Uta Gräf (a completely underrated German dressage rider - I couldn’t believe there was only one photo of her on tumblr)

Her horses on those photos are Le Noir (2000 Oldenburg stallion by Leandro), with whom she competed at Grand Prix niveau internationally and Damon Jerome NRW (2005 Rhineland stallion by Damon Hill), her youngster. (Fourth picture I’m not sure who this cutie is.)

The unusual thing about her is that all her horses, no matter how successful and expensive get turnout all year round and are ridden in a more classical way of dressage. She rides all the grand prix moves bitless with Le Noir and is an ambassador for the magazine Cavallo, which promotes horsemanship and fair training.

Photo Credit: (2) Friederike Heidenhof, (3) http://oldenburger-pferde.net/, (4) http://www.cavallo.de/ Rädlein

Um dia alguém me falou que perder pessoas não é como perder um brinquedo ou uma nota de real, nós não perdemos as pessoas, elas simplesmente vão embora porque querem, elas se desencantam e acreditam que podem ser felizes ao lado de outro alguém.
Nós não somos culpados pelas escolhas das outras pessoas.
—  Juliana Lopes for Reinheimer.