London’s Calling

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Chapter Three: Arrived

Word Count: 942

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Even though the flight was only around seven hours, in true Riley form the heavy sleeper is able to snooze through any disturbance her flight brought, upset children, turbulence, even the annoying passenger in front of her that insisted on keeping his overhead light on the entire flight.

Riley was in that much of a deep sleep that her father had to shake her awake once they landed.

Groggily Riley rubs at her eyes and stretches in her seat, she flashes a sleepy smile to Auggie and listens as the captains message plays through the cabin.

“Thank you for flying with us today, we have arrived at Heathrow airport where the local time is 4:58am.”

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Tokyo, Japan / KODAK 500T 5219 / Lomo LC-A+ by Toomore Chiang
Lomo LC-A+ KODAK 500T 5219 V3 7393-0038 2016-05-22

The signs as dead musicians I’ve cried about on my period

Aries: Amy Winehouse

Taurus: Leonard Cohen

Gemini: Michael Jackson

Cancer: Freddie Mercury

Leo: Johnny Cash

Virgo: Jeff Buckley

Libra: Prince

Scorpio: Mama Cass 

Sagittarius: Jim Morrison 

Capricorn: Whitney Houston 

Aquarius: David Bowie

Pisces: George Harrison 


Look, we’re wired differently. We run towards gunfire. We drink when we’re sad. We screw when we’re mad. And people hate us until they need us. And I hate that. But I love it, too.