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Damn, their reaction is the reason starlights will ways work hard to give them a win.
- Jaehwan bowing so respectfully
- Hakyeon and hongbin looking so dazed and surprised
- Taekwoon, Wonshik, and Sanghyuk saying thank you non stop.
Humble, talented as hell, handsome dorks with violent tendencies. Proud to be starlight.

VIXX Reaction: When you are a foreigner

Thank you to anon for the request! I haven’t done this in gif reaction form since I think a lot of the reactions would be the same so I’ve grouped them together. Hope that’s okay!

They would be super duper interested and ask so many questions about your heratage and your country. He would want to know more about it all the time and he would happily sit and listen to you in awe as you talked. They would also regularly insist on visiting your country so that they could experience it: Ken, N

They would take it upon themselves to learn more about your home-country so that they knew more about you and they could talk to you about it, too. They would try and teach you more about their own country, so that both of you were learning about each other: Leo, Hongbin

They would just want to show you off and tell everyone else about how cool at is that you are from another country. They would be extra protective over you in case you faced and discrimination for being a foreigner, but they would be very proud of you and they would love how interesting you are: Ravi, Hyuk

Hope you enjoyed the reactions! Requests are open~


Sup! I’m doing the Gross Bias tag meme because it’s hilarious and I have nothing else to do so why not? If you make it through this video i applaud you. Also my cat is in it so you can watch it only for her if you want to.

this is basically 6 minutes of yours truly crying over Ken.

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this boy got me weak