Guess who decided to make a legend

26/06/17 - About to leave for another round of house visiting

I thought I needed a style-neutral legend for my tasks and habit trackers and so I tried :) My first bullet journal spread was more of an experimental spread than a proper I-want-to-organise-stuff-well spread haha ^=^;;; But I’m that type of person, knowing the structures before engulfing myself in it~


“bülent ersoy” 🏴🍷 #bülentersoy #turkish #legend #transwoman #lgbt #diva #mixertv

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~ RIP Michael Jackson ~

Not only was he an amazing singer and dancer, but he was an amazing humanitarian. He used his fame to help heal the world, save lives, touch peoples’ hearts, and deliver powerful messages through his music, a characteristic artists lack today. And that is why he will always be one of my top most role models, no matter what trash is against him!

✨ Love you Michael, Legends never die ✨