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I think you need better anon asks, so time for me to chime in ;) can you tell me about a moment in a game that made you really, really happy?

Aww, I appreciate this <3

This is kind of left field but the thing that comes to mind is when I was explaining to my mum about my sideblog @365tinygames and I showed her Metamorphabet, expecting her to mess around with it for a couple of minutes, but she got so into it, having never really done much interactive stuff. She was literally like, squeeing and asking me about how it all worked and whether this is how all kids would learn now, and she went through every single letter.

I get that this isn’t, like, an AAA game, but writing about tiny games has brought me a lot of happiness recently, so that in general too.

And not in a game specifically but game-adjacent, Tracer’s sexuality reveal just made me really, genuinely happy. Representation like that in such an acclaimed game is so important and after having spent so much of last year writing about Overwatch it just felt like a wonderful end of year present. Plus seeing everyone else be happy about it was just perfect.

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Interesting. I was kind of surprised by how you're portraying Queen Sonorie. She seems more level-headed, less out-of-touch than I expected, considering the incredible luxury and wealth she's surrounded by (I guess it's probably too soon to judge, after we've only heard her say two sentences). Also, who's the young woman arguing that the gods will apologize for the Ethelmik tragedy?

Well, there’s a pretty left-field twist coming that long time Q&A readers may remember, but that may surprise you if you’ve never heard me talk about it. And I think it will reveal a big reason for a lot of present ill feelings towards the Queen. Wait a few pages for it.

Otherwise though, yeah, she’s a very shrewd and level-headed woman with a obvious compassion towards her people - and even her enemies. Doesn’t seem to fit with what Duane’s ranted about. Isn’t that weird?

(not really)

The very opinionated younger girl is someone rather equivalent to a handmaiden or maidservant of the Queen’s. She’s a favourite, which lets her be pretty bold to the Chancellor.

Okay, Bach’s middle name is so appropriate!

Confession: Like Indiana Jones before him, Rolfe was named after the dog. Or rather, a dog.

Growing up, Rowlf the Dog has always been one of my favorite Muppets. I liked his name so much that any time a game gives you an opportunity to name a dog, Rowlf is automatically used. The only time I used something different was with Moira’s mabari Quinn.

When The Boy rolled up out of left field sipping on a strawberry milkshake (I’d been An Adult and decided that was going to be dinner that night, so technically a milkshake did bring a boy to the yard), he insisted that was his name and it took me a while to figure out why I liked that name so much.

“Dude, you’re named after every dog I’ve ever named in a video game.”

“Just go with it. Change the spelling and here’s my extra fancy middle name.”


Some mysme doodles from my sketchbook i thought I’d post~

You could say I’m in angsty hacker twin hell

oh when I did the mission to rescue the ex-Cerberus scientists while catching up with Jacob he was like “Yeah I wanna have a family” and then when Shepard responded with “Yeah I get that” Jacob got all serious and said something like “No, the Normandy will always be your first love” (not to mention that Kaidan, whom I’m romancing, is literally standing right next to them during this exchange)

is that just something Jacob says to a Renegade Shepard? because frankly it was kinda rude and uncalled for and I’m so petty that I didn’t invite him to the Citadel party because of it. 

Have you ever thought, sweetheart, 
that there might be a world out there–
in the infinite constellation of universes
whispering quietly to each other–
there might be a world out there, 
where we have never known what it means
     to have our hearts torn out of our chests
     to live with an empty tomb memorialized between our ribs
     to stutter forth with bones that list forever towards an early grave

Maybe, do you think,
there might be a sky somewhere,
where the stars still smile down at us?

Do you think, perhaps,
there might be a dream out there
where the only ghosts we see look like sheets billowing in the wind?

I think, darling, that’s what it means
when my chest aches silently in the middle of the night
while I’m lying there listening to your dreambound sleep
praying that tonight your monsters and mine will both grant us peace–
I think it’s an echo of another heart in another chest
that beats with joy instead of fear
that bears neither scars nor ghosts nor faded memories that taste like regret.

And that heart reminds mine,
          full of poisoned blood that has failed yet to kill me, 
there is a thing called happiness and you held it in your hands once. 
You have forgotten how it sounds when your body thrums with it, 
but there is a thing called happiness
and you held it in your hands once.

I am holding it in my hands now, it tells me,
and I will remember for you.

—  and maybe that’s enough ( j.p.
  • Oliver: *walks up to Sara in line and grabs her hand* This is crazy.
  • Sara: Um...
  • Oliver: ... You’re not my girlfriend.
  • Felicity: *from behind them* You’re holding the wrong hand, Oliver.
  • Oliver: You sure?
  • Sara: Yeah, we’re sure.
  • Oliver: I feel compelled to finish this Jitters experience with you.
  • Sara: I’m not paying.
  • Oliver: Nevermind, I’m going back to my girlfriend.
  • Felicity: I’m not paying either.
  • Diggle: *at the front of the line* Come hold my hand, man. I’ll buy you anything you want.
  • Oliver: *goes to hold Diggles' hand* At least somebody cares about me.

Uhhh…. Sinnoh Confirmed?

Y’know, something is telling me that Will and Eleven might have some sort of connection that we don’t know fully about yet… It’s curious to me that Will’s able to manipulate the lights and the radio to communicate with his mom in the first place—not to mention his uncanny survival ability in the Upside Down despite the likely fatal toxicity—leading me to believe that he may have a sort of ability allowing him to do that. But the way Eleven shows almost as much genuine concern for someone she’s never met as the boys do for their childhood best friend and the way she seems to so strongly connect to his presence in the Upside Down….it just seems like they’re intertwined in too many ways to be coincidental