Le Trou Du Diable


Fous Allies, meaning ‘crazy allies’ was a collaborative effort from Ontario’s Beau’s Brewing and Quebec’s Trou du Diable. Originally made as a collab 2012, it was revisited in 2015, with a higher alcohol content. Fous Allies is a mango infused saison beer, which will be included in the “Best of Beau’s” holiday sampler at the end of this year and part of their “Wild Oats” series. Sampled on draught. The beer poured a dark golden colour with a pillow white head. The nose contains some saison yeasts and a faint tropical fruit, with a hint of peppery spiciness. The taste of mango is very discreet, but it is there adding a sweetness to the brew. There is a pleasant amount of hops at the end to round out and balance this delicious saison. 

6.1% from Vankleek Hills, Ontario and Shawinigan, Quebec IBU 30

Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Acidulated, Carafoam (all organic)
Hops: Organic Nelson-Sauvin
Yeast: Saison
Other: organic mango puree


The Black Baron. Couldn’t resist getting this one. A very good ‘Baltic’ porter. Very stout-like. I’m impressed. I was worried it would be too sweet for me. I think Le Trou du Diable and Le Trefle Noir have become my favorite Québec brewers. I should start tagging my beer posts for easy access.

Flambee ‘64 from Loup Rouge and Le Trou Du Diable in Canada on tap at Churchkey in DC. A 3 of 4. This is a campfire in your mouth. Literally. Tastes strongly of smoked meats and ash. Nice thick body to carry the flavor, but borderline too much smoke, and only one note. Still, nothing offensive about it - and one of the better smoked beers I’ve had. Solid stuff.


This brew is worth every penny and it isn’t cheap! Dolcis Succubus is an American Wild Ale that had been aged for up to twelve months in California white wine barrels made of oak. In addition to the aging the beer is brewed with wild yeasts (Brettanomyces), giving it lots of complexity, and hopped with new world hops. Sampled on draught the beer poured a rich hazy golden orange with a dense white head, that left lovely lacing. The nose is luxurious and rich, containing notes of green apples, apricot, wildflower honey, hay, a little funk and vanilla. The taste was as complex as the nose containing apricot, pear and apple, citrus, floral undertones, subtle oak, sweet wine, delicate vanilla. The hops were subtle and the bitterness did not linger. The carbonation was on the soft side and the beer had a slightly syrupy mouthfeel. I would say this was on the full side of medium bodied. This is a rich, complex and beautifully balanced beer. A treat at any price! Well worth it!

7% from Shawinigan, Quebec