • Nickelodeon:Adamantly refuses to release any female action figures.
  • Nickelodeon:Doesn't even have a single Avatar shirt I mean really!?
  • Nickelodeon:Sells everything from Spongebob Connect 4 to Spongebob Underwear.
  • Nickelodeon:See they're not buying anything related to Avatar I just don't underst