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Top 10 sexiest male actors ranked

You may have been either overjoyed or in a fit of rage after our last ranking of the top 10 sexiest male and female idols but now it is time to keep the mood going with these sexy actors! From those devilish smiles to the faces carved by the gods, check out the ranking and see if your dream man made the list!

9. Lee Jong Suk

Being cute and sexy is definitely a thing - and that delicate balance exists in Lee Jong Suk. With a whimsical smile, plush lips, and flirtatious nature, Lee Jong Suk is the boy-next-door type we all deserve. If having a pretty boy wrapped around your arms is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  

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Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk attend first birthday party of former co-star Yoon Sang Hyun's daughter!

By alim17

Can you feel the ’I Can Hear Your Voice’ love?

Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk were spotted at the birthday party for the first birthday of Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee’s daughter, Nagyeom!  

Lee Jong Suk shared pictures from the party on his Instagram and wrote, “People I love. Happy birthday, Nagyeom.”

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How cute! It’s nice to see they’re all still in touch and close since their drama back in 2013!

Source: allkpop