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Hi maya! i just log in for the first time in a while, bg is still going on and from what i've seen the story stopped again.. do you have any idea or guess about when this situation will be over?? love <3

Hi! Hope you’re having a nice summer! <3

Nothing new so far. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, because AGT was my last call, so from now on I have zero expectations, really. I personally find it more likely that we’ll hear something about individual projects, more or less authentic, in the next couple of months. I very much doubt Danielle is going to go away anytime before late fall, at least. As for babygate, I think we’ve all learned a long time ago that it’s completely useless to try with any kind of assumption. Fingers crossed! 

Little OC things?

Okay cause I love this kind of stuff and I wanna know

who cooks/who eats out all the time

who eats with a fork/spoon

who can use chopsticks, who cries and asks for a fork?

I’m gonna tag @mojave-outpost-one @quirtee @neojammy @hasee-yay and @salteverywhere

there are no rules but tag whoever you want to hear about their OC’s, also add more questions and feel free to tag me back! 

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Speaking on behalf of Britian ( an authority I have awarded to myself ) British people know the US states pretty well. Probably couldn't point them out on a map but they do know of them.

wow really? that’s cool then!! i was talking to my friend dex who lives in australia and we were trying to get him to name as many states as he could and he was like “name AUSTRALIA’S states!!” and i was like ???? aus has states????????? we learn like, NOTHING about anywhere else so i don’t expect other places to know about us idk haha

See America First!

In the early 20th century, Americans with the means to travel were more likely to visit Europe. But in 1906, Fisher Sanford Harris launched the See America First campaign with this slogan: “See Europe if you will, but see America first!”

This poster from the Library of Congress is one of many that was created to encourage Americans in the 1900s to see the West before anywhere else.

Learn more about the See America First campaign and hear our entire show on the history of American tourism, “Wish You Were Here.”

Excerpts from a Young Lady’s Diary, Part One 

Mother told me today that I am to receive instruction from Baroness Elinor de Eremond. Which is to say, I am being sent away. When I cried she told me not to fuss, that there will be other girls there my age with whom I’ll have much in common – but I don’t want to meet them and I don’t want to go anywhere. She’s getting rid of me because she doesn’t like me and never has. I hate her so. I intend to beg Papa to let me stay here. Anything worth learning I can learn at home from the University masters – they’re quite clever enough to teach me. I’m not going anywhere.

We learned to dance the reigen today. Master L’Oreux told me I possess ‘a delightful grace of carriage’ – imagine that! Loretta did not do so well – hers is a carriage traversing a long stretch of potholes - and the master scolded her unkindly, after which she cried when we returned to our rooms. She is terribly homesick, and I often hear her weeping in the night – I know how she feels. I should greatly like to think of something to cheer her up.

Poor Loretta was bullied terribly by Isobel today. She had embroidered the most beautiful handkerchief – a lark perched in some apple blossoms (Loretta is so good with needlework); Isobel snatched it from her and threw it straight into the fire. She is so hatefully jealous. She has more than once threatened to take shears to my hair. If she does so, I shall not hesitate to do the same to her.


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