@requiemofkingssuper painful art got me thinking, and that’s never a good thing, so here’s the scene in question and there’s probably going to be a fic that comes out of this but honestly who knows with me, am i right? anyway this is almost 3k and probably the longest “short” fic I’ve written so yeah >_>

Andrew nudges Neil into their room and watches him shuffle inside, appearing a good bit drunk without a drop in him. “The next time you want to risk endangering the mission,” Andrew says once the door is closed and the lock has been slid home, “leave me out of it.” He arms their security system, the pocket-sized one that Renee insists gives them a perimeter of the room’s exact boundaries. Andrew believes her, but Neil is low-tech, so Andrew sets the far cheaper early-warning system of a string, a crowbar, and a bell as well before backing away from the door.

Neil scoffs, the drunk act dropped, and Andrew turns to find him already shucking off his tie, working out of his grey jacket. “Please. You’d be bored if I wasn’t constantly keeping you on your toes.” Neil finally discards the thin outerwear, and he’s left standing in just the black button-up and trousers. Andrew never liked the color on him.

“Bored but alive,” Andrew says, stepping forward to start undoing the buttons of Neil’s shirt. Inch by inch, scarred flesh opens up to him, ending too soon when Andrew tugs the shirt free of Neil’s waistband.

The soft hum that slips from Neil is just as soothing as the man’s fingers skimming Andrew’s throat before working at undoing his tie. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Andrew settles a glare on the idiot, but Neil doesn’t meet his gaze, focused on his own long fingers and the path they sear down Andrew’s front as they undo each button with an artist’s precision.

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NAME: Allen Ravenwind
AGE: 25
SPECIES: Hyur Midlander (nevertheless, parents unknown)
INTERESTS: The Crystal Tower, mammets, Sharlayan, Thaumaturgy, socialism
PROFESSION: Business Advisory, gang boss and informant
BODY TYPE: Taller than the average midlander, and uncomfortable about it. Lightly muscular and a bit thin, but he also dresses well.
EYES: His left is black, and his right is red and poisoned by aether. 
HAIR: Burgundy
SKIN: Tanned from the streets of Limsa and Ul’dah, but it’s starting to pale.
HEIGHT: 6′ 1′’
WEIGHT: 160~170 ponzes
COMPANIONS: Kokore, Astrelle, L’selle, and others of Vigil
ANTAGONISTS: The System, Capitalism, aether poisoning, competitive businesses
COLORS: Wine red, olive green, silver, leather brown
SMELLS: Salt, dust, orange, books, oil, ink
FRUITS: Oranges, applies, starfruit
DRINKS: Cider, rum, water
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? Yes / No / Occasionally
SMOKES? Yes / No / Occasionally
DRUGS? Yes / No / Occasionally
FIGHTS? Yes / No / Occasionally

When Dead Stars Collide!

Gravity has been making waves - literally.  Earlier this month, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the first direct detection of gravitational waves two years ago. But astronomers just announced another huge advance in the field of gravitational waves - for the first time, we’ve observed light and gravitational waves from the same source.

There was a pair of orbiting neutron stars in a galaxy (called NGC 4993). Neutron stars are the crushed leftover cores of massive stars (stars more than 8 times the mass of our sun) that long ago exploded as supernovas. There are many such pairs of binaries in this galaxy, and in all the galaxies we can see, but something special was about to happen to this particular pair.

Each time these neutron stars orbited, they would lose a teeny bit of gravitational energy to gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are disturbances in space-time - the very fabric of the universe - that travel at the speed of light. The waves are emitted by any mass that is changing speed or direction, like this pair of orbiting neutron stars. However, the gravitational waves are very faint unless the neutron stars are very close and orbiting around each other very fast.

As luck would have it, the teeny energy loss caused the two neutron stars to get a teeny bit closer to each other and orbit a teeny bit faster.  After hundreds of millions of years, all those teeny bits added up, and the neutron stars were *very* close. So close that … BOOM! … they collided. And we witnessed it on Earth on August 17, 2017.  

Credit: National Science Foundation/LIGO/Sonoma State University/A. Simonnet

A couple of very cool things happened in that collision - and we expect they happen in all such neutron star collisions. Just before the neutron stars collided, the gravitational waves were strong enough and at just the right frequency that the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and European Gravitational Observatory’s Virgo could detect them. Just after the collision, those waves quickly faded out because there are no longer two things orbiting around each other!

LIGO is a ground-based detector waiting for gravitational waves to pass through its facilities on Earth. When it is active, it can detect them from almost anywhere in space.

The other thing that happened was what we call a gamma-ray burst. When they get very close, the neutron stars break apart and create a spectacular, but short, explosion. For a couple of seconds, our Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope saw gamma-rays from that explosion. Fermi’s Gamma-ray Burst Monitor is one of our eyes on the sky, looking out for such bursts of gamma-rays that scientists want to catch as soon as they’re happening.

And those gamma-rays came just 1.7 seconds after the gravitational wave signal. The galaxy this occurred in is 130 million light-years away, so the light and gravitational waves were traveling for 130 million years before we detected them.

After that initial burst of gamma-rays, the debris from the explosion continued to glow, fading as it expanded outward. Our Swift, HubbleChandra and Spitzer telescopes, along with a number of ground-based observers, were poised to look at this afterglow from the explosion in ultraviolet, optical, X-ray and infrared light. Such coordination between satellites is something that we’ve been doing with our international partners for decades, so we catch events like this one as quickly as possible and in as many wavelengths as possible.

Astronomers have thought that neutron star mergers were the cause of one type of gamma-ray burst - a short gamma-ray burst, like the one they observed on August 17. It wasn’t until we could combine the data from our satellites with the information from LIGO/Virgo that we could confirm this directly.

This event begins a new chapter in astronomy. For centuries, light was the only way we could learn about our universe. Now, we’ve opened up a whole new window into the study of neutron stars and black holes. This means we can see things we could not detect before.

The first LIGO detection was of a pair of merging black holes. Mergers like that may be happening as often as once a month across the universe, but they do not produce much light because there’s little to nothing left around the black hole to emit light. In that case, gravitational waves were the only way to detect the merger.

Image Credit: LIGO/Caltech/MIT/Sonoma State (Aurore Simonnet)

The neutron star merger, though, has plenty of material to emit light. By combining different kinds of light with gravitational waves, we are learning how matter behaves in the most extreme environments. We are learning more about how the gravitational wave information fits with what we already know from light - and in the process we’re solving some long-standing mysteries!

Want to know more? Get more information HERE.

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glory or wisdom? love or power? violin or piano? fire or water? air or earth? forest or river? black or white? left or right? heads or tails? theatre or cinema? give or take? dawn or dusk? gold or silver? art or music? morning or night? venus or mercury?


Linkin Park’s; One More Light, was the heaviest inspiration for this painting. 

Hence all the stars and glitter and such, I wanted to render Prompto again for some time now, it’s been a while since I’ve done so properly so here’s something I did with Clip Studio Pro and PS! I’ve finally got the knack for painting on there now, and picking out a color palette for this was he hardest three hours of my life! The combinations were endless, but I settled on something!

yaitzagod  asked:

I hope dr.flug recover his flesh and his bag.

Flug stares at Black Hat, before standing up and giving him his coat and walking towards the door. Before he leaves, he turns around and looks his boss deep in the eye.

“Thank you, jefecito”

Little did Flug know, that after he left, Black Hat turned to his desk, a small blush and grin forming on his face.



EDIT: so i posted this without the content the first time???

I recieved quite a few asks, mostly if Flug’s going to be okay. So here’s your answer

Michael patches!

Alright @ihopetherewifiinhell I promised this so here we go. Eleven patches total, 

On the left are all of the exact ones I have, the ones that I don’t are the black & white long patch on Michael’s right forearm, the rabbit with a freaky tongue patch on right shoulder below the Bowie patch, the blue/yellow with red outline graffiti patch on his left shoulder below the turntable, the black and white microphone patch on his left forearm, the black and white film patch on his left hip, and the samurai (?) patch on his right side above the racism one.

This is what I use to draw! I hope this helps with your cosplay efforts? <3

Disclaimer: Nicole Haught is my favorite character on Wynonna Earp so I’m predisposed to be biased in her favor. 

The thing that really hurts me the most about her storyline this season? It’s not her arguably poor reaction to being left out of Black Badge or her very bad decision with the DNA results (and the resulting fallout, including Waverly’s text message and the Rosita kiss). But this notion advanced in at least three episodes now by Wynonna and Waverly that Nicole is controlling.

I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

Maybe I’m blinded by my love for Nicole, or maybe I’m not looking at it from the right angle/lens, because here’s what I have seen onscreen:

Nicole was attracted to Waverly and asked her out, but nevertheless respected Waverly’s relationship with Champ once she knew Waverly wasn’t available. Nicole never overstepped her bounds. She never pushed or expected Waverly to be anyone other than herself, or to be anything more than friends, if that’s what Waverly wanted. She was frustrated, but understanding when Waverly was stressed out and confused after Willa’s return. Hell, she didn’t run for the hills or ask Waverly to join her even after a) she learned about demons and the Earp curse, b) was shot in the chest by Willa, and c) could sense something was off with Waverly/Gooverly. Despite her disappointment about Black Badge or her belief that Waverly doesn’t respect her job as a cop, she still showed up at the Homestead to support Waverly when she was upset about Bobo’s revelation. Moreover, she never tried to shoehorn in on any Black Badge cases, not even when she was worried about Waverly’s undercover mission with Lucado.

Not only that, she’s tried to reach out to Wynonna and be her friend (once notably at Waverly’s request) even when Wynonna pushes back. And, most telling, twice when Waverly was in danger, Nicole deferred to Wynonna both times and trusted that she would save Waverly.

I get that Wynonna and Waverly are most likely projecting their own issues and insecurities on Nicole, who sometimes is the closest and perhaps easiest punching bag. And that’s not meant as a criticism of the Earp sisters, as I love them both and Lord knows neither of them have had an easy life. 

Now, I don’t think Nicole is perfect. She can be a tad judgmental at times. If anything, she’s maybe too understanding (if that can be a thing), to the point where I can kinda see the criticisms of her being a “doormat.” But she’s anything but controlling. And this season just makes my heart ache for Nicole and want to give her a hug. :(

Protection Pouches

These little beauties have always worked for me, and actually seemed to keep my mother from being killed or paralyzed by a bad car accident last year, so I have a lot of faith in them.

You’ll need:
🐝 A small square of fabric, or a small sewn pouch if you have one already available.
🐝 The following supplies:
Basil, Cinnamon, Clove, Dill, Mint, Lavender, Rosemary, and Sage.
A small black stone or a small piece of quartz or tiger’s eye
And one black and one white candle.

Spell Work:
🐝 Place the herbs in the fabric square or pouch while invoking earth.
🐝 Light the candles, the white on the left and black on the right. Invoke fire.
🐝 Meditate lightly to dispell negative energy and press positive energy onto the stone(s), which should be held in your hands. Invoke water.
🐝 Extend your aura over the bag while placing the stone in and tying it shut. Visualize a shield of spirit and invoke air.
🐝 at this point, I find that a lot of people like to preform some sort of chant to better embolden and access the forces:
“May whoever keep this charm,
Be protected from every harm,
Cast off all bane and ill,
Upon this wish, I cast my will.”
Invoke spirit (active) during this portion.
🐝 Finally, invoke any patron or matron deity you may worship, follow, or are dedicated to. Then cleanse your circle with a smudge of Sage and you’re done!

*a pentagram configuration is certainly not necessary for this, but for some it does provide ease and structure during the ritual.

Best wishes darlings!