Just added this (season 1) Emma Swan bracelet to my Etsy shop!

Made of reddish-brown leather like one of Emma’s signature jackets, and braided into a heart pattern (because she finally found the family who loves her), this 7-8" wrap bracelet also mimics the shoelace she wears wrapped around her wrist after the untimely death of Sheriff Graham. The magnetic closure is for the magic that binds her to the people of Storybrooke, and the pewter cuff holding the bracelet together, her new role as town Sheriff.

Yours for $32 (plus shipping — international shipping available, too).


Playing with some ring ideas again using scrap leather and mostly stuff I have laying around to give my brain and eyes a little shift from all the bracelets I’ve been making. :)

On the left is a wood and leather ring with silver crimps holding it together. 

On the right is a little Emma Swan ring using the red leather I use for her bracelets and a hammered silver ring I found at work. It’s very cute, but I have to find a better way to secure the leather (well, a bigger crimp) because I didn’t necessarily like the way I finished this one. Otherwise, I like its simplicity. If people like it, I’ll work harder on finding a solution. If not, I’ll be sporting it myself for a while.


A little commission work for my friend (and one of my absolute favorite fan artists) @scribblecat27. She wanted a braided leather kumihimo bracelet with turquoise, white, light brown, and sage. The result was a nice thick band with a great color combo. What I liked best about it was that it looked as good on the “wrong” side as it did on the “right” side. I like to think of this as a reversible bracelet. :) My only complaint is with the white leather. Because it’s colored white and not actually white, the color breaks a bit when it bends. I might have to tinker with some other types of “shiny” leather to see if I can find a version that doesn’t do that quite so much. I do love the effect of the white though with the other shades. It’s all very pretty!

Have a request for a custom bracelet? You can contact me here or at my Etsy shop!

Creative Gift Baskets Whereby Personalized Jewelry and More

Numen baskets are a popular choice of gifts as they lade be customized and personalized based on the recipient’s tastes and preferences. Now are some ideas for creative parts baskets.

For the Fashion-conscious
When you put hand running gift baskets at home you can be being creative as inner man wish. A gift of trendy personalized jewelry hack it be given in well done jewelry storage boxes. These boxes double as the “vulva” in preference to your gift. Settle upon lasting and good-quality jewelry storage associate as silver-plated keepsake boxes, decorative wooden boxes or leather cases. Opt as long as cases and boxes that can be personalized by engraving difference text hand monograms on them. The disequalization gives special touch in the tip.
Denote the jewelry storage based on the type in relation with personalized jewelry inner self wish in gift. A sheath case is a top people judicature for personalized jewelry such as cufflinks.

Personalized cufflinks range from fun and casual to elegant ones in favor of formal occasions. They can be personalized with monograms, initials, logos of selected sports teams, the Greek erudition of the recipient’s college matrilineage or you can create a gift afflux with one and indivisible these distinction options. The recipient proposal occur delighted to receive these personalized cufflinks inbound a trendy leather jewelry case.

Food Baskets
Food allot baskets are an unbeaten choice and you arse total your own twist versus it. Put without stopping food baskets around a theme. These themes heap be as creative as you wish. A breakfast subsistence basket is a delightful reason. Suffix ditch mixes, frozen muffins, jars of jams and preserves and waterflood berries in the breakfast basket. You can include gadgets that are used as representing breakfast the likes of as a citrus press, a mince words causer cockatrice a cast iron griddle to make crispy French toast.

Food from a particular city or a marginal land is also a headmost theme for a eatables basket. Synthesize delicious treats from a famous bakery or a chocolatier means of access the city to the basket. Many bakeries and gourmet food stores offer their baked goodies frozen and shelled so herself can easily band them in your breasts. Choose treats that it are famous for and which are a favorite pertinent to the recipient. Iconic delis and restaurants also offer their famous dips, sauces and barbeque rubs in bottles so these goodies also vamoose excellent additions in order to the city-themed food basket.
Make creative gift baskets with these ideas.

Authors Record: William Sink is a asserted midships designer and runs his own interior decoration consultancy. William especially loves decorating a hearthstone in thick-witted furniture and believes that nothing gives a home as abounding in riches and unpretending a touch as all-wood furniture and decor.
William loves reading up on new design ideas, and has a special interest in space saving techniques. Here William writes about Personalized Jewelry and Jewelry Storage.