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how did you learn how to draw? and any tips for people who want to learn?

i get this question often and i’m never quite sure how to answer it, because i didn’t really learn it from anyone/anywhere? for me it wasn’t about how i “learned” to draw, but how i “allowed” myself to draw. for years i felt guilty drawing because it was something i did secretly instead of studying. this went on forever until around 2 years ago, when i finally gave myself the time to draw. so, to answer your question my tips would be-

  • don’t rush
  • when you’re drawing, you’re drawing. try and forget about everything else
  • give yourself some time
  • explore different styles (especially when you’re beginning. having an “artstyle” doesn’t make you cool)
  • look back at your progress from time to time and feel good about what you’re doing

A long, long time ago, I promised you to make some posts about being a translator… Finally, I have some free time to do it! Sorry, for being so late! As I said before, I’m not super experienced in translation, but on the other hand I don’t feel like a total beginner anymore, so I want to share my knowledge with you. Let’s start with the basics.


Some people will tell you that you don’t need any qualifications. And sometimes it’s true. There are people, who work as translators even though they have no official qualifications. But of course, it’s much easier when you get the right education. There are some things that will look very well in your resume.

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That’s probably the best thing you can do. You can learn the language really well, you have opportunity to work with professionals, you are going to be well-prepared and you will get the right knowledge. Your future employers will appreciate a degree in languages for sure, if you want to work as a professional translator.


Taking part in language course is also a good idea, especially if you can get a diploma that proves your participation. You can learn many useful things and sometimes you can also enroll in a course abroad. Learning with native speakers is a great way of practice!


Some language schools organize special courses for translators. They can teach you about translation methods, special software for translators etc. It can be very useful.


Many translators study one or two languages at university, but they are also fluent in other languages. To prove their language proficiency, they get language certificate. The higher your level, the better. C1 or C2 level is always impressive.


Translating is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes you have to translate a text about something and you don’t really know the vocabulary in your native language… That’s why translators often choose their own specialization. Some specialize in translating technical or medical texts, other focus on literature, art and psychology… The list is endless. So if you are interested in something, try to read about it in your target language, too. There are also special courses where you can learn specific vocabulary.


Learn languages on your own. Take a Duolingo course, learn on your own, read foreign books. Not everything can be taught at school, you need to put a lot of effort in learning languages. The sooner you start, the better. Practice make perfect!


it’s insane that there are people who don’t think Gideon is the embodiment of white. He believes 100% in that which is greater than him- his irregulars, the gatewatch, the boros army, the allies on zendikar, the gods- and fully believes that without the unity and structure of the whole there is no path forward. Gids has been adrift since losing his faith in Theros and getting his spark, and everything he’s done in the story since then has been towards the end of finding and rebuilding that belief in the greater. He’s maybe the perfect essence of White.

And really, i’m tired of listening to folks disparage the idea of being lawful good paladin protector or whatever. it’s tough to give of yourself so much, to put yourself out for little to no reward, simply for the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else. Gids resonates with me because of his legit selflessness and desire to be the best support structure there is. He’s extroverted, vulnerable (emotionally, not physically), and willing to go to any length in order to make sure the group is happy.

This leads into yesterday’s magic story and a little personal context.

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100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell

Phil’s appreciation post

The main point of this is to show that we should love and appreciate him whatever the situation. So without further ado, here are 100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell a.k.a. @danisnotonfire! Feel free to add to the list!

  1. His name is so bloody British and I love it.
  2. He’s British and so has a British accent.
  3. He has the warmest eyes on the planet.
  4. He is a soft squish…
  5. …but also really fucking hot.
  6. He fits perfectly into the “get a man who can do both” scheme in every way possible.
  7. He is patient.
  8. He is really fucking kind, loving and affectionate.
  9. His sarcasm is on point.
  10. He’s the ultimate memelord…
  11. …but he is a human who feels human emotions and has human thoughts.
  12. He has a better origin story than Batman.
  13. He is intelligent.
  14. He is also really fucking creative.
  15. He has a wide range of talents…
  16. …including being a great actor, singing and playing piano.
  17. He is consistently loyal.
  18. He is unapologetic in who he is and what he thinks.
  19. Even when he hated himself, he didn’t try to change himself in anyway.
  20. He is aware of his limitations and has not a drop of arrogance.
  21. His hair always looks good, whether straight, hobbity, in a quiff or just unnecessarily long.
  22. He was the cutest foetus, and is now the cutest man.
  23. He has taught me more about life in less than a year than I’ve learned anywhere else.
  24. He has shown so much wisdom and so many well-thought-out ideas…
  25. …and god knows how many more he has.
  26. Basically he’s the wisest man I’ve ever met at the young age of 25.
  27. He is honest and expressive about who he is.
  28. He has stuck with us since 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.
  29. He deserves the world, but I don’t remember the last time he asked us or anyone for anything.
  30. He has a great sense of humour.
  31. He is relatable and understands how people think.
  32. He is open to diversity in society and ideals in every topic area.
  33. His best friend is the world’s other leading sweetheart, Philip Michael Lester.
  34. Together they are the sun and the moon (who’s who, I’ll let you decide).
  35. Together they’ve done so much and pushed the boundaries, which include:
  36. - Writing two books full of memories and good-natured banter, which you can tell were made straight from the heart.
  37. - Making a game together.
  38. - Doing an original long-term radio show on BBC Radio 1.
  39. - Writing a script for a full-scale stage show.
  40. - Taking that stage show around the world to meet as many of their fans as possible.
  41. - Making that stage show and its development into two movies.
  42. I literally could go on for hours about what they’ve done together, which is a feat in itself and deserves to be its own reason.
  43. Basically they are YouTube’s Power Duo, as acclaimed by the King of YouTube himself.
  44. They’ve been best friends for over seven years, and roommates for about five (as of the date this post was published).
  45. They are totally identical and yet total opposites.
  46. You get the idea, they are friendship goals is what I’m saying.
  47. He never uses clickbait - all his titles and thumbnails are completely relevant to the video’s content/purpose…
  48. …which is not the same for most YouTubers or internet stars, which makes him even more special.
  49. He has brown hair. (This is a matter of personal preference, but brown hair is hot, okay? Don’t kinkshame me.)
  50. He is a nerd, and nerds are cool.
  51. He encourages weirdness.
  52. He appreciates the art form and subculture that is video-gaming.
  53. He loves and appreciates anime…
  54. …and is generally a massive weeaboo.
  55. He has dimples, really deep ones at that.
  56. His smile lights up a dark room…
  57. …as does his laugh.
  58. While he can be a kinky lil shit, he is also the purest man I’ve ever known.
  59. He has freckles.
  60. His collarbones, thighs and arms are ∞/10 (let’s be real though, everything is).
  61. He understands irony, which in this generation is a necessary life skill.
  62. He has inspired creativity and art.
  63. He has great taste in music.
  64. His obsession with shibes is my aesthetic.
  65. His aesthetic is on point.
  66. He is kind of a devil but also an angel (thought I’d mention this on no. 66).
  67. He’s so affectionate and expressive, you have no idea.
  68. He is never afraid to stand up for who he loves…
  69. …or what he thinks is right.
  70. Basically he cares more about justice than his own reputation, I wish more people were like that.
  71. He is honest.
  72. He is good with animals and loves dogs.
  73. He has saved millions of lives, including mine.
  74. Very few people have achieved the above point at all in history…
  75. …and he did it with just a laptop, a camera and wit…
  76. …and he did it in less than a decade. Tell me he’s not a hero.
  77. He makes an active effort to interact with us by hosting weekly liveshows and responding to our tweets.
  78. He is able to joke about his mistakes and insecurities.
  79. He is able to discuss death and existentialism.
  80. He’s over 6ft tall. (What? Tall people are another one of my kinks. Don’t lie to me, you can relate and you know it.)
  81. He’s brought people together and inspired friendship and love.
  82. He’s really fucking brave.
  83. He isn’t one to kinkshame people.
  84. He calls himself jealous, but was he jealous when Phil won Creator of the Year at the BONCAs? Hell, no. He was happier that Phil won it than he would have been if he himself had won it.
  85. Phil called him up on stage to share the award with him but at the end he still said “Phil Lester, everyone!” and in doing so was still giving Phil full credit.
  86. If he’d won that award, we all know that he would have called Phil up just like Phil did to him.
  87. Basically he’s really fucking selfless.
  88. He’s not afraid to show what he has/feels against society and labels. That takes guts.
  89. He isn’t one to get involved in drama, and when he does it’s for the right reason.
  90. He’s donated thousands of pounds to charity, including 100% of the profits from The Internet Is Here.
  91. He cowrote and featured in a chart-topping single with Phil, The Internet Is Here.
  92. He doesn’t underestimate us, or anyone else.
  93. He doesn’t undervalue us either, he really loves and cherishes us.
  94. He has always persevered, whether dealing with bullying or self-esteem issues or pressure from work/uni.
  95. He is very civilised and cultured.
  96. He has worked very hard on every single project he’s ever engaged, whether it be a BBC documentary or a stage show or just a casual video.
  97. He handles negativity extremely well.
  98. He is the literal antonym of the term ‘sell-out’.
  99. He’s learned not to give a fuck about how people perceive him, which is something many people never learn.
  100. He is everything and more that we could ask of anyone, and is the perfect role model/idol. We need more people like him to exist, and I love him to the bottom of my heart.
  101. 100 reasons doesn’t even begin to cover why we should love Daniel James Howell, but it’s a start.

Since making the first set, I’ve seen many comments being added about how animation meant so much to so many people. That it’s changed their life, their view on the world, and how it’s taught them valuable life lessons they couldn’t have learned from anywhere else. Don’t you see how important animation can be? How so many lessons, so many feelings and emotions can be carefully packaged into a twenty minute show? They’ll only continue to make our lives warp into something magnificent.

“Italy Diaries, page 1 // This summer I decided to move to Italy for an entire month. I got my heartbroken in the spring by a boy I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with and my only escape from the thoughts in my head was to leave. Leave my surroundings. I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without being reminded of him. So I did it. I got rid of everything that reminded me of what we shared and left. It started off with cutting my hair. He always loved my long hair and he hated bangs. So I cut bangs and also my ends. I left the states in June and went to Milan for a month where I stayed with an unbelievably incredible family and taught English. I was eternally grateful because not only was I teaching, but I was also learning. That month was full of soul searching and getting back to being myself again. But truth be told, I didn’t go back to my old self. I reinvented myself, I was reborn. Italy and the people I was surrounded by taught me so much that I couldn’t learn from anyone or anywhere else. To love myself as much as the love I give in return. “Veni, Vidi, Amavi.” - I came, I saw, and I loved.”

Instagram photo and caption by Orion Carloto (@filmforher)


Chapter 1, pt. 2. “Just a rose (days in the sun)”

The Enchantress showed her cruel manners in more ways than one. The trapped servants were not able to leave the walls around the castle; they were left to live with the little they had and had to learn how to cook, and clean, and harvest. That wicked witch appeared to only keep them alive so they could still suffer for all eternity, it didn’t matter in what conditions they were under.

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VIO ( link )

Vio Link is the owner of a new library in Castle Town. His library collection consists solely of ancient texts (along with a few relics and the like) that the average Hylian could either not understand or would have thought lost. His collection was found by hiring mercenaries ( Blue on occassion as well ) and going out excavating for ancient knowledge. As such, Vio is the smartest out of all of the Link’s, deciphering ancient Hylian (able to not only read it but speak a version of it with the information he has gained), reading up on any and all wars he could get his hands on, handfuls of spells, and going out of his way to learn a little bit about everything he could get his hands on.

Due to this, Vio falls into the category of “master of none”. Where he has a lot of information, able to perform very well physically fighting, cast basic spells, and even put up a good fight plan when needed, unlike the other three, he lacks the ability to do any one task to a fine precision. Making him the most average, while also being the most skilled.

Vio grew out his hair very long, braiding it up in the back with a long thin bandage-like material that he tied up. He enjoys this complicated style as he feels it helps give his otherwise young appearances some age.

Personality wise, Vio is typically the one to be calm and figure out the solution to any and all conflicts. He treats these like puzzles to be solved and can generally come up with a very calm and rational explanation. However, when approached by someone with a similar knowledge or skill-set to him, his ego will tend to flair in self defense, feeling the need to prove himself. Despite there being absolutely no reason, coming off as a very salty teenager.

A few quirks about Vio is that he cannot cook, has difficulty relating with other people on a more emotional basis unless he knows them exceedingly well, and his favorite color actually is purple, and thus why he puts it in his clothing so much.

One more fun fact is he got his cloak from a traveling salesman who he also actually bought his first ancient text from. This merchant seemed to know a lot about the ‘ancients’, and Vio would have loved to have discussed more, but he disappeared from Castle Town three days later. Vio has not seen him since.

Vio is the shortest out of all of the Links, his height ending at 4′10″, effectively growing two inches from when they were all younger.

Imagine being Dean and Sam’s little sister and Amara bringing you back instead of Mary.

Dean couldn’t understand what Amara meant by saying that she was going to give him what he wanted most. He hadn’t understood it then nor the days after that but then again he didn’t find it in himself to care when he had to look for Sam. He was already worried enough about his little brother to think about what could have possibly happened. And quite honestly it didn’t seem to him like she had done anything in the first place so he willed himself to not think about ‘what if’s… much less what it was that he really wanted and she could give.

But then it all changed and Dean realized everything the moment those were spoken.

“Stay away from my boys!” your voice echoed through the dark place and both Dean and Sam froze in place, just as did the British woman of letters.

It was at that moment everything fell in place. It was the moment you came into view and Dean got to see the little girl, well not so little, but to him you always were that, that he lost all those years ago to the very things he hunted. He blamed himself more than Sam did, because more or less they both felt responsible for not doing something more to save you.

And now, both he and Sam were staring at you like you were going to burst. You ate happily on your pie “Man death got me more hungry than I thought.” you laughed and Dean and Sam chuckled softly at the words that gave away how much of a Winchester you were. You chewed happily on your food before stopping and raising an eyebrow at them “Everything alright?”you asked through a mouth full and Dean grinned widely.

“Nah” he shrugged, sharing a look with Sam “Just remembered that we’ll have to buy double the pies from now on.”

“Oh hell yeah you will!” you grinned after swallowing “And I am definitely getting a room of my own in this huge place, which you till have to tell me how you got by the way.”

“Don’t worry kiddo.” Dean placed a hand on your shoulder “We’ll fill you up on everything.”

“As long as you are willing to stay.” Sam said softly and you gave him a smile.

“Sammy I ain’t going anywhere, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Yeah you better.” Dean clenched his jaw and you gave him a look. You were the youngest one, yes, but you always were the one to support your brothers and be their rock.

“I meant being more careful, not giving up my life for you. That I would do again and again and all over again as long as you two are alright.”

“Yeah well-” Sam sighed, looking at Dean for a moment “We weren’t really.” he confessed and you sighed, dropping your fork.

“I know you weren’t. And I understand but these holes- we can fill them, the way we always had. The Winchester way.” you placed a hand on each of their own.

“And we got plenty of them, don’t we?” Dean muttered and you squeezed his hand, knowing you were quite responsible for it. You could only begin to imagine how they would feel at having to burn your body. Hell even carry to burn it.

“Well- truth is that- having you here?” Sam gave you a weak smile “It feels in the biggest hole.”

ID #47330

Name: Amanda
Age: 23 
Country: Canada

I really would love to get to know new people and really learn about them and what they do the same or differently than myself.

I am very creative and I love staying busy. I coach youth bowling, I bowl 3+ times a week, my family happens to own 2 bowling alleys. I volunteer at the zoo. I am currently applying to college to the digital media program.

I love art, pandas, bowling, and much more! I love any form of creativity and I think pen pal/snail mail is another great form of art and a way to express yourself while learning and making new friends :)

Preferences: Any age, anywhere in the world except in my province (Manitoba)

100 Things You Learn Third Year of Medical School

So every year I’ve been writing these lists of 100 things you learn in each year of medical school (Found here). I am incredibly excited this year to bring you my list of 100 Things You Learn in your Third Year of Medical School.

This list contains advice about how to function on the floor, how to study, and how to handle your work-life imbalance. Click through to find such advice as:
• Whatever size scrubs you wear will be the least common size to find. Take as many pairs as you can find and stockpile them.
• EVERY procedure in OB requires shoe covers. Better to not need them than to have forgotten them
• Night shifts only come in two flavors: Insanely busy or so quiet you can not keep your eyes open.
• The best residents will notice when you’re sitting around doing nothing and will send you home—the worst residents will forget you’re even there.
• Falling asleep at 9pm is nothing to be ashamed of—in fact be proud of it.
• Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Best of luck all you new MS3s!

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Title: Superhero’s Daughter (daugther of Scott! reader x Peter)

Summary: Reader’s studying at home when she receives a knock at her door. Her boyfriend Peter stands in the doorway, injured from saving the city yet again.

Word Count: 1551

Warnings: slight language

A/N: I’m not the greatest at summaries for some odd reason?? Idk man. BUT HEY IT’S MY BLOG’S FIRST BIRTHDAY. Wow I cannot believe it. Also; I freakin loved this. So much. Sorry that it took a while, I wanted to make sure it was perfect! Peter Parker is my boyfriend, my husband, my love. OKAY ENJOY!

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Okay so, I saw that giving tipps with languages is v helpful for some people, since you don’t really learn how to use slangs n stuff in school/courses/apps etc, so if you’re interested in german then this might help ya

The word you will probably never learn anywhere is the word ‘Geil’, literally translated to 'horny’ but it just means that something is great or amazing
“Das Essen schmeckt geil!”
(The food tastes awesome!)

'Nee’ short form of 'Nein’, easier to use but you should only use it around people you’re comfortable with, since it’s slightly rude to say 'Ne’ to someone you don’t know

'Nö’ also means 'Nein’

'Ja ne (is klar)’. 'Ja ne’ just means 'duh’ used as sarcasm.
'Ja ne is klar’ means 'yeah, right’, when you don’t believe something someone has told you

'Schnauze’ literally translated to 'snout’ but it means 'shut up’. You can also say 'Halt die/deine Schnauze’ what would be like 'shut your mouth’

'Ciao’ we also say that and people understand you if you use Ciao, but the more german form is 'Tschau’. It has the same meaning as Ciao

'Na’ meaning 'hi’ or 'and?/well?’ If it’s a question

'Tschüß’ meaning 'good bye’

'Alter’ literally translated to 'age’ but it means 'buddy’ or 'dude’

'Quatsch’ meaning 'that can’t be right’, 'that’s not it’ or similar

'Jein’ meaning 'yes no’. Used when you’re not sure, doubtful of something or try to tell someone that they’re not right but also not wrong

'Läuft bei dir’ meaning 'good for you’ or 'things are going well for you’. You don’t use it in a sarcastic way

'Hä?’ Meaning 'what?’, 'excuse me?’

We also often shorten our words. If we want to say 'wie geht es dir?’ (How are you), you shorten the 'es’ to ’s’ and put it on the word 'geht’. 'Wie geht’s dir?’.
Or words like 'hast du?’ (do you have?) become 'haste?’

If you wanna greet someone then 'Hallo’ might be alright, but you could also use words like 'Guten Tag’, 'Tach’, 'Grüß Gott’, 'Servus’, 'Moin’. They’re not used in every part of germany, like 'Moin’ is used in the north while 'Servus’ is used in the south but if you use 'Servus’ in the north then people will still know that you greeted them so don’t worry. There are even more greetings but this are the most known ones I think

Andi Mack

“Andi Mack is an amazing show! It deserves so much appreciation!” Yes 10000% agree but that doesn’t mean you should be dragging down girl meets world to push it up. Like people saying a long thing about Andi Mack and then girl:meets world. Really please stop trashing a show that was the first of many to actually teach kids lessons they can’t learn anywhere else. The show was important. Stop trashing it.

allroundlostcause said: 

My best advice would be to read, a lot, because reading is your fuel. Read critically. Read good stuff and bad stuff and decide what is distinct about them. When you read a sentence you love, write it out, analyse it, and ask yourself why it’s so precious. DON’T skim read; if you find yourself doing that, you’re missing too much. Read out loud instead.

Write drabbles (short scenes which might never make it into your writing) to explore characters. Ask yourself questions about them that you don’t need answers for in the book. Think about them. Are they a cat person or a dog person? It’s not enough to have the answer, you also need to know why. What drives them? What makes their voice unique?

You need to know what your characters want, and which of those desires matters for your story, and which of those desires is going to get in the way. If they want to be good but they’re ultimately selfish, when will that trip them up? If they want to be reckless but they crave security, how is this going to prevent them from doing what they have to?

When you read, consider what makes a character feel rounded out, and study story structure. Well-written stories often have a solid structure under them which is almost invisible until you think critically; but it drives tension and movement.

Last but definitely not least, have fun. Why don’t you like your writing? If you’re new to it, then it will come, with loads of practice (most of which never goes anywhere) and learning to love the process itself, the creation of worlds. If you’re not having fun, and if you don’t value the process, and crave the practice, you will probably never throw yourself into it in the way you need to to really get amazing at it.

Who are you and why are doing awake this early on a Saturday? Thank you for the addition, is better than the original answer.

Another advice coming from this: Your current mood will affect your writing, being in a bad/sad mood won’t help when writing a happy scene, unless it comes from nostalgia.


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You're learning about him? I think Sparrow knows a few things about him

Oh she definitely does. She loves him so much! I’m learning from anywhere I can. Taking my time with it, lol. Watching matches on Youtube, here and what not haha