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As we understand many of you are confused by the new Akdong Musician (AKMU) “MELTED” MV and here at K-POP TIMEOUT, along with the help of various netizens who added in their thoughts in the comments section, we have an explanation for you!

The old man looks back on the days he was young, drinking an icy drink as he is now an icy city man.

His pet lizard was shown to further point out his “cold” personality. (Reptiles are seen as cold-blooded, heartless creatures.)

He remembers how he ran away from home to pursue his dream of photography, innocently taking photos of whatever he found interesting.

However, all the adults did not understand him and were cold to his actions & photo-taking.

During his journey we meet a shopkeeper who judges him for paying with so many cents and buying so little to all these sad and unkind people in the streets around him.

For those wondering why the arguing parents are Asian and Black, I believe because in Korea and other predominantly Asian societies, the two races just don’t really get along (same in predominantly African societies) due to racial prejudices. We see their children don’t understand why they can’t play with each other. Their confusion to why their moms are arguing show how pointless these prejudices are and that we should not be having them anyways.

He finally meets this lady whom he thought was “kind”, allowing him to take photos (although after applying makeup not letting him take more pics of the real crying her) and even gives him a ride.

However, she finds some arm candy in a pub and leaves him there to deal with the bill and an angry bartender who seemed pissed off by his own life.

The boy gets beaten up and in the process his camera (symbol of his innocent dreams) was broken.

He then goes to the police for help but they just ignore him because he seemed unimportant (compared to whatever other cases they were dealing with).

He walks away from the city and comes to the countryside. He sees a dog and wants to befriend it but he barks at him.

We see him shocked, losing any of his lingering hope in care/love in the society as he barks back, transforming into a beast like the dog, pushing those around him away from him…

…until a native american man came out of his trailer (a symbol of people of the past/non city people) and gave him food and drink, even showing appreciation of his photography interests (his dreams).

We finally go back to the boy, now a cold city man but his drink no longer cold - the ice has “melted”; from the warmth he felt from the kind native american man he once met, from the kindness that may still be found in today’s society

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If you notice anything else, do not hesitate to add it in the comments section below as I may have missed stuff out.

Also for those who want to find out more about the cute actor in the MV, his information can be found here!

Aidan Parker Official Facebook Page

The Akdong Musician “Melted” MV actor has been found to be Aidan Parker, a high school senior from Vancouver (hell to the yeah he ain’t no jailbait). Go like his official page now!

Stalker Info :

Age : 18

Height : 5'6"

Weight : 110 Ib

Company : Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group


Tbh more like half an MV Meaning because I think the beginning and middle parts were quite self explanatory but people seem to not really get what happened in the end…and here at K-POP TIMEOUT, we have an explanation for you!

So Soohyun seems like a boyfriend stealer, home-wrecker here but did you guys see this???

Soohyun was never there.

Opposite to the 200% MV where we see the story “unfold” in the end, this time the story “folds” up. We see that Soohyun, like any girl with a crush, was imagining breaking up the couple. The typical let-me-be-friends-with-one-of-them and get my crush to fall for me…basically evil and also too good to be true scenario.

Because seriously, you aint gonna become bffs with a girl by sharing an awkward drink buying session at the bus stop.

At the end, the couple just actually turned out to be siblings.

Hence,Soohyun didn’t need to interfere at all. At the end we see her confessing to her crush (while simultaneously doing a Line Chat ad).

So moral of the story kids, don’t go be a home-wrecker. Crushes suck but waiting out is the best option. If he/she’s meant for you, you don’t need to go breaking him/her up from someone else. Plus, there is always the sibling possibility.

But really, don’t confess on Line Chat.

On a side note really good acting from Chan Hyuk as usual (boy she’ll think you’re a creep!) and also great use of graphics by YG. I never thought of a love triangle as A and B dating with the other person being C with A^2 + B^2 = C^2.

That’s why Koreans ace their SATs. They even add it in their music videos.


Was this helpful in understanding the MV?

If you notice anything else, do not hesitate to add it in the comments section below as I may have missed stuff out.