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The call was cut short as Jazz came between the human and a small firing of bullets. The silver-white saboteur, crouched low to keep her shielded as the assault continued for a moment longer. Then Jazz pivoted on his heels, keeping in a crouch before returning fire to cause them to scatter.

Not kill. That was against Prime’s rules. 

M.E.C.H caught on to them. It was time to run. 

“Leah! Go! I gotcha cover!” 

Welp, tomorrow is my first ever race. It’s only 5k, but with a few hills, ten thousand bugs that climb in my lungs, and not on the treadmill, so I might very well die.

If that is the case, Saffna, please log into my tumblr and give it to whoever reblogs the most from me. Thank you, fine friends. I hope I survive the Fatal Sunday (tomorrow).