Meditate, meditate, meditate. Daily. Practice mindfulness. Continuously. These are the tools we have been given to manage our sanity within the context of an unhinged society. It’s an opportunity few really take. But I am telling you that if you take this opportunity, you wont regret it.
—  The Lazy Yogi
You do not need to take other people’s pain and suffering into your heart. This world is filled with enough suffering without trying to spread it. Rather, touch the pain and suffering you find and meet it with with love and spaciousness. That is what we call compassion.
—  Lazy Yogi
To reject these thoughts and feelings is to fear them. To take them seriously is to be controlled by them. But simply remaining unmoved by their coming and going is peace itself. Then sometimes they wont even bother showing up. 
—  The Lazy Yogi

Detachment comes when you discover that your happiness, your peace, your joy, are nothing else but your Self and it is found nowhere else but within.

Then detachment naturally happens toward the transient play of this world and body. It doesn’t mean that you have distain for them or aloofness or rejection. It simply indicates that you are no longer seeking the right things in the wrong places.

—  Lazy yogi
Lucid dream: The search for lazy yogi

Hey guys, I know I’ve been gone for a while but I have a new goal: establishing dream contact with my brother lazy yogi! I’m excited but I wasn’t sure if I could still lucid dream as easily as I used to but having lucid dreamed without trying I’m happy and inspired. So this is what happened:

I guess I’ve mastered the technique: WBTB (wake back to bed) because I inadvertently or rather unknowingly used the technique this morning… Well let’s say ‘subsequently’ used WBTB because my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well and I stayed awake to make sure she was okay. When I finally fell asleep I woke up to loud music playing. I was annoyed and wondering who was playing music so loud while I was trying to sleep! The song was by an artist called “partynextdoor”. I got up out of the bed I was in and immediately I realize I’m dreaming. This house was not my house but my grandparents house upstate ny. Everything was exactly how I remembered it when I used to visit when I was a kid. I walked slowly into the living room where the fireplace was and stood there rubbing my hands together: dream stability. I recalled my goal: meet my brother lazy yogi to establish contact via lucid dream. (I had something I needed to tell him and there was something he needed to tell me and if when we spoke in waking life he told me the correct phrase, I would know that we actually met in the dream). I walked towards the front door to head to the porch. I noticed some bright colored Nike sneaker boxes to my left which I took note of; they were very bright and stood out in the dream, they also are actually in my house in waking life. I went out into the porch and decided to fly to where lazy yogi was, which in retrospect was a bad idea: if the dream is not fully stabilized or the dreamer not deeper in sleep, trying to fly or something like that can easily wake them up. As I was about to fly I looked to my left and saw my (deceased) grandfather sitting on the porch with someone else I couldn’t make out. He looked content. I figured I would speak with him another time. I flew into the air but my ascent turned into a sharp arc and I came crashing back down onto the porch, which started to wake me up! My lucid dream training and instincts kick in and I remember how to save an ending dream: spin in circles. As I started to spin in circles everything goes black. Then I hear the sounds of an old movies real. Slowly then faster the movie real spun in conjunction with me spinning in circles and then I saw different scenes in front of my field of vision. The first image started to come closer but then retreated as if it weren’t the correct one. It faded into the darkness and flickered away. Another image slid from left to right and replaced it; it was a scene of people on a basketball court. Slowly the image came closer and closer until it enveloped me. Then creepily and subtly sounds of basket ball sneakers squeaking on the court invaded my “ears”. I suddenly felt as if someone were sliding a very heavy flooring beneath me, it was sort of like props being placed on stage all around as I lay there unable to move while the scene was being built. Then I heard yelling “yo man! You’re in the way! Get off of the court!” My girls phoned rang and woke me up out of the dream.

Lucid @lazyyogi

Taking something for granted means to assume that it is permanent. Nothing in this world of form is permanent. When you really get that into your head and heart, and come to accept it, enormous gratitude for what is here becomes possible.

The Lazy Yogi

Pandas are often seen eating in a relaxed sitting posture, with their hind legs stretched out before them. They may appear sedentary, but they are skilled tree-climbers and efficient swimmers and totally know how to do yoga.

The Draining Emotional Sponge

Hi lazy yogi just like to say HappyChristmas to all! :). In this time of year I’ve been around a lot of friends and family and am most of the time by myself as I loooove my own company I find my self hilarious in a good way not the crazy way loool. Only thing is I find myself being drained around other people and not the high energy person I am when I’m bymyslef or with one person. Maybe a lack of confidence can’t put my finger on it? Why is this???? Heeelp!!!

I’m not for sure if this was originally for lazyyogi’s tumblr and it got to me by mistake or you’re just calling me lazyyogi. haha Anyway, i thought i’d answer this one because many people have this problem. 

Overactive empathy is a huge issue for sensitive folk because we are opening up our awareness into others energies. The thing about auras is people don’t realize they arent exactly small and they extend into our environments. So If you were to imagine yourself in a giant sphere pulsating with vibrations of frequency transmitting out thoughts/emotions/feelings daily this is you. 

Now image your sphere in a room of 10 plus people that’s a lot of energy in one room together. 

As a sensitive we FEEL the emotional spheres of others by tapping into their frequency or vibrations. In laymans terms, you are an emotional sponge soaking up all these frequencies at once, this is why it can be ultra draining if you aren’t careful with yourself. Someone who isn’t sensitive is kinda like the equivalent of living in a foggy cloud of smoke instead of being able to SENSE their own frequency vibrations, they are unconscious towards them. 

So the only way to overcome this is by coming back to your own frequency and trying to stay in that higher vibrational place of compassion, understanding and love. If we’re just shielding, we’re not really helping ourselves in this situation because shielding can be exhausting. You have to transform your frequency by changing your emotional output. The easiest way to do that?

LISTENING. Listening to others frequencies is very very healing and gives your empathy a nice boost of clarity. The more we listen to others instead of thinking over them, we are investing our energy in a positive way. 

Take a simple conversation, instead of listening to this person talking, you are thinking about what to say next instead by doing this you aren’t properly hearing what they are telling you nor are your focusing on their energy, you are focusing on yours.
Another instance is when you’re talking to someone but instead you feel constant ego thoughts in place of them speaking, this is when you need to step up, clear your enery by focusing on their eyes and listening. 

Always come back to the heart space because this will transform overactive empathy into compassion and endurance. Letting go of the resistance gives you an opening to heal, listen and find strength within. 

Good lesson for mercury too ;)

Yes I wanna be a runner and I wanna party with my friends, and yes I wanna be a yogi and I wanna eat fastfood from time to time, and yes sometimes I eat a whole chocolate bar or get really drunk. 

I don’t call the yoga-, running-, hiking- and being in nature-phases my healthy phases. All the different things I am doing are healthy phases for me. Because I allow myself to be my most authentic self. With all the shit I’ve been through, I can say my most unhealthy moments have always been the ones where I gave up myself to be a person that fits in. If the fitness trend inspires me to go running more often and if that truly makes me happy, then that’s amazing! But if I suppress the other sides of my personality, the part of me that likes to party, that likes to stay up late and talk to my friends the whole night, but I get scared to listen to this voice because that’s not what a runner does, than I am in trouble. Yes, I fucking love the feeling after a run but I also love to travel and therefore I am not able to stick to a workout routine all the time. If I don’t accept these different, and sometimes contradictory sides of my personality, I will never end up being healthy and happy. 

We contain so many different aspects of our personality within ourselves, so many different interests, passions and features, and we should be allowed to live them. That’s why I don’t like putting labels on myself. Yes, I wanna be a chocolate eating, traveling, series binging, hiking, backpacking, sun bathing, drinking, raw vegan organic food loving, silly, lazy, active yogi/runner/life lover and that’s what I am going to be <3 We’re constant change, and in the end I think that’s what makes us the beautiful individuals that we are, to truly express who we are in all our facets.

If there is something you feel guilty about and you use that to learn, grow, and never again repeat it, then there is nothing to regret. You have not only lessened the burden of your ignorance on the world but also on yourself. Peace is always possible.
—  Lazy Yogi
The Passing of a Friend and Brother

A close friend of mine died this past Sunday. His name was Sagar. Even as I type this, it is impossible to believe. He was 28 years old.

We met ten years ago this coming fall. It was the first day of college, literally the day we moved into the dorms. I walked down our hall, looking for someone who had set up their television. My own roommate and I couldn’t figure it out. His was the first room I came across that had a working television. 

When I asked him if he would help us, his immediate response was, “Of course!” 

As he was hooking everything up, he said, “One day we’ll look back on this and say this is how we met.”

Sagar helped me on the first day we met and he never stopped helping me. 

To his friends, Sagar was encouraging, supportive, and always proud. He loved The Lazy Yogi and told many people about this blog even while I kept it quiet. When I switched from working in the film industry to pursuing my medical doctorate, he rooted for me and immediately got on board despite much skepticism and doubt from those around me. He was a true friend and ally. 

Wherever Sagar lived, that’s where the parties were. He loved hosting, he loved bringing people together, and he loved his friends. All through college people thought I was one of his roommates because I was always at his place chilling. 

After college he moved to New York City while I had to live at home in Connecticut. I came into the city every weekend and he would always have a place for me to sleep in his apartment. This very summer I slept on his couch many times. I slept in his bed the night before he died. 

The month before, he went to the doctor with a bad cough and back/leg pain. They did a scan and it turned out to be a rare genetic late stage lung cancer. He underwent surgery but his condition declined rapidly. I visited him while he was unconscious in the ICU on Saturday and Sunday. I visited his body after he passed. I still can’t believe it as I am writing this. 

The last two times I saw him stand out in my mind. The earlier time was our last nice day together. We drank on the rooftop of his apartment building in the Lower East side. We climbed the water tower and took in the view, talking about our plans for the summer and the future. He took a picture of me, which became my profile picture on Facebook. 

The second time was the last time I saw him before he was in the hospital. His pain was bad, his cough was bad. But he was so happy to see me. 

“Everything feels better when you’re here,” he had said to me.

When I left, he hugged me and told me he loved me. That was another thing I learned from Sagar. He always said “I love you” to his friends. Now I do too.

I have seen too many early deaths in my life already. My father died of cancer when I was in high school. One of my high school best friends committed suicide when I was in college. And now Sagar is gone. 

Fuck. He was the center of everything good in our massive group of friends. 

His death is senseless and tragic. One quote keeps going through my mind: “Nature is not human hearted.” 

No it fucking isn’t. 

I say this again and again: impermanence is inescapable. This life is not a means to an end. The end is death. No matter what we do, we take nothing with us. This life is an opportunity to love and to awaken. No more, no less. 

I don’t know how Sagar’s death will effect me. After my father’s death, I found myself on a spiritual path and it led me to meditation. I don’t know what’s next. 

All I can say is don’t wait. There is no later that we can depend on. 

Thanks for listening. May you all be blessed with health, happiness, and peace.