LeakyCon2012- Call Me Maybe 

ft. Melissa Anelli, Dylan Saunders, Alle-Faye Monka, Brian Rosenthal, Liam White, Elona Finlay, William Melling, Dominic Barnes, Curt Mega, Riker Lynch, Titus Makin Jr, Tessa Netting, Pat Brady, and Frankie Franco

Come and see the StarKids in the followup to last year’s amazing A Very StarKid event!

Saturday, August 11, be at LeakyCon’s mainstage for a very - very - special StarKid show. This ticket is the only extra-price ticket related to StarKid at LeakyCon: all autograph sessions, panels, meetings, film showings and more are free with a basic LeakyCon registration. 

This marquee event from the silly geniuses at our favorite Harry Potter-originated theater group was a screaming hit last year: don’t miss it this time as the team has a lot in store! Featuring more StarKids than have ever been together on a conference stage, it looks to be a very special day! 

What’s ACTUALLY going to happen during it? Well. That would be telling. 

Tickets to the event are now available for purchase at https://www.eiseverywhere.com/leakycon2012

(This event is included in RockStar registration.)

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LeakyCon 2011: Forever Started That Night

See you in 2012!