The Studio community - sharing knowledge

There have been a number of people, members at Studio forums, who have shared their knowledge and written a tutorial for Studio’s Online Manual.  I would like to say thank you to those people for the time and effort they’ve given to help everyone in our community.  I hope you’ll join me in letting the generous people listed below know how great it is that they share their knowledge with everyone.  In no particular order:

Untraditionalnerd  - How to create a transparent skirt

Learn how to make a transparent skirt like the one shown above.  Thank you Untraditionalnerd!

Kitkat - How to create a RGB Specular for Objects

Learn how to control the shininess or matte appearance of an object in Sims 4.  Thank you Kitkat!

Caverga - Create a Mural Wall That Places Anywhere

Learn how to get around EA’s restrictions on wall mural placement and learn to make a mural that can be placed exactly where you want it.  Thank you Caverga!

Bakie - How to create your own custom paintings and wall stickers

Learn how to make your own paintings and wall stickers with this great video tutorial.  Thank you Bakie!

Countrykris - How to move an object’s slots

Learn how to adjust slots to fit your new object without all the math.  Thank you Countrykris!

J - Make an object see through (glass effect)

Make your object into transparent glass and control the transparency of it. Thank you J!

If you’re interested in making things for Sims 4 Studio forums is the place to learn.  Thank you to the members who help make it that way!  

If I’ve missed anyone please let me know…I assure you it was not intentional. Also, if there’s a wrong link tell me so I can fix it.

Happy Modding :)

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1. You will want to text him, to call him, to tap him on the shoulder and stop him in the hallway just to talk to him. Don’t. If he truly wanted to talk to you, he would’ve by now

2. You will see little parts of him everywhere. Go to those places, and stare at them until you can no longer distinguish his presence. You need to learn to go anywhere, because he cannot ruin every little detail of your life

3. You are already following him on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook. Do not unfollow him. You need to learn to see him without flinching. When he posts pictures and tweets about her, stare at it until the lead in your stomach and the fire burning in your throat is washed away

4. When you begin talking again, he will text you, and you will want to cave in. Your knees will want to buckle. But darling, please remember that one good day does not make an entire relationship. Make sure he will not just pack up and leave again

5. Remember that you were complete without him in your life before, you were complete with him in your life, and you are complete now. Please, darling, remember that having a certain person in your life has nothing to do with you being complete 

                                       - v.h. // I should take my own advice 

anonymous asked:

*whispers* ghost speak

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa one of my favourite headcanons excellent choice anon.

Okay so. One thing I’ve always found interesting about ghost speak is that Danny doesn’t learn it *from* anywhere. It’s instinctively built in, like any one of his powers. And that has fantastic implications. Because it means on a certain core level, see what I did there, this isn’t quite a language at all, in that it’s not passed on memetically. There’s evidence that to a degree certain aspects of language are similarly ingrained in humans, but this is a whole other level. Where does the necessary information *come* from? How is it stored? How fast does it evolve, and can it even?

I have a theory that ectoplasm likes to resonate with itself. That’s what an ectosignature is: the signal that keeps a certain amount of ectoplasm cohesive and whole and shaped. The ghost zone is entirely made of ectoplasm. What if being cut from this cloth is how the language is embedded? What if you could say the GZ is one huge alien entity, a hive mind? What if every ghost is, while still being their own individual, a manifestation of some aspect of it’s personality? What if the halfas represent the portals in this amalgam? What if their copies of the language are corrupted because they ‘grew up’ outside of this environment? For example, ‘tones’ produced by varying core energy; what if they’re deaf to them? What if they’re the GZ experimenting with individuality due to this intermittent broken signal? What if whenever Danny goes into the GZ it gets slightly more reestablished and he feels a strange sense of connection, and he isn’t sure he likes it? What if halfas are in fact nascent entities of this primordial nature, budding off from the whole to form new hive minds? What if they’re how the GZ learns about the human world and the reason ghosts keep attacking is because that’s also a manifestation of it’s curiosity? What if ghost speak is basically the equivalent of a firing neuron, an exchange?

I kind of went a little off topic here but man. Ghost speak. So cool.

A WIP of those flats I posted a while ago. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to finish the piece. The whole way through I wasn’t happy with the little guy’s head shape. In some ways it adds to his personality, but I don’t really it. It looks sort of like a pug lizard (WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME, BUT NOT WHAT I WAS GOING FOR).

Bunch of other mistakes too and the way I organized the layers makes it incredibly irritating to fix. So I think I’ll leave this one as is for now! 

These are my two argonian babs from Elder Scrolls Online. Slaar-Jan, a giant dragon knight, and Netzeem, an itsy bitsy sorcerer. (Fun fact: Netzeem’s the older brother of the duo)

I’m coming along, but I’ve got a lot to learn. I have a feeling I’m doing a lot of shading the hard way because it feels to take far longer than it should. Maybe it’s just practice. Most things to do with art are just practice. 

Holy shit this a long description for a WIP. … Uh… Okay! On to do a different piece! 

if i had a dollar for every time someone questioned why my ears detach I would have no money because they don’t.
i’m sorry if you thought this post was going anywhere please learn to better manage your own expectations.

First name: Heather
Age: 16 (17 at the beginning of August)
Gender: female
Language: English, very limited Spanish and French

Interests; art, literature (specifically poetry) music, deep conversations, psychology, baking/cooking, the beauty of the world and natural landscapes, equality and animal rights

About me; I hope to be a journalism student if I get accepted to study next year, I love self expression and creating something from nothing. I would love to engage with people from around the world and learn about them as people and also their culture and country.

About the penpal/s I am looking for- Languages:English, I wouldn’t mind people who are learning English
Location: anywhere
Gender: any
Age: 15+
Email,snail mail of both: none more preferred

Contact info:
Email: heatherhernon@hotmail.co.uk
Tumblr: wordsarethegreatestweaponn
: vincentvango-fuckyourself

Hi I just wanted to say something.

I see a lot of people complaining about fanfiction AU’s where everybody lives in America but… hello? If I have lived in America my entire life, I know how it works. It’s easy for me to write in a location I understand. Particularly cultural differences- down to little things like how does public transportation work and whats weather like and how is the school system set up. If I write something that’s not set in America, I will of course do my best to research the hell out of that country, but I can’t guarantee anything will be totally accurate, and I don’t want to upset people from that country.

Basically, if writing a story set in America is the easiest thing for me to do and will make the story the most realistic and comprehensive, what reason is there to complain?

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