30 Days of Terra Nova - favorite guest star character

Leah Marcos  - also known as mini!BAMF (she’s essenitally the first BAMFini before the fandom got overrun by Taylor/Wash kids). Many see in her a rip-off Newt but I think, she’s a lot more than just that. Leah is blackmailed by Mira into getting the box and you can see how sorry she is for betraying Taylor, Wash and Jim, but she has no choice, she did it for her brother and that tells us so much about her. I already had forgiven her at the end of the episode but then she played ‘Wash’ in 1x09 'Vs’ and that sealed the deal for me. There’s nothing cuter than that. xD


Grade: B

Pretty original idea. Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect. He did a lot with the role. My only problem was maybe a better sub plot would’ve helped.