I feel like the media totally forgot and skipped over how US Soccer treated Rapinoe and that bullshit anthem policy. US Soccer looks even more pathetic now tbh. They’ll happily sell Pride kits and push the narrative that they’re progressive while not giving a fuck about POC. Honestly (and I say this as a person who has been a fan of the USWNT since forever) we have such a long way to go within the program and the fanbase as a whole.


the way he says no kills me


If Trump is so patriotic, why did Melania (an immigrant) have to nudge him to place his hand over his heart during the Nation Anthem. In one case, he didn’t do it at all. So who’s the real S.O.B.?

#FirstAmendment #PeacefulProtest  #TakeAKnee #SocialJustice #RacistTrump

Video is better than ‘tapes’ #unpresidential