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Things That Would Kill: Choi Seungcheol
  • You overacting his lines whenever he practices for auditions ‘cause he really really wants to become an actor-
  • Him: *trying to memorize* “No, please don’t leave me here.”
  • You: *echoing with gusto* “No, PLEASE don’t LEAVE me here T-T T-T :( :( :( T-T T-T”
  • Him: *tries to stay in character, but when your eyes meet he can’t help but burst into fits of laughter*
  • That time you snuck a bit of lemon juice into his food/drink to see how he’d react to it-
  • and the way you laughed ‘till you cried at his ‘eW EW EW LEMON GROSS FRICK’ reaction.
  • How you go out and really try to play sports with him because he loves it and loves getting to teach you,
  • he even finds it super super hella cute when you get a bit competitive.
  • They way you get super hype with things-
  • like legit anything-
  • from going to your favorite restaurant to going out for a cafe date with him-
  • the way you get so excited to spend time together makes him go asfkja;sljsdlf;kjsaflkasdf.
  • You showing him thanks for taking care of you a lot through a lot of kisses, hugs, and snuggles~~~~~~~
  • P r o m i s e  r i n g s!
  • How you also go out of your way to take care of him whenever you can!
  • Like on the days he’s super worn down from work he’d come home, fall asleep on the couch, and then wake up at a super weird time (cause screwed up bio clocks are a thing) to his favorite dish on the table with an ‘I love you~ eat well and sleep some more!’ note from you.
  • That slight smile you do when you you’re thinking about something that makes you happy.
  • How you act cute and don’t realize you’re acting cute-
  • then the way you object whenever he tells you you’re acting cute XD
  • YOUR RANDOM BACK HUGS (like how can someone be so warm and cuddly and ??????he doesn’t understand it??????)
  • The way his members get along so well with you!!!
  • Seriously, you are legit the 14th member of Seventeen.
  • Legit. Not even joking. Your synchronization with them is unreal but hey, that’s why they call you the Beagle Queen LOL
  • How he’s not scared to be soft with you. 
  • For him he finds it kinda hard to be vulnerable around people unless he knows them really well,
  • but for you it’s as if it comes naturally and he’s like \(^-^)/ the biggest softie to ever soft.
  • The way you admire him-
  • because you see how hard he works and just how much he loves his members and his job and you just reassuring him that he’s amazing and can really do anything he sets his mind to makes him so happy.
  • You teasing him about how he can’t take spicy food CAUSE HE’S WEAK LOL
  • And finally, the way you weave your fingers through his before pulling him in close since it makes him feel so genuinely loved and cherished by someone he is whole heartedly dedicated to. <3

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-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO, Seventeen, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}


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right before we broke up we got in a fight in the car and i knew i was losing control of myself and that i was gonna just. bang my head against the window or pull my hair out if i had to sit in the car any longer and i kept asking him please pull over please let me out of the car i just need to walk around please let me out of the car and he kept refusing and i said please just let me walk i need to walk and then he pulled into this neighborhood and said get out im leaving you here and i said dont leave me here and he said get out and he opened the door and then pushed me out of the car into the road with me clinging onto the seat of the car and drove off. i walked for 2 miles trying to decide whether or not to call my father but then i decided it was too humiliating to have to call and explain it and so i called him instead and sat and waited at an LA fitness.

tired of those “only REAL tumblr users remember...” posts that then proceed to list memes from 2013

so here’s a real “real users” remember post

  • paula deen riding things
  • honey bager dont care
  • “x ALL THE y”
  • the 10 billionth post 
  • tumblr day
  • trick or treating in people’s ask boxes
  • what is air vs operation overlord
  • the june 2011 dashboard redesign
  • like spamming
  • ‘shit im late for school’
  • tumbeasts
  • ‘nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go *SILENT HILLS SIREN*’
  • thwomp
  • ‘my dash did a thing’
  • it says ‘never give up’
  • lolsummer69
  • thanks, jethro
  • hnnnnng
  • unf
  • mapquest
  • going back to LiveJournal every time tumblr was down and complaining about it 

And Taron, seriously, fax me.
Yeah, I will. Cheers, love.


“Lin delivered the last two lines of his ‘Helpless’ rap in a Ja Rule growl. […] Was it a tribute to the king of the hip-hop/R&B hybrid? No, Lin said. ‘I do it because it makes Pippa laugh.’ And he was right. When Alexander rumbled through his last couple of lines, Eliza did indeed let out a pretty peal of laughter as he whirled her into their wedding.”