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How is Dove adapting to Canterlot, if I may ask? I'd be glad to offer a helping hoof and give him some tips and advice on acclimating. If there's anypony who knows how hard it is to get used to a new home and a new culture, getting through to make new connections...well, Twilight MIGHT just barely have me beat, but I'm a close second!

Dove has been doing well actually. He never had trouble acclimating to living with ponies as he grew up with me as his mother and around other ponies all his life. He loves seeing the studio that I work in and all of the photographs they take of me. He tells others that his momma “Plays dress up professional”. As for the residents in Canterlot, we do get a few odd looks and some think that I’m his babysitter but otherwise the majority of others treat us well.

I’m still looking for someone to help him learn to fly but I have been instructing him on exercises that I’ve read on. I’ve also taken him to watch the wonderbolts every time they are in the area so he can feel inspired. He really loves watching Spitfire and I’ve caught him once or twice trying to swoop his head feathers back to emulate her mane style.

@xirnoch Offered to come by to meet with him, with any luck it’ll go well.


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