You do not need to take other people’s pain and suffering into your heart. This world is filled with enough suffering without trying to spread it. Rather, touch the pain and suffering you find and meet it with with love and spaciousness. That is what we call compassion.
—  Lazy Yogi
To reject these thoughts and feelings is to fear them. To take them seriously is to be controlled by them. But simply remaining unmoved by their coming and going is peace itself. Then sometimes they wont even bother showing up. 
—  The Lazy Yogi
Meditate, meditate, meditate. Daily. Practice mindfulness. Continuously. These are the tools we have been given to manage our sanity within the context of an unhinged society. It’s an opportunity few really take. But I am telling you that if you take this opportunity, you wont regret it.
—  The Lazy Yogi

anonymous asked:

Hello Lazy Yogi, thank you for always taking the time and answering questions. I have a question, what does spirituality say about physical health. I know I've getting extremely close to understanding my consciousness and spirituality. But what about the things I can't control like disease and stuff you know. Spirituality allows me to find power and peace within. But is there something that I'm missing when it comes to heath? I'm not sure if I worded this question correctly. all the love.

Body itself is like a disease. It will always die. 

This doesn’t mean that our body is not an ally–it is. Body is like a vehicle and sacred friend. It is important to keep the body healthy as best you can. 

The point isn’t about looking great or physically living forever. The point is keeping your vehicle and ally in good condition. This makes the path easier to walk. 

Diseases and such are inevitable because the body is not perfect. Thus, walk the path as best you can while your health permits it. 

For those who are plagued by diseases and illness, they can choose to make that challenging experience a part of their path to awakening. It is not easy. 

Be grateful to your body. Don’t judge it, don’t hate on it. Wear it, be present within it, and you will soon discover that it too is nothing but consciousness. 

Namaste :)

Detachment comes when you discover that your happiness, your peace, your joy, are nothing else but your Self and it is found nowhere else but within.

Then detachment naturally happens toward the transient play of this world and body. It doesn’t mean that you have distain for them or aloofness or rejection. It simply indicates that you are no longer seeking the right things in the wrong places.

—  Lazy yogi

Remember that the only tool you have with which to help the world is yourself. Even if your are well-intentioned but still blinded by the ignorance of separation and ego, your attempts to help others will not be as beneficial as they could be. By practicing meditation, you will learn to help and serve humanity as if humanity were your larger self.“

Namaste :)

—  Quote from Lazy Yogi

The Reality of Spirituality - The Lazy Yogi Session 1 

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Special thanks to Bad Crayfish for helping to set the whole thing up.

Namaste, sangha :D

As for guilt, it is an inefficient way of trying to get rid of suffering. Perhaps you did something “bad” or regret an outcome for which you feel responsible. That is the result of unskillful action and understanding. Instead of feeling bad about it until time lessens the memory’s weight, use that shitty feeling to fertilize growth. Don’t just learn from the specific past but also never repeat it again.

If there is something you feel guilty about and you use that to learn, grow, and never again repeat it, then there is nothing to regret. You have not only lessened the burden of your ignorance on the world but also on yourself. Peace is always possible.

—  The Lazy Yogi

An example would be love. Some people depend on having a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to feel loving and loved. This means your heart chakra opens with this person and closes with their absence. This is why breakups can be so hard; love suddenly just vanishes. That is a samsaric affirmation of the heart.

A dharmic affirmation of the heart is to Love. The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether or not someone loves you. Because you don’t feel the love. If you are full of confusion, ignorance, and hate, no matter how much love is poured your way, it cannot touch you.

But if you are loving, if you love just to love, and open your heart to the present moment despite whatever it may contain, then that love depends on nothing. It fluctuates on nothing. Endless and powerful and rooted, this love will endure lifetimes.
- lazy yogi

The Bodhisattva Way is the way of no excuses. Life holds you back from nothing. Every form of suffering, pain, or confusion is turned into fuel for the fire of awakening.

The Bodhisattva is in touch with the immense suffering of the world and yet carries within himself the tender radiant heart of Love. Even the smallest hurt is a call for compassion, the smallest pleasure a call for celebration.

Anyone can be a Bodhisattva and may aspire to do so. Such a way of life makes this world a better place.

—  Lazy Yogi