Review excerpts on Ceremony, the movie we may or may not like but Lee’s great fun to watch (and very hot too)

- Lee Pace seems to relish every single second of playing Whit.  As we’re watching the entire situation with the dude from GoDaddy playing out in the media like a slow-motion car crash, Pace’s character hits hard.  He’s so self-absorbed he’s like a black hole. He has a gigantic personality that seems to be an effort to make up for a complete lack of soul, but he does understand Zoe, and he does love her as much as he can love anyone, and he can give her a sense of safety and security, something she desperately needs.  He’s big, but he’s not a cartoon.  Pace always finds the line and makes him human. (x)

- The supporting cast also includes two scene-stealers: Lee Pace is on point as Zoe’s fiancé, a quirky British filmmaker who loves himself but loves Zoe more, and Jake Johnson as Zoe’s drunkard brother. (x)

- As for Lee Pace, he steals the entire film with his deliciously comedic and pompous turn as Whit. I’d nearly recommend the entire film just so you can see his peacockian antics. (x)

- The character may be overdone, but Pace still manages to make Whit a fun combination of ego, artist, and scarf. (x)

- Here and there, “Ceremony” broadly hints that Zoe has a history of short-lived hook-ups with inappropriate partners, and that Whit may be a much nicer guy than he seems, simply because he’s so much in love that he puts up with her shortcomings. Winkler would have done well to further explore these angles, and perhaps spend more time with Whit, who’s played with surprising complexity and fearless self-mockery by Pace. (x)

- And as Whit, the arrogant, acclaimed documentarian that Zoe will be marrying, Pace has fun with the character’s snide pomposity, but even here the film insists that he remain a relatable (albeit funny) human being rather than a simple caricature. (x)

- Pace fully embraced the chance to play a man as grounded as he is larger-than-life…And Pace is clearly having a blast in his faux African documentary, “A Year in a Tent”. (x)

Now let’s see the director’s comments on Lee:

CS: Yeah, exactly, and it’s kind of an odd cast. First of all, Lee Pace normally plays the nice guy and he’s not in this case. I forgot that he wasn’t British, because he plays British so well in this and other movies.

Winkler: Yeah, it’s crazy. He’s a freak of nature, he’s like the best actor I’ve ever seen. He’s like a true Julliard-trained Shakespearean, he’s like made to destroy in acting. He was so good. His box of tools that he can pull from to make a scene work is just incredible. Every person sits down and says, “But this cast is the one it needed to be and this was always meant to be,” but for this movie, I really feel like it was. Anyone who was in it, left for whatever reason, was great in their own right, but I don’t think this movie would have worked with one of these people recast. (x)

MTV: From what we see in the trailer, it looks like we’ll be seeing a more mischievous side of Lee Pace, which is awesome.

Winkler: Lee Pace is like a stone cold master. To me he is King Lear status. He went to Julliard and he can do almost anything. He can do anything. He delivered lines in a way that I never imagined and so much better than I envisioned them in my head, he was unbelievable. He brought a real human quality to this character who might be a bad guy in a different movie but you really feel for him because of what a great actor he is. (x)

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