Legend of Korra

What if while Korra and Asami were in the spirit world, they accidentally ran into one of Korra’s past lives and that avatar was so happy to see her like “man Korra I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for you! By the way, have you seen [lists all the avatars]” (Korra and Asami bored af) to which Korra responds “you mean, you’re all still here?????” “Yep, we’ve just lost connection with each other. Can you help reunite us?” And that becomes Korra and Asami’s mission in the spirit world cause only Korra can reunite them or something

Bonus: Korra and Asami meet a kind spirit who grants them a family or a spirit becomes their human child

Bonus 2: all the past avatars giving them [sex] tips and helping them through the difficult times of their relationship

Bonus 3: Aang is so fucking happy that there are more airbenders. The past air nomad avatars connect with the new airbenders to teach them about obscure parts of their culture.

Wuko Subtext and the Deconstructive Themes of The Legend of Korra: Building Wu

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This probably doesn’t seem like something that would warrant an entire post to itself, but it’s surprising how many conclusions one can draw from a few sketches and some developer comments. Of greatest interest is the observation that Wu’s queer coding, i.e. about 90% of the reason why anyone would write meta on him in the first place, was apparently not an original element of his design but something gradually introduced to his character.

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Sea of Chains - Ch. 18, The Charter of Stars

Rating: T

Summary: Years after the events of Anchor, Captain Kai and Jinora Gyatso remain famous names on the seas and their children are literally born pirates. Now, their daughter, Nima, is becoming a little too pirate for comfort. When trouble with Captain Quil of the Blood Moon Pirates turns tragic, Nima is viciously dragged into what can only be be described as every parent’s worst nightmare.

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Kai just couldn’t sleep. Not tonight.

It wasn’t like that wasn’t a normal occurance to him, but tonight especially just wasn’t abiding. Not at all. Jinora, mercifully, stayed asleep as he had slid out of bed. He checked his crew like he always did, then, he checked the twins room. It took all of his strength not to go to Nima’s room. Both Longshot and Yung both told him that it probably wasn’t entirely too healthy for him to visit there too often. For once, he listened.

Yet, he found the night strangely peaceful. Not entirely. Not like a night only a month ago when Nima had been here on the ship and they were freely sailing around the Amaterasu on their way to port in a town they docked at numerous times a year. When his child wasn’t owned by some wicked witch.

Still, the night was peaceful enough that he could only smell the salt air and watch the stars for a little while. Let his heart beat and just be… be nothing. Not think. Not calculate.

It was a relief and a strain all at once.

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