Learn in bite-sized pieces

I <3 Codecademy.

My job is… expansive. Just to design a mockup of a page, or even just a slight redesign, it requires that I:

  • Research best design practices
  • Research user requirements
  • Write/edit copy
  • Design multiple iterations
  • Mockup for Desktop, iPad, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6
  • Mockup with iPad, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 templates so we can see how it will actually look.
  • Spec out the design for pixel perfect development
  • Prep web images

And that’s just for the web pages. So when my project manager suggested that I should learn code so that I could better communicate with the dev team, I was feeling somewhat… exasperated.

But then I found Codecademy. I have to hand it to them, they have brilliant UX. I used to code back in the day, so I know how much I have to refresh/learn, but they break it down into tiny little bite-sized pieces so I feel like I’m making consistent progress, even if I just spend 5 minutes a day on it. And they have these nice little encouraging messages when you accomplish anything to keep the warm fuzzies coming.

I was concerned at first because the interface felt a little confusing, but they have those helpful little boxes that pop up to explain everything and make it impossible to get lost.

Seriously, check it out. I’m gonna go become a code master now. Peace out.