Lee Hoi San

youngmrkusuma  asked:

Could you do a top 5 list for Sammo Hung fight scenes?

I’ll certainly see what I can do. Keep in mind, this is my top five and might not be to everyone’s tastes.

1. Sammo Hung vs Lau Kar Leung in “Pedicab Driver”. Watch it here. This is simply one of the best fight scenes ever, let alone one of Sammo’s best. Hand-to-hand then pole-to-pole. The choreography here is second to none.

2. Sammo Hung vs Lau Kar Wing in “Odd Couple”. Watch it here. Possibly the best weapons fight ever.

3. Sammo Hung vs Cynthia Rothrock in “Millionaire’s Express”. Watch it here. Short but sweet. I love this one because Sammo allows himself to get the shit kicked out of him.

4. Sammo Hung vs Yuen Wah and a bevy of bad guys in “Eastern Condors”. Watch a snippet here. The last twenty minutes of this film are bonkers. both Yuen Biao and Sammo put in work. I particularly love Sammo going toe to toe with Yuen Wah. Both guys are so quick and athletic.

5. Sammo Hung vs Lee Hoi San in “THe Magnificent Butcher”. Watch here. Sammo was a master of “shapes” in the 80′s. This fight is ten minutes of glorious styles: Hung Gar, Dragon, Tiger, Snake etc. Everything is fucking crisp.

Notable mentions: Every fight in “Encounters of the Spooky Kind”. Some of Sammo’s most original stuff and a particular favourite of mine.