Donghae says hello. DongHey.

Donghae is tired. DongLay.

Donghae checks someone out. DongAye.

Donghae is loved. DongBae.

Donghae sends a short text. DongKay.

Donghae is excited. DongYay.

Donghae is speaking. DongSay.

Donghae disagrees. DongNay.

Donghae makes a turn. DongWay.

Donghae purchases something. DongPay.

Donghae hangs out with Hyukjae. DongGay.

When Donghae went back to Mokpo, he brought along our single to offer to his dad. I want to thank Hae’s dad. Thank you for encouraging Donghae to come to Seoul to fulfill his dream of being a singer back then. If it wasn’t for your encouragement, I would have never met Donghae in my life. I will protect Donghae. Just like when Donghae was young, Hae’s dad would carry him on his shoulders. Now I will use my shoulders to carry him.
—  Lee Hyukjae
DnE in Shanghai / Fan Project during Mother

At Mother, the moment they came out and saw the red sea, even before singing they said thank you.

Hyuk: Thank you for your gift. (He got shock)

Hae: I thought TVXQ came!

Hyuk: I thought we came to the wrong venue. Red means TVXQ right? (Then took a closer look and saw) That it’s our fans! It’s really pretty, what is it?

ELF: Heart / Love

Hyuk: I saw that some of you have two hearts. 

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