flowers in french 💐
  • daffodil - la jonquille
  • daisy - la marguerite 
  • tulip - la tulipe
  • lily - le lys 
  • sunflower - le tournesol
  • carnation - l’œillet (m) 
  • rose - la rose  
  • rosebud - le bouton de rose
  • cherry tree - le cerisier
  • chrysanthemum - le chrysanthème 
  • dandelion - le pissenlit
  • honeysuckle - le chèvrefeuille
  • aster - l’aster (m)
  • orchid - l’orchidée (f)
  • flower bouquet - le bouquet de fleurs 
  • to blossom - fleurir 
  • flower - la fleur 
  • freesia - le freesia 
  • flowering tree - l’arbre en fleur (m) 
  • meadow - la prairie 
  • petal - le pétale 

As much as I ship it too, I feel like platonic heartrate is so underrated, I mean it makes such a great brotp

  • Kim and Alix having a friendly rivalry
  • stupid reckless challenges like skating races at 3am behind a McDonalds
  • everyone else being lowkey scared of them because Kim is tall and Alix is terrifying
  • them fighting akuma villains together like the idiots they are even though they have no superpowers so probably they’re gonna die
  • if Alix hears you talking bad about Kim behind his back she will fight you because only she’s allowed to do that
  • in a crowd of tols, Kim lifting up his smol friend so she can see stuff
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True love is eternal, infinite, always like unto itself; it is equable, pure, without violent demonstration; white hair often covers the head, but the heart that holds it is ever young.
—  Honoré de Balzac, Le lys dans la vallée (The Lily of the Valley)

ok but what i want to know is 

did evelyne ever fall off the bed while shooting this scene like could you imagine them filming this emotional scene and ebro falls off the bed like “i think i’m dying” “no no you’re not i won’t le-SHIT”

Captura tomada desde la pagina del juego, Lysandro cuerpo completo, pueden encontrarla en la descripción de los chicos antes de entrar a su cuenta…disfruten chicas de la belleza de nuestro victoriano favorito en todo su esplendor…

la imagen y Lys le pertenecen a Chinomiko y a Beemoov, la captura es únicamente por intenciones de entretenimiento y de  orgasmo visual XDDokno, sin ningún fin de lucro…

th//is ki//nd o/f cen//sor/ing is com//plete///ly use//les/s

Let’s say we’re doing th/is bu//llshi//te because we’re dragging some evil problematic tumblr user.

Well let’s say somebody has shittytumblruser12 blacklisted so even if somebody they follow posts from shittytumblruser12, they don’t see it. When you st//art do//ing th//is shi//t, you’re just making them see shit they don’t want to see because it’s impossible to blacklist ev//ery vari//atio//n of th//is sh//it.

Also, it makes reading your callout posts far more difficult than that task really needs to be. 

Or let’s say we’re talking about ~~*sensitive subjects*~~ so we do the censorship thing. Drumpfy-pie, for example. Let’s say example tumblr user just-trying-to-meme-here has all Donald Trump related tags and keywords blocked. Maybe they’re Muslim or an immigrant or LGBTQ+ or maybe politics just makes them anxious, doesn’t matter why. When you start talking about Tr//ump instead of Trump, you’re circumventing that blacklist and making them look at shit they don’t want to see. 

Again, it makes things far more difficult to read. I imagine that for people who use screen readers or have dyslexia, this whole pattern is a massive bitch to deal with.

So like,,, maybe stop doing this.

Le mie coinquiline sono davvero ragazze molto particolari, una di queste soprattutto ha un'età che assolutamente non le appartiene.

E comunque ho le prove eh, hanno scambiato una teglia con un vassoio di PLASTICA del mc e lo hanno messo in forno.
Risultato? Vassoio scioltissimo con sopra patate e melanzane e niente io quando l'ho saputo volevo spappolarmi la testa sul muro.