[TRANS] 160727 KBS News 9: Fatal in blow to a celebrity…”False accusation is a serious crime” – Yuchun mentioned

[News report beginning about Lee Jin-wook’s scandal]


Park Yuchun-ssi also was exonerated of sexual assault but his sensitive, untouched private life was exposed.

<Recording> Park Yuchun’s agency official : “Besides the calumny, we will be proceeding with a defamation and damage claim suit after the prosecution’s investigation is complete.”

Celebrities are approached to be sought out for a point like such because it is fatal in the case a scandal in regards to his sex life is exposed.

They are even being demanded of a large sum of settlement money while getting threatened with a secret filming of his sex life and it going public to the media.

The action of a false accusation like this is a grave crime that abuses the judicial system and drives a person into ruin.


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WTF IS GOING ON WITH THIS KPOP INDUSTRY : Kim Taehyung Apologized for having tan skin.

Now here’s a thing. Wtf is wrong with having tan skin? NOTHING IS WRONG ABOUT THAT . I still don’t understand why standards of beauty for idols are about being as white as a ghost, Tall like a model and skinny af. I respect ppl’s tastes and beauty standards, but they’ve been taking it a little too far. Why IN THE F*CKING WORLD WOULD PRESSURIZE SOMEONE TO THE POINT WHERE YOU MAKE THEM APOLOGIZE FOR HAVING THEIR SKIN COLOR ?!!!

I’ll be frankly honest and to be real ,idols with a tan are what gives me hope. This industry follows the same model and standards. Everyone is starting to look the same. Same nose. Same hairstyle. Same weight. Same body ratio. I belive that diversity is beautiful and everytime I see that that there is an idol that can stand out with gorgeous physical features such as having a tan or having thicker thighs, I feel like there is some hope out there .

Lee hyori has a tan AND SHE’S F*CKING QUEEN . Don’t start up this bull about being whiter makes you prettier. Lee hyori is Hot as hell. Go check out how the guys from the army reacted to her live performance of mr.big a few years ago. She’s successful and she has an amazing heart. Being tanned doesn’t make you any less good than someone who’s whiter and pp, should know that.

Even seolhyun from aoa shared her worry about covering up her tanned skin with whitening products, yet she still get criticized for it. Why would she cover it up? Simply because she feels the need to do it. Ppl are not able to tell her that she’s pretty just the way she is. I believe that it might build up so much insecurity in her.She’s just a 21 year old girl. GIVE HER A F*CKING BREAK. She’s already beautiful. Why would she need to cake up her face with whitening products to please you f*cking shallow netizens ??!!

Kai from exo gets teased all the time for his darker skin color. I feel like he used to embrace it so much but eversince he’s been getting teased it has turned into an insecurity too.Theres nothing wrong about kai and his tan just make him stand out from the majority. Why the f*ck would you criticize him?!

And now what ?! Kim Taehyung ends up apologizing for getting a tan. Wtf is wrong with this stupid industry. As if being a slave and smiling all the time wasn’t enough, you need to build up insecurity through innocent ppl who have been enjoying their everyday life.

Now let’s talk about idols body standards

Joy from red velvet has been criticized for having thick thighs and look at how thin she became. Joy was gorgeous and she still is, but look at her and tell me you don’t feel bad ? That girl had to deal with stupid ppl fatshaming her , when her body is and will always be GOALS.

Hwasa from mamamoo HAS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING BODIES EVER.Her curves will kill you. I dare ppl to start talking shit about her. She’s amazing and her body is goals too!!!

Being 48 kg and 1m70 doesn’t make you prettier than others. You’re just like everyone else. Stop being delusionnal. Idols are humans with feelings and they like eating food too !! Stop saying shit like “ well it’s part of their job to look good at all times ” . Idols are not perfect and their imperfections are what make fans love them so much 💗

What about biracial idols ? Did you saw vernon , Shannon williams and jeon somi from IOI, they all look amazing , yet ppl still start gossiping stupid stuff about them because they’re not idols who are full korean.

Beauty is not about a standard that you pick , beauty is way more than that. Stop putting limitations and be more open. Being tanned ,curvy or biracial makes you as beautiful as everyone else. I feel like this is a very important thing that everyone and all fandoms should be aware of.


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