Today I cry, I wish you happiness forever, Goodbye
—  ‘I’m Fine Thank You’, Ladies Code
We did really great right? Even after this album, Ladies’ Code is going to continue on. Nobody is going to give up and say ‘I’m Fine, Thank You,’ Okay? This is not our last try right? Ladies’ Code fighting~
—  Go Eunbi (at her last company dinner, telling everyone that Ladies’ Code would not disband)

Sojung’s identity on King of Masked Singer being revealed leaves everyone in shock and tears

“I think the pain and the ordeal you went through made you stronger. When I was singing about personal experiences on stage, I cried a lot, but you didn’t do that. And the fact that the panel thought you to be in your forties or fifties just shows how much your singing got to us. Please continue to sing great songs.” [x]