Even though I haven’t heard the song yet I’m so proud of Sojung.

I know that some people who listen to Ladies’ Code occasionally won’t even listen to her song (this always happens when someone likes some group but they don’t really care about all members or they just don’t care about their solo songs so that’s nothing new) but talent can’t be measured.

People often forget that views & likes does not equal talent. No shade to any group or singer, but a lot of times underrated artists are really talented (even more than members in some well known groups). I won’t lie it sucks that LC songs are so underrated because you just know that if they were under some big agency (you know the big 3) they would be really famous by now. People often say how they hate cute or sexy concepts but then they ignore Ladies’ Code when they released MYST3RY & STRANG3R.

But honestly I’m just glad that they are still around. I’m glad that I “discovered” this amazing group. I love their style, I love their voices. I fell in love with Sojung’s voice and I’ll always support her. Hopefully one day she’ll release a solo album.   

I bet EunB & Rise are proud of Sojung as well.

Also: every comeback people pity LC, I hope that this year people will stop. Support Sojung, support Ashley, support Zuny because you love them and their music and not because you feel bad. Usually people who pity them only preach before their comeback how we should support them because of what happened. But when they release their song or an album they’re like Ladies’ Code who? I don’t know them.

Lavely, let’s show our support on May 4th. Let’s show that we don’t support just Ladies’ Code as a group, let’s show them that we support them individually as well.

Covers by Kpop artist that you should listen
  • (Kard) Jiwoo ft JSeph: Bitch better have my money
  • (Ladies Code) Sojung: Chandelier, Don't be shy
  • Lee Hi ft 2000won: Love the way you lie
  • Kim JaeJoong: Glamorous Sky
  • Ladies Code: All that jazz
  • Spica: Men came down like the rain
  • Ailee: I will always love you
  • Dreamcatcher: Lucky Strike
  • Day6: Nobody, Stop and Stare
  • (Exo) Chen: Imagine
  • (Shinee) Jonghyun: Y si fuera ella
  • Nam Taehyun: Creep