Leaky Con




This is why I ship Jauren.

  1. At 1:30, she’s looking at Jaime and when Joey turns his head, she turns it away just as fast
  2. They’re sitting one seat apart
  3. 1:52 he moves over
  4. 2:54 they stand up and they’re holding hands

This is why I cannot be allowed internet access..

Huge givaway!

I recently went to leaky con and I got a ton of merch! I’m cleaning out the things I know will bring a smile to some other fans face.

Here’s what it includes:

2 leaky con totes

2 leaky con lanyards

1 space tour dvd

1 medium starkid v neck

1 medium graphic tee

1 ipod nano (with video camera) with every starkid soundtrack

1 green apocolyptour sunnies

1 pink starkid sunnies 1 AVPSY 3D glasses

RULES: Must be following me Reblog as much as you want

I will send worldwide excluding Asia and Australia

No deleting this text

I’ll choose a random number on september 30th and if you are that number I’ll inbox you my email and we’ll work it out

NO I will not give out promos to the winner



@LeakyCon: Lizzie Bennet and Harry Potter actors playing Quidditch. Normal day at Leaky Con. [x]