xNTx Friends


  • Crazy schedule, still manages to hang around with friends.
  • Insanely driven. Vital necessity of being The Best™.
  • Doesn’t have time for bullshit, ever.
  • Generally sweet, scary when mad (emphasize ‘scary’).
  • Highly motivated and ambitious.
  • No drama, thank you.
  • Flawless facial control (low-key scary as well).
  • INTP’s recklessness makes her have a mini heart attack every now and again.
  • Manners matter.
  • Has been super busy lately.
  • And by ‘lately’ we mean since always until forever.

Common phrases include:

– “You might find this of some help”.
– “This is so interesting”.
– “Yes, I’ve read about it”.
– “Sorry, I already have plans”.
– “I’d actually prefer to do it myself”.
– “Really, just let /me/ do it :)”.


  • Sharp tongue.
  • Comeback generator.
  • Laid back attractiveness and incredible charisma.
  • Bulldozer mode when mad.
  • Put-together and confident.
  • Has a fame for being flirty.
  • Hasn’t had that many partners at all.
  • “wrecking ball” (- mother mother) is his life theme song.
  • Is actually quite delicate.
  • Almost all his facial expressions are masks.
  • Hiding his real emotions seems to have become a life purpose.
  • His deep interests surprise most people.
  • “Is very intelligent, but way too lazy at school” squad with INTP.
  • Is seen as a bad influence.
  • Actually has a pretty solid moral code.
  • Fashion style score: BADASS. (the aesthetics are real).

Common phrases include:

– “Think about it this way”.
– “Why, am I bothering you?” + smirk.
– “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your bullshit”.
– “Why does everyone believe I’m lying?”


  • Works silently because success speaks for itself.
  • The library is his natural habitat.
  • Very specific fields of interest.
  • Seems very polite, and he is.
  • (Doesn’t actually believe in politeness itself, has only learned to follow formalities in order to make his life easier). 
  • Efficient™.
  • Crisis over personal traits of which the analysis were thought to be concluded. 
  • Really brain, why this again. Why.
  • Has learned to master several skills that he doesn’t even enjoy.

Common phrases include:

– “No”. (Default reply to INTP’s proposes).
– “That is /such/ a bad idea”.
– “Actually…” (*insert unasked correction*).
– “I’m still considering it”.
– “What do you mean it’s not polite to tell them how wrong they are?”
– “Of course I cannot change my schedule” (to ENTP).


  • Has strong opinions on matters that she has given a lot of thought (and we mean a lot).
  • Gets overwhelmed by being the center of attention.
  • Became an Ancient Rome expert overnight.
  • Comfy discrete clothes.
  • Deadlines are a very flexible concept.
  • Actually, every concept should be prone to constant revision.
  • Study time is the perfect time for introspection and/or new ideas development.
  • Either absolutely hyped or completely indolent.

Common phrases include:

– “My nights are a mix of insomnia and belated lunch”.
– “What if we…” (Proposes crazily awesome plan to INTJ).
– “There are pubs in which you can hear a much more refined language than in the Congress”.
– “Because apathy is the foundation of my being” (as a response to ENTJ asking her why she doesn’t just /do/ the stuff).

Shared traits

  • Difficulty to compute feelings (we know, we know, ‘such a cliché’. Still true).
  • Allergies: stupidity, ignorance, illogical social rules.
  • “WHY do people refuse to THINK”.
  • Rich lexicon (xNTJs’ default mode, xNTPs’ show it when the situation is worth it).
  • Best debates between them, NFs are sometimes invited.
  • Would always choose knowledge over ignorance, even if it implies unhappiness.
  • “What do you mean it was offensive? It’s the truth!” (As a response to ENFJ).


IxxJ squad

xNFx squad


I love those ask games so I made one for us ADHDers.

1. Are you a fast talking hyperactive or a pacing hyperactive?

2. Are you a doodling daydreamer or a window gazing daydreamer?

3. Do you like hand stims, foot stims, or mouth stims the most?

4. Are you a planner person or a phone reminder person?

5. Do you hyperfocus on productive things or irrelevant things?

6. Are you a multitasking ADHDer or an overhwhelmed ADHDer?

7. 504 or IEP?

8. Diagnosed or Self Diagnosed?

9. Are you a 5000 tabs person or blank tab trying to remember why person?

10. Are you a self-hate when rejected or extreme rage when rejected kind of person?

11. Are your family do yoga people, eat clean people, or put down the phone people?

12. Which were you called the most in school: lazy or irresponsible?

13. High stim or Low stim seeker?

14. Comorbid conditions?

15. Which have you been told more often: meds are cheating or meds are street drugs?

16. Not social to mask symptoms or overcompensating to mask symptoms?

17. Reading hyperfocus or reading impossible?

18. Do you parents believe it exists?

19. Diagnosed late or early?

20. Ever wonder how much of you is your personality and how much is ADHD?

- DO NOT HAVE YOU PHONE OUT; this applies to any electronic device really. Endless kudos to people who write their notes on their laptop but for a lot of us that freedom to do whatever durn lectures is a no go for productivity. So put your phone on do not disturb and put in a pocket inside of your backpack. 

- Seriously no phone; keep your phone on silent and inside of your bag. If you are at all like me the fear of the noise that unzipping multiple pockets will make will scare you off from ever reaching for it. 

- Sit front row; now this one a lot of people will not like, so you don’t have to, it’s a personal choice. You can be just as productive in the back row as the front, but personally, if I can make direct eye contact with the teacher I will not goof around doodling on my notes. 

- Do not have a crap ton of pens and highlighters out; yes they are pretty and will make aesthetic notes but really one pen and highlighter is enough.

- Sit forward; leaning back or crossing arms actually makes you concentrate less! Or for me it does anyway, so sit forward like you are constantly about to take notes.

- Come up with a lecture note taking plan; I don’t rewrite my notes cause I’m lazy and as high school senior time is scarce. So have a plan of how your notes will work-bullet points as main points and slashes as sub-point, highlighter topics names and underline. Whatever works for you, but have a freaking plan! This will speed up your note taking time and make studying from the easier

- Drink water; have a water bottle handy or on your desk. If your mind starts to wander have a sip of water, not to many though. Don’t want to keep running to the bathroom durn class, but hydration is a must for a student!

- Clear your mind; if your mind starts wandering, stop and close your eyes for a breath or two. Let all thoughts go and just breath for a second. Tell yourself you got this, then tune back to the lecture and take kick ass notes!

anonymous asked:

Teach me how to draw sonic ocs, I keep trying and it just looks off because of their eyes

Okay so, to begin with you need to know the anatomy. It’s not complicated but still very hard to learn since it’s kinda different from other styles and you need to get used to it to start making poses and stuff.

Hands are a big problem for me because their size when it comes to flexing the arms, I need practice on that. Still, I love drawing them because of the size, I love sausage short fingers.

To draw faces you only need to set this lines that’ll help you to draw that thingy below the eyes (I CAN’T REMEMBER THE WORD OKAY?) and with that you’ll decide where the character is looking.

There are only a few changes you can make to the eyes. They’re pretty simple, and yet, takes time to get to draw the actual shape, it depends on own your style.

This styles work for almost all the species, except for the birds witch I’m no expert so heh… sorry.

Hedgehog’s hairstyle always depends on their quills, you can make some hairs here and there but not in the entire head cuz… ya’ know… Hedgehogs

Maybe this’ll help you. I never did any tutorial before and I did this in a hurry. Maybe I’ll make a video explaining this cuz there’s a LOT to cover. Sonic Oc’s are so fun to make and even easy. There’s not that many rules you can not break designing this fellas.


Had a pretty lazy school day today rehearsing a play so i drew bagginshield when not on scene.

I know it’s not a super likely thing that dwarves would have a big mountain ledge greenhouse/terrarium, when we look at the technological advancement of middle earth and the amount of maintenance it would need, but i like the idea. Like they would keep medicinal herbs there and so on from warmer climates and use it as public gardens and just 👌🏻

how do i stay productive?

school year has just started so it’s very important to stay productive; but how can i do that when all i want to do after school is eat and sleep? school drains your mental and physical energy, but does it have to? what to do right after returning home:

1. cook and eat - to maintain focus on doing something instead of resting right away, stay active - cook your dinner instead of eating already made food. nonetheless it will be a good break from racking your brains

2. unpack - put your backpack near your working space or just unpack there - once i sit in my desk, i don’t think about getting up, so if i don’t have my texbooks in range of my arm, i probably won’t study or do homework anytime soon - my legs and back hurt already, so if you struggle with similiar demotivation - just remember to make it easier for your future self

3. schedule - i don’t mean breaking your day down to certain hours, but a list of exam dates and a rule ‘first work, then rest’ is enough to keep me going

4. speaking of which, work comes first - by the time you’re done cooking and eating, your brain won’t be overwhelmed with using formulae for six hours in one classroom anymore, you can also do things like cleaning up, checking your emails, but stay away from mindlessly scrolling through social media and start doing your tasks

5. breaks - you might feel like there is no sense in studying because after 10 minutes you already feel like it’s too much, but that’s normal and okay - just take a break then, make tea, do eye exercises, stare out of your window - clear your mind

remember to stay away from your bed if you’re a nap addict (i know how you feel), and that you can work with music in the bg, just close those twitter tabs!!!

Ready for summer reading! And, no, that’s not Yoohoo I’m drinking. I made my coffee too strong, so I added lots of soy milk (and SF salted caramel syrup). My bujo spreads have taken a hit from my out-of-school laziness. But I’m going to start learning Korean soon, though…and there are job applications…

ALSO, I’m going to be more active on my studygram: @hufflepuffwannabe. So give me a follow, and I’ll follow you back! I need some folks to follow :)

I’ve never watched Gx but I think I know the plot really well from random posts.
It’s about a kid named Judai who is really lazy and hates school. His best friend is blue haired kid who is a major wishshipper with yellow jacket dude. Blue hair kid somehow knows he’s in a tv show and is just done with it. Kaiba had a fight with the sorting hat so he just puts the kids where he wants them. Some kid with black hair is somehow at the school but remains incognito because he doesn’t wear his house colors? (He’s probably a slytherin) Their school disappears? Judai loses a contact and his true self is revealed. Kaiba has a mental breakdown and starts running around in a supersuit, calling himself Kaibaman. And some Egyptian man falls in love with Judai who turns him down because his heart already belongs to the cards.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

how to get better grades in online school

hi!! ok so here’s my first masterpost! i have a youtube video of this already so if you don’t want to read words you can check it out! my yt videos are probably more entertaining but written masterposts are faster to read so idk pick your poison

ok anyway!! welcome to -

some background info: i took online geometry sem 1 over the summer and accumulated ten tips. for credibility, i got 98% overall at the end of the course without any retakes (hopefully i’m not coming off as bragging but this is just to show that these tips are helpful). ok let’s get started!

  1. work ahead! in online school, you’re able to work ahead as much as you want, so use that to your advantage! plus you never know what might happen in the future. for example: if i get really busy or something, then i don’t have to worry as much because since i’m already ahead in online school, i have one less thing to stress over about!
  2. get books to help you! i checked out two geometry books from the library and i would read over them before tests and stuff. it provides another source of learning and it’s better to read information from different formats with different explanations by different authors! if you do, then you’ll remember the information better:)
  3. ask online teachers if you have questions! if you’re in online school, there are probably most likely online teachers available a few hours every day. if you’re confused with anything, confide in those teachers! they’re there for a reason.
  4. use the internet! this is pretty self-explanatory but yeah it’s sort of like the “get books to help you” thing; it provides a different source of information so you can remember info better. plus, if you’re confused, you can always use google!
  5. work with friends who are also in online school! i had a few friends that were taking online geometry as well. whenever i had questions or concerns and was too afraid to consult teachers, i would ask my friends! (yes i’m a wimp.) if you have friends in online school, support each other! online school is less scary and stressful if you know there’s someone suffering alongside you :^)
  6. make a schedule! my online course had this calendar that would show me what lessons i needed to complete each day in order to finish my course on time. that was super helpful. if you don’t have something like that, make one yourself! you can use your bullet journal, your planner, a whiteboard, whatever. just make sure you plan it out!
  7. work a bit every day! working one hour every day beats working seven hours on, say, only one day of the week. it’s better for your brain, your memory, your health, and your sanity
  8. keep notes! my online course would give me a study guide for every lesson, which was pretty helpful. however it wasn’t quite enough, so i would make flashcards using an iphone app called brainscape based on what i didn’t think i would remember. then i would study them and remember them. yayyy
  9. have a good workspace! a tranquil area like your bedroom is much better than a loud area like the tv room. it helps you concentrate while you’re studying and thus helps you remember information better!
  10. don’t slack off! just because there’s no teacher to yell at your face when you don’t do your work for a day doesn’t mean that you should be lazy. online school is just as hard if not harder than in-person public school. thus, keep at it and work every day and do your best!!

thanks so much for reading! if you have any constructive criticism, please let me know. i hope you guys took something out of this!

x kathie