30 Days of ‘Ships | Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing?

This should be a surprise to no one since I’m refusing to repeat any of my ships. I mean, dude, I have enough of them.

Henry Foss/Kate Freelander from Sanctuary. I’m still waiting for them to get together. I really am. I mean, okay, Kate/Will is my OTP, but I have this giant, never-ending soft spot for Henry/Kate. I would have absolutely no problem with them getting together and having furry babies. They have the best banter and pretty much the best relationship and I always adore their interactions. And I mean, she did pretty much seduce him the first time they met. Obviously that’s a sign they need to get together. Obviously. And okay, so maybe sometimes in my head I just assume they’re together. Whatever. They’re too cute not to ship.  


Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Oliver, what if people apart from you could see me as something, someone, deserving of happiness? Not as a hero, mind. Just as “any other boy.”

The idea frightens me. Coward that I am. Me, born of science and ambition gone wrong. I felt that wrongness every day, until you wrote to me. Until you infected me with wondrous, hopeful nonsense.

Frau Pruwitt has given me a book about a certain blind superhero. And now I am feeling something other than despicable.

What have you done to me, Oliver Paulot?

Okay guys
Let me tell you about my favorite ship
Leah and Penny
And Leah having a bad past relationship and seeing how Penny’s mom treats her and she just invites penny over and penny is shy and playing with her hair the whole time and mumbling to herself and leah thinks she’s the most precious little thing and once she’s earned penny’s real trust she says that her cabin is a safe place and doesn’t really expect penny to come over when she needs to but one night there’s just the lightest knock on the door and the only reason leah is awake is cause she’s sculpting or something and she opens the door and it is dark and pouring rain but she can immediately tell that Penny’s been crying and her shirt is stained with who knows what and leah is just so afraid for penny and so angry at pennys mom and invites her in and locks the door and gets her to change into something warmer and then just holds her as she cries
And then once penny’s calmed down, leah brushes her hair out and then gets her to lay down and cuddles her and she really doesn’t know what to do because penny hasn’t said anything since she got there but she cuddles her and penny’s just quietly like “my mom got angry and kicked me out because I said I loved you.”
Like she fucking whispers the end of it
And leah just holds her so tightly and is just “I love you, too.”
And leah knows they’ll have to talk in the morning and sort stuff out but penny’s just giving her this smile and looking at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world and leah knows she has clay on her face and she hasn’t brushed her own hair today and god she’s so in love and she gets to hold the woman she loves all night and the woman she loves came to her when she needed help and the woman she loves defied her mother even when her mom got angry about something instead of just accepting it and not doing what she wants and leah is just so proud of her penny
And leah just grins because penny is her penny and she lightly kisses penny’s head and tells her how much she loves her and that makes penny cry again because she’s wanted that so badly and it’s been so long since someone’s cared for her and even though she’s crying, which is something shes been conditioned to think is weak and bad, leah is telling her how much she loves her and how strong she is and wiping her tears away and its like 3am when they finally fall asleep but it doesn’t matter because they can sleep in and they’re together

anonymous asked:

people can ship anything, and most people understand the differences between fiction and reality, sorry you don't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s the thing. We think most people do.
Abusive people can look like any of us. They have acces to the internet, they write, they make art. They can create this fanbase which practically makes it seem like it’s an okay thing to do.
I’m convinced that you know the difference, and a lot of people do, but there are also a lot of people who don’t.

Let’s not encourage these people by shipping such an unhealthy relationship.

And i’m sorry if you don’t agree with this then that’s fine, but this is just how I look at it. Everyone has their own opinion.

to the people who are hardcore destiel shippers who absolutely hate wincest, thank u for still following me after i reblog even the most raunchiest posts. ur a star. congrats ilysm.

to the people who are hardcore wincest shippers who absolutely cannot stand destiel, thank u for still following me. ur amazing. a+

to anyone who follows me bc they like me. thats also amazing. ily.

to anyone who follows me. ilysm and im glad u follow me

30 Days of ‘Ships | Day 02 - What was your very first ship?

That would have to be Spike/Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And yes, I decided I liked this ship before it was revealed that she was a lesbian. In fact, I was pissed when then introduced her relationship with Tara. I completely thought it was heading in the Spike/Willow direction, and I was totally blind-sided by Tara. I mean, I grew to love her and her relationship with Willow, but in the beginning I was really upset that Spike/Willow never happened. Well, you know, aside from in my head and in fanfictionland (where it’s still very much alive).