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Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt confession

IWC complain that they don’t like Roman Reigns because he didn’t “slave away in the indies.” Yet those same people will get a hard on for Bray Wyatt. Wyatt never wrestled in the indies either. Bray is also a third generation star, just like Roman. Bray has had horrendous booking but fans still worship him. However, those same people who claim Roman has poor booking blame that on Roman. But they blame WWE for Bray’s bad booking. The double standards, we know why.

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Roman Reigns confession

It makes me laugh at how Roman haters are always trying to make up bullshit that he’s a bad person yet everyone who’s met him had nothing but great things to say about him. People who actually know him praise him for being so respectful, down to earth, and hard working. They’ve even said he helps out the new talent by talking with them and giving them advice on making it in the business. His haters are so desperate to find shit on him. They throw a tantrum every time they find out whoever he’s feuding with in character is actually a good friend of his behind the scenes. Like when he was feuding with Rusev. They were so happy any time Rusev beat down Roman but then they were on Xavier’s gaming channel playing a game together and joking around. His haters got so pissed off about that. They’re doing the same now with him and Braun sightseeing together in Rome even though they’re in the middle of a big feud. It’s pathetic. Roman is a great guy who is just trying to provide the best for his wife and kids. Sorry your life is so shitty that you have to take it out on people like Roman.

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