Seeing that I am on a fave French romantic movies rewatch binge, it was pretty inevitable I was going to get to The Horseman on the Roof/Le Hussard sur le Toit, a 1995 movie starring Juliet Binoche and Olivier Martinez.

He is an Italian revolutionary on the run, she is a French aristocrat trying to get back to her elderly husband. Together they travel the troubled landscape of 1832 France.


It’s gorgeous and intelligent and etc etc, but mainly because I ship Pauline and Angelo to a ridiculously insane degree despite (or because) their love story is unspoken and unacted-upon. They are both deeply honorable people and she is a married woman, so they never do make love - the scene above is the closest physical contact they allow themselves* - yeah, the almost-hug and his kissing her hand while asking her to forgive him is the most they get - but I. Don’t. Care! They burn up the screen. And the ending makes me hopefully happy forever…

* I always found it bitterly ironic that he finally gets to touch her naked body but it’s a grotesque parody of making love because he is desperately trying to save her from death by cholera and neither is thinking about romance at that point…ah, movie, you are evil.