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2p axis + Romano and Prussia reacting to their friend regularly drinking while underage?

2p Romano: Beer in wine is legal for someone 16 to drink, so what are they like 12? If going by American standards, He wouldn’t be too judgmental because he drank younger than he was suppose to too. Flávio would just give some warning so they don’t make bad decisions.
2p Italy: As long as it’s not his expensive bottles, he doesn’t not pay attention too much. If they actually friends and not “allies”, he’d be more concerned with their health and such.
2p Japan: Their drinking age is 20, and if it something like 1% alcohol which would take forever to get drunk(sake especially), he wouldn’t care. If they are drinking something like 5-20% yeah he’s more alert on the issue. Get ready for a lecture.
2p Germany: 16, but 18 to to purchase. Lutz does get concerned about their health and would probably just switch out drinks to something lighter so they don’t, I don’t know, die?
2p Prussia: Nope, he’s a worrier and would not be super cool with it if they drank until they were legal age. He’d always warn them and like almost stalk to make sue they weren’t a boarder line alcoholic. His mom mode activated. He can’t help it.


Biochem I, Lecture 7 (9/16/15). 

Midterms are over. I think I did relatively well, though there is a lot more leeway and understanding in grad school than in undergrad. Biochem was definitely the easiest midterm of the bunch, but there’s definitely a stepup now that the basics are all covered.