A Battle Of… Wits?

Diana frowned and considered her next move with utmost care. The crazy, blonde lady who lived next door was really good at chess. Not even Averia could beat her. But Diana could. She just knew it. All she had to do was be very, very careful.

She put her hand on one of the chess pieces.

“Are you sure you want to move that one?” Jihl asked, lips curving up into a faint smile. “Because…”

Diana snatched her hand off the chess piece and reached for another one.

“You know…”

Diana pulled her hand off that chess piece too. Scowling, she scanned the board. There had to be a way out of this… she reached for another chess piece.

“Really… are you really sure you want to move that one?”

“Gah!” Diana leapt to her feet. “Stop doing that!”

“Jihl, are you picking on Diana again?” Lebreau asked as she walked onto the porch with some lemonade and cookies. “Well?”

“Of course not.” Jihl scoffed. “She picks on herself.”

“She was picking on me!” Diana cried, jabbing one finger at Jihl. “You have to get her Aunt Lebreau!”

“There, there.” Lebreau patted Diana on the head and handed her a cookie. “Jihl isn’t trying to pick on you. She just doesn’t know how to get along with most people, especially kids.”

“Is it because she’s crazy?”

“I’m not crazy!” Jihl scowled. “And why do you keep saying that?”

“Because that’s what my mommy thinks.” Diana shrugged. “But she also thinks my Aunt Vanille is crazy, so maybe it’s not that bad.” She smiled at Lebreau. “These cookies are nice!”

“Thank you.” Lebreau nodded at the house. “Here comes your sister. Why don’t you come inside the house with me while your sister plays chess with Jihl.”

“Okay.” Diana skipped into the house after Lebreau. “What are we going to do?”

“You can help me sort out the new coasters I bought for the bar.”

X     X     X

“Do you really want kids?” Jihl asked. Diana and Averia had returned from whence they came (next door), leaving the two women alone on the porch.

“I wouldn’t mind some,” Lebreau replied.

Jihl took a sip of lemonade and looked out onto the street as a family ambled by. “I guess…it wouldn’t be so bad to have some kids.” She paused. “But I’d prefer it if they were more like Averia. At least that way, we’d still get some peace and quiet."