Mystic Elite: Blanche

This is the first time I’ve completed a proper artwork of actual Pokemon ((still learning the ropes ahhh please forgive my mistakes;; my Pokemon art looks weird)). I had so much fun doing this though! I’m glad because I had an excuse to make stuff super shiny hehe *v*

SO sore

So, yesterday was legs and back + ab ripper x (which i replaced with a pilates ab routine)

and then we went rock climbing! we took a class on tying the rope and belaying, and are certified!

It was my first time and I totally punked out the first time up and almost cried halfway up but then it became really fun.

But today I am really sore - particularly my butt, shoulders and upper back.

Oh yeah and then we had Chinese take out, I had a vegetable soup, but cheated and had a piece of Mike’s sesame chicken, as well as 5 broccoli florets drenched in sesame sauce, which is probably a bajillion calories.

However! I can definitely see progress, AND I fit comfortably into one of my size small dresses again. aw, yeah.

I may take today as rest day and work out tomorrow instead.

intake so far:

granola and almond milk, coffee = 300

apple =80

salmon = 300

will probably have chicken and veggies later.

Music Industry Myth: You Can Do It Yourself

There are tons of myths about how the music industry operates, and when you’re trying to break into the business, these misconceptions can send you down the wrong path in a big way. This is part five in a series looking at common music business myths so you can avoid falling prey to them. Be sure to check the bottom of the article for more information.

Let’s get one thing straight up front here - you can do A LOT yourself in the music industry. This is not an argument that you need some big major label behind you pulling the shots or that you need to give up a lot of control over your music career to make it in the business. No way. DIY ethos in the music industry often leads to the best of everything - the best music, the best labels, the best show - you name it. In fact, being able to do a lot of things yourself in your music career will pay off for you in a big way.

Here’s the “but” - no matter how much you want to, you can’t REALLY do it all yourself. On a small scale, you can, but when you want your music career to grow, you’re going to need some helping hands. Here are a just a few reasons you might need help pulling off your music goals:

  • You May Not Know The Ropes - If you’re new to the music industry (or even if you’re not), you’re bound to enter uncharted territory at some point. As you might recall, another music industry myth is that you shouldn’t admit you don’t know something - and when you’re trying to take your career in a new direction, it’s a good idea to find someone who can help you figure out how to make it happen. Help is good.

  • You Don’t Have Time - No one has time to do everything. If you take on too much, everything is bound to suffer. When you’re trying to build a music career, the work is seemingly endless. Delegation is a skill, and so is knowing where you’re strong and where you’re weak and bringing in people who make up for your weak spots.

    This issue is especially important for musicians. When you’re running the business side of the band single handedly, you’re distracted from the music itself. Although it’s not always practical or possible, having someone take on some of these tasks for you is ideal.

  • You Don’t Have The Connections - You need to be careful about who you work with in the industry, but if someone legitimate comes along that has been at this a little longer and has the ability to open some doors for you - go for it.

  • Outside Perspectives Help - When you’re running things yourself, it’s easy to get so wrapped in your small projects that you don’t see the big picture. Having someone else around brings in fresh perspective and can help point out potential problem areas you have overlooked.

Here’s another way to look at this notion. Taking a DIY approach doesn’t absolve you from having to do all of the same work that the big companies do to promote an album, promote a show or any other music related task. The process is still the same, and since you have far less pull than a bigger company, if anything, you need to work harder. That is why DIY usually isn’t so much “do-it-yourself” as it is “do-it-with-a-small-group-of-likeminded-people.”

So, keep in mind, although you don’t have to sacrifice your rights and your control of your music career, sharing some of the responsibility in a way that works for you can help you reach your goals faster.

Learn more about working for yourself and music industry myths:

Miraculous Overwatch AU

I haven’t seen much of this around so I’m just gonna lay it out there.

-Marinette and Adrien have been sought out to join Overwatch.
-Marinette got picked due to her deeds as Ladybug, which Overwatch was able to identify her civilian alter ego.
-Adrien is the son of former Overwatch agent, Aveline Agreste, who have fallen in the line of duty. His father left him shortly after his mother’s death, leaving him to be taken care under Nathalie.
-Miraculous are bio-tech devices made grafted onto the wielders DNA.
-Adrien holds 2 miraculous, the Peacock from his mother, and the Cat Miraculous presented to him by an old Overwatch agent. His DNA allows him to use both at the same time, however, using both will strain Adrien
-Hawkmoth is a Talon operative with the capability to infect people with his “moths”, granting them upgrades, but losing their minds
-Ladybug’s Miraculous Cleansing are basically nanobots capable of healing infected victims and reconstructing broken objects.
-The Peacock Arrows can pierce through a victim and separating the infection from them, allowing Ladybug to cleanse the victim easier.
-Both will be under the tutelage of Pharah to learn how to operate as a team.

Jasper had been working at Whitehill for only a month but he learned the ropes quickly. Out of all the jobs he had being a security guard, he could already say Whitehill was his favourite. From the glamorous women to the riches, Whitehill was a very inspiring place to be. Watching the club like a vulture, Jasper was perched by the door entering the apartments and he would politely nod his head to the clients and escorts passing. Soon, he saw a small scuffle at the bar. A drunk client demanding attention from someone and forcibly grabbing their arm. He waited a moment, sure that the victim could handle themselves but then the client reached up and grabbed their jaw, forcing eye contact. Jasper was there in a shot, removing the clasped hold on the innocent party and eyeing the client with an ice cold gaze. “I think it’s time to move it along, don’t you?” He said with his thick New Jersey accent cladding the tone. “I think you owe an apology.” He added, and grinned as the client whimpered a faint sorry. Jasper gave a small shove towards the dance floor. “I’m keeping an eye on you, any more of that and you’re black listed.” Jasper turned to look at the other with a softer expression. “I hope you’re okay.”

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if you could write like a definitive backstory for joker, how it'd be?

i’d combine a few origins tbh, because a few of them are super good and could totally line up together.

so we start with streets of gotham, he’s snatched by this mobster and abused in every way imaginable. the trauma from that is where his mental instability start to develop (sociopathic tendencies, dissociation, inconsistencies in his memories, anger issues, etc). he grows up in that underground mob scene and learns the ropes as he grows older. eventually, he gets officially recruited into the mob and trained for several positions. but he excels as a gunman because he’s got a severe lack of empathy and does what he’s told.

that’s we get the chunk of the lovers and madmen origin where he is a hitman too good at his job and getting bored with it. at this point and time he’s feeling really numb and wouldn’t mind being killed. but then he meets batman for the very first time during a bank heist and feels alive again.

he’s itching to see batman again, so he willingly volunteers for red hood duty – the title of red hood is the same as the killing joke; he isn’t a real person; the identity is taken on by different people to throw off the police – because batman has been cracking down on the red hood nonsense for a while now and is ready to make his move. the night that proto-joker posing as the red hood, they’re at ace chemicals, and in a small altercation with batman, he ends up falling into the vat of chemicals that disfigures him. looking at his new reflection in the puddles outside is the cherry on top of the worst life ever and he loses it.

also bonus, just like in streets of gotham, he pays a visit to the mobster who kidnapped him, guts him, and let’s hyenas eat him alive.

Alright guys so time for the nitty gritty news of the upcoming months.

I am going to be starting my new job asap (part time at first!), on monday and that means Im going to be dedicating a lot of my time learning the ropes. I have about 7 more pages in the queue for Jamie; I havent been able to work on anything new to completion.

Then, in October Im going to be visiting Michigan to see my family for the first time in 2 years!

So while I’m going to do my best to not allow all this to come between me and Jamie, I might be on a soft hiatus. I don’t think this will stop me from interacting with everyone on social media, but after the queue is done with Jamie, if I haven’t had a chance to complete any more pages, then it’ll be a little while before I get to posting again. Ill either be making buffer again, or just posting sporadically. I’d rather just do the former.

I know this SUUUUCKS, but I know you’ll all understand.

Who knows, in times of extreme withdrawal maybe you can write fan fics >D hahahah. jkjkjkj.

Anyway! I love you guys, this isn’t goodbye of course, I just wanna keep you all up to date so that no one feels lost in the dark.

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Are you excited with how much recognition lately? Because I don't know if you know that moonlight17 mentioned you on wattpad. Aaand almost anyone I ask about kpop fanfiction recommends you

Originally posted by jibeom

Someone needs to hold me. It makes me so happy and grateful that someone would like what I write enough to tell others about it. Definitely a ridiculously lovely compliment. Unfortunately I haven’t been spending too much time on wattpad. I’m still learning the ropes of it, but I couldn’t find the user you mentioned? Thank you for sending me this, anon! As of this month I’ve had this blog for two years and I’m really happy with it. I hope I can keep it running for even longer. :)

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real question here: what's a kebaya?? i googled and i don't quite understand ??

/cracks knuckles MOTHER MY TIME HAS COME

this, my dearest, is kebaya (or the runway version of it):

here’s the old lady traditional version:

and here’s the wiki article if you don’t want to read my long-ass answer lol

to put it simply, kebaya is one of the traditional outfits from indonesia for women, and i say outfits in plural because indonesia has over 300 ethnic groups, each with their own traditions which i’m not even gonna start talking about. it originated from java, one of the indonesian islands during the good ol’ kingdom days, and way back when, this was your go-to daily get up since the day you, the young maiden from a central java village, start learning the ropes of the household.

fast forward a little. after the decline of the kingdoms, the getup had spread around enough that different ethnic groups have their own twist to it, but the predominant users are still from java and now bali (there’s also kebaya melayu, which is a little different i think it has malay influence and its mostly concentrated in certain pockets of sumatra).

today, unless you live in a remote village in java or you come from an EXTREMELY SUPER traditional household in the city (which is very very very rare), you don’t really see people wear them except for special occasions (weddings, graduations, etc), with perhaps the exception of bali because we use kebaya to go to the temples in a lot of the prayers and ceremonies which are ALWAYS happening on the island. 

the entire thing is called “kebaya.” its an outfit set. the top is traditionally made from solid fabric, often with little patterns of flowers, birds, etc. and depending where its from it may be made form fitting (like the golden one i wore for my ceremony) or a little loose around the figure. the sarong (the skirt) is made differently depending on where the kebaya is used .a javanese sarong–typically done in a similar procedure to making batik with wax and natural dyes–is VERY different than a balinese sarong–typically woven–from the material to the motifs. how kebaya is worn is also slightly different; the ones worn in bali are typically worn along with a sash around the waist, and the melayu ones typically use a completely different material than the ones found in java and bali.

in the present, people are getting more and more creative with the designs, especially the top. they use brocades, skintone mesh fabric (which i think is the current trend right now), see-through fabric, etc, and a lot of indonesian designers and runways have featured kebaya in their collection. here’s what a runway kebaya collection may look like. the designer’s name is anne avantie. if i can take over the world while wearing an outfit of my choosing, it’s one from this collection.

i had told my mom that when i graduate college, i’m going to wear a kebaya instead of a dress, and my mom was very happy with it. dresses are so overrated lmao and after you’ve seen enough, you feel like you’ve seen them all. so why not wear something a little different than usual?

( @tropicoola girl pipe in if i missed something bc you’re probably literally my only indonesian mutual lmao)

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Thoughts on Red/Ruby? I'm just curious because I tend to overlook things by accident.

Oh my Ruby! I love her and I really want her to be brought back.

First, there’s her friendship with Snow, which is a great example of two women supporting each other and being there for each other. Like how Ruby took Snow in once she heard that someone was after her? And how she killed her mother to protect Snow? And how she always had Snow’s back? Female solidarityyyyyyyyyyyy.

And Red Beauty is another example. She helped Belle settle in, learn the ropes of our world, get a job and offered her a place to stay. As well as helping her remember who she was after being shot by Hook. I shipped them romantically but they still work amazingly as a supportive female friendship.

I loved her determination to be a part of something. Like wanting to hunt the wolf or be useful around the Sheriff station with Emma in season 1. She wasn’t content with sitting around and following orders. After the Wraith attack in season 2 she was the one taking charge and helping people reunite and get back on their feet.

I also loved her embracing her wolf side and how she learned to control it and balance it out with her human side.

I’d love to see her running Granny’s (not that I want Granny to die) at some point.

Although I don’t ship Ruby Slippers (I just don’t see the chemistry) I’m glad Ruby’s found her True Love and hopefully we see more of her (we probably won’t due to Megan’s schedule).

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do you reckon irving is helping out with harry, though? he and harry are very close

i would imagine his expertise has likely been consulted…i mean…why wouldn’t you? that’s a hell of a resource right there. it just irritates me that there is this idea that jeff couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything without irving. he’s gone the route of working for his dad already and learned the ropes there, then got his agent’s license and moved on to CAA, where he made a good account of himself and accomplished a lot. this is his next step, establishing his own business and building it up and i believe he is quite capable. 

@coffeeandjelly One theory I have is she probably received her title and duty pretty recently pre-Kingsglaive. It would do nicely in comparison to Noctis’ forced upon and quickly learning the ropes of his becoming king; Luna was more mentally and physically prepared than he was. Will we get a glimpse of her training? Did she get stronger because of the events after Kingsglaive? But Niflheim couldn’t have let her get that strong seeing that Tenebrae barely had its liberties. If she did, it’ll probably be off-screen because she’s “someone we want to meet but can’t reach”.

I really don’t think this would be the last time we have seen certain someone. I’m really pushing on my denial game and that something is done, but if there’s no body, there’s no death. And lots of people did die so no spoilers there!

I’m just bitter because if Luna was actually this strong, it makes sacrifice kind of pointless and their story feel limited that it came to that resolution. I feel that their story hasn’t truly began so it shouldn’t have ended that way. Either Luna brings someone back or something something in the something actually posed a test and someone passed with the resolve required. A trick, a cruel one but not many would have passed the ultimate test. Yes, I know that certain person didn’t just sacrifice themselves for Luna but for another person too, saved the both of them, but still.

Anyway… I’m just gonna take it out on fanfiction and writing because it couldn’t simply end that way. I will re-write it if I have to! All the headcanons and writing in the world! I will just have to push my feelings aside about Luna and if she actually let someone’s fate go that way because someone isn’t as important as Regis or Noctis.

Driving Mr. Ackles

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2biNmpA

by KaitlynMaurine

When Jared Padalecki, aspiring Architect, applied to be the personal assistant to the state of Texas’ most prominent and influential architect of the decade, Jensen Ackles, he assumed that the job would entail learning the ropes of the trade, and someday scoring an internship with the company. He did not for a moment think his job would be driving Jensen to and from Chemotherapy treatments.

Words: 734, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2biNmpA
Resource for Theatre AUs, Part I

For anyone who is interested in writing a theatre AU, for any fandom, I have created a guide in three parts that covers a massive amount of the information I learned during my time in theatre, so you can write an immersive story without spending almost two decades learning the ropes! :D This sums up quite a lot of what I experienced in high school theatre, college theatre, an all-aspects-inclusive major in theatre and drama, and involvement in/management of multiple local/community theatres, plus the experiences shared with me by fellow cast and crew. Most of this comes from a smaller theatre perspective (think local/community theatre, mostly nonprofit theatre), but a lot of the principles can be applied to larger groups, as well.

Note: While I have done my best to pare my information down as much as possible without sacrificing anything important, these guides are still pretty dense; the world of theatre is a complicated, immersive, weird and magical place, with lots of twists and turns and well-worn habits. If you have any questions, or would like for me to clarify anything, or want more in-depth information on any theatre topic–particularly for my specialties, acting and costume design–please feel free to send me a message or an ask!

(Written largely for @badwolfgirl01 ​, but available to anyone who wants to use it! I would just ask that if you find any part of this guide useful, you please reblog it!)

Act I: The Players
Act II: The Life of a Show, and General Notes and Observations
Act III: Glossary of Commonly Used Terms


First off, let’s get to know the types of characters you’ll be working with!

Keep reading

Give me more Dakota sibling banter that doesn’t involve gun fights and betrayal

Give me more awkward Yorkalina flirting

Give me more York/North bromances

Give me rookie Wash learning the ropes

Give me friendly Maine moments

Give me someone trying to flirt with South and getting knocked the fuck out

Give me Dad!North

Give me protective Carolina

Give me more CT, Utah, and Georgia development

Give me dorky ‘I eat through my helmet for every meal’ Washington

Give me North/York/South prank wars

Give me really bad dance contests

Give me Monday morning breakfasts

Give me surprise parties and holidays

Give me perfect, angst-free memories

Give me happy Freelancers

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You know any pop culture magic from Discworld? I've found a Granny Weatherwax pie and I could make a sigil of a training broomstick to keep me safe while learning the ropes, but do you know anyone who does it?

Ooh, I don’t know any in particular, other than a few good bits of headology floating around. I know that there exists a Nanny Ogg cookbook, because I own it, and I’m sure that could be adapted for some good kitchen witchery?