December 2nd, 2016

Dear diary,

I had such a good laugh today…but Rich didn’t. XD My dear friend Anna Friel sent Rich a picture today where you could see Anna as Chuck and me as Ned from Pushing Daisies. And over the pic were hundreds of love stamps. 

She sent it to him with the comment “that’s what it’s all about”. I had to grin so much when I saw it, because I knew it was a little side blow to Rich’s grumpyness of the last days. I told her about it and she knew that I didn’t like it. So basically it was another little reminder for Rich that he should be less moody and more loving towards me. 

Actually it wasn’t necessary anymore because Rich is again the beautiful, charming, thoughful and attentive man with whom I fell in love and who he is most of the year. But I still was very thankful for her support and Rich took this also very serious because he listens to Anna and knows that she’s always right. 

And that’s why I got flowers and chocolate today… what a victorious day!!! :D


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