I know it’s overshadowed by the Women’s Marches and that is the best thing that could happen (yay headlines for women and fight for feminism instead of racists!!!!), but yesterday the leaders of the European Right Wing partys (ENF) met in Koblenz/Germany to celebrate Trump and to make plans how they can win with their racist, nationalist, sexist movements in Europe. People like Frauke Petry (German AfD), Geert Wilders (Dutch PVV) Marine Le Pen (French Front National) and others are teaming up in their effort to win elections. 

They excluded media, so we have very little reports on what was said behind closed doors. But we know what they do. They want to learn from Trump. Their plan is simple: provoke people with hate speech, garner the most attention, then gaslight them. The horrible thing is: it works.

I know we all look to the USA right now, but we can’t forget that they are here as well. They are not far away and we mustn’t be afraid. We can’t turn them into a doomful dark that sneeks up on us. We have to put them into the light as the idiots they are. We have to resist their provocations. We have to stand up and call them out. We have to fight for the rights that are important to us. For the free and democratic movements that value everyone the same. Before it is too late. Before we are standing here in autumn and bemoan our own stupidity and ignorace.

Edit: If you want to read up on it a bit.

Various French Presidential Candidates
  • Francois Fillon - Republicains : not-Sarkozy, the go-to candidate for the right-wing people that are not yet nazis.
  • Marine le Pen - Front National : wants to leave Europe, NATO, common sense, and that weird thing called democracy. Part of the ultra-conservative equivalent of a royal lineage. Sort of Nazi, mostly populist.
  • Francois Bayrou - MoDem : for people that want compromises but will never get them.
  • Benoit Hamon - Left-Wing : former minister of education, resigned when Hollande didn’t hold up to left-wing ideals. Pro-Europe, pro-European army, wants to put a tax on automated labor to establish an universal income that would balance the jobs they destroy. Kind of our Bernie Sanders, also wants to legalize weed.
  • Jean-Luc Melanchon - le Partie de Gauche : the candidate of edgy college students, against Europe, NATO and possibly private property.

Environ 38% des français ayant regardé l'émission politique ont jugé que Marine Le Pen serait une bonne présidente. Après les gens c'est votre choix mais quand même, ce qu'il s'est passé hier ça s'appelle juste une victimisation. Elle comprenait rien à ce qu'elle racontait sur la monnaie, Pujadas a été obligé de demander des précisions et il a pas compris la réponse ( Pujadas est quand même loin d'être stupide ). Que vous aimiez le Front National d'accord MAIS LÀ ELLE S'EST JUSTE FAIT VICTIMISER PAR LES JOURNALISTES. Même Hamon ( je suis pas du tout fan de Hamon ) il s'en était tiré et son discours était à peu près cohérent et clair dans sa tête. Là non. Mais si ça vous motive toujours pas de soucis, j'avais compris tout seul que la surpopulation était un problème.

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Police raid Marine Le Pen's Front National party HQ in EU fake jobs probe

Frenchpolice raided the headquarters of Marine Le Pen’s Front National party on Monday as part of an investigation into alleged misuse of European Union funds to pay parliamentary assistants.

The European parliament has accused Ms Le Pen, a French presidential candidate and MEP, of paying FN party staff with EU funds which it says should only be spent on European parliamentary assistants.

It has demanded Ms Le Pen pay back nearly €340,000 (£290,000) and, faced with her refusal to repay the money, has said it will start docking her salary in order to recover the funds.

Headquarters of the French far-right Front National (FN) party in Nanterre Credit:  BORIS HORVAT/ AFP/Getty Images

The search at the far-Right party’s headquarters in Nanterre, west of Paris, was confirmed by FN officials, who said it was the second time the offices had been raided. 

They accused the French judiciary of conducting a political smear campaign.

“It looks on the face of it like a media operation whose goal is to disturb the course of the presidential campaign and to seek to harm Marine Le Pen at a time when her candidacy is making an important surge in voter intentions,” the FN said in a statement.

A French probe into “abuse of trust” and concealment, as well as “embezzlement in an organised gang”, as well as fraud and concealed work was opened on December 15 following a complaint by the EU parliament.

Last Friday, Ms Le Pen furiously rejected reports that she had admitted to giving her bodyguard a fake job as EU parliamentary aide.

“It’s a bare-faced lie. I never admitted to anything of the sort,” Ms Le Pen told France Bleu radio, saying she had never even met EU investigators to discuss the matter.   

Two French news outlets last week published extracts from a report by the EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF claiming that Ms Le Pen admitted to illegally paying her bodyguard Thierry Legier with EU funds.      

FN leader Marine Le Pen © next to her aide Catherine Griset (3rd-L) and bodyguard Thierry Legier (1st-L) in Lyon Credit:  JEFF PACHOUD/AFP/Getty Images

The parliament says it paid out €41,554 towards a three-month contract for Mr Legier in 2011 in which they claim he was falsely presented as a parliamentary assistant.    

The OLAF report said that Ms Le Pen “admitted that Mr Legier was never paid for this contract during the period in question”.    

The report said Le Pen had justified Mr Legier’s contract as a way of getting parliament to reimburse her for unpaid salaries and expenses.    

She is also accused of wrongly using parliament funds to pay a France-based FN aide, Catherine Griset, between 2010 and 2016.

Ms Le Pen, who is riding high in polls ahead of the two-stage April 23-May 7 election, has steadfastly denied the claims, which have triggered a French fraud investigation.

The allegations against Ms Le Pen have until now been all but drowned out by a fake jobs scandal engulfing her conservative rival François Fillon.

French right wing candidate for the upcoming presidential election Francois Fillon ® flanked by his wife Penelope (L) Credit:  ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP

Mr Fillon, the candidate for the Republicans party, is facing a probe into whether his British wife Penelope wrongly received around €831,400 in French taxpayers’ money as his parliamentary assistant. She told the Telegraph in 2007 “I have never been his assistant.”

Current polls suggest that Ms Le Pen will reach the second round of the presidential election, only to be knocked out either by Mr Fillon or independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, who are running neck and neck in round one.

La raison pour laquelle les attentats de Paris ont eu lieu en novembre et non pas en juin, c'est parce qu'ISIS savait très bien que tout cela se traduirait par une poussée de l'extrême droite aux bureaux de vote en ce mois de décembre ; en retour, l'islamophobie qu'apporte avec lui le Front National va conduire des gens au bord du précipice intégriste à franchir le cap, et les rangs de Daesh vont encore s'agrandir. C’était ça, le plan de Daesh, et je peux vous assurer qu’en ce moment ils se réjouissent autant que Marine du succès de son parti.

La France vient littéralement de manger à la petite cuillère du terrorisme. Les votants FN ont tenté de faire en sorte que des attentats comme ceux de Paris ne se reproduisent plus, mais voilà qu'ils ont ouvert la porte aux attentats jusque dans les villes les plus perdues de France.

Congrats, idiots.