League of Angels


Today is April 15, a date in Major League Baseball known as Jackie Robinson day. Today for every single game played the MLB will wear the number 42, Jackie Robinsons number which has now been retired around the whole league (only number like this) for the last 15 years. Mariano Rivera was the last to wear 42 because he got it before they retired as well as got permission from the Robinson family. Aside from this being an important day for baseball with marking the first African American to play in an all White professional sports league it’s also a day to realize who Jackie Robinson was. Robinson was one of the top athletes in 3 different sports at UCLA; Baseball, Football and Track. Not only was he a great athlete but he was also a highly decorated War Veteran. The story goes unrealized that so many people owe so much to Jackie Robinson, without him things could have changed but with him they changed in a way that would help spark a change that is forever etched in history.