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Cat-Nips Star Guardian Skin HYPE! (Smol Giveaway)

Who else is SUPER hype for the new skins coming out? I sure as hewl know I am!

I know I’ve been rumoring a giveaway for quite a bit now, I did plan on tossing one out when I hit 3k, now I’m at 4k almost 5. I’ve decided to do a big giveaway for 5k, so all hope is not lost! I had planned on running that giveaway next month, unfortunately, I’ll be moving and for the time being I’ll need to save up as much as I can. However, I am super excited for these new skins so I’ve decided to give out two free Star Guardian skins (With a 1st and 2nd place winner, respectively)! Any skin of your choosing: Lulu, Jinx, Lux, Janna or Poppy!

How To Enter:

The only way that I will count your name in the giveaway is if you either re-blog or comment answering three simple questions! Likes don’t count and if you were apart of my fan games back in the day or you’re in my club on league, your name is automatically put in twice! Everyone else gets their name in once. Sorry, that’s just how I’ll be working this giveaway!

Simply re-blogging/liking the post does not get you entered. I’ll only be counting those who answer the questions. This just makes it a lot easier for me, plus I’d like to get to know some of my followers! I regret not being more active with you guys, I’ll be sure to fix that!


  1. What lane do you main and what champ?
  2. Why?
  3. If you could main any other lane what lane would you pick?

The giveaway ends the day the skins drop!

Goodluck! And may the most magical guy/gal win!


Do You Guys Remember When Teemo’s Bombs Lasted 10 Minutes?

 This Is What Used To Happen When You Had A Teemo On Your Team

anonymous asked:

Do you agree with the feminists who argue over the lack of variety with body types of female characters in League? I saw a video on it and it kinda annoyed me.

Yeah it’s true that they could do with some diversity in the game. Actually this complaint was sent to Blizzard for Overwatch and that’s why they created Zyra, a female bodybuilder from Russia!

Riot actually created Illaoi who can be an example of this but it would be really nice if they can keep doing that as they have been doing for the male characters. :)