First and for most, I would like to apologize for not making this with more effort. It was just, sorta an idea I got in the morning and worked on it while being sleepy and begging myself to go back to sleep.

I got a little creative with the concept art and made this, it’s like you’re playing a video game!
(Though, I’m not good at animation or sprite work, I bet there is someone out there who’s far more talented and could make this even more better! →_→)


I say it’s about time.


So i’m love my new D&D character, Jessica Slamjam, a Paladin of Susan Crushbone. Seen here with her regular attire and western costume change for traveling to a frontier town in a country called Fonder

She’s a party girl in every sense of the word and she has a bag of holding that is exclusively used as a wardrobe. I love everything about her

i made my own fantasy football avengers team and i also made them matching outfits 

Immovable Object VS Unstoppable Force

(AKA Sarah and Sam Hate Each Other’s Guts)

There seems to be bickering in the Void, between two of the souls. 

Samuel and Sarah stand across from each other, screaming. It’s… really hard to distinguish what they’re saying. Suddenly, Sarah lunges at Sam, throwing him to the ground. In response, Sam kicks himself up, and punches her in the face. They continue fighting, each retaliating against the other.

Of course, soon Jordan and Jessica have to pry the two away from each other so they don’t manage to kill each other…. again. 



“Guys, guys, come on!” Jessica groans as she pulls Sarah away. 

“Samuel please stop.” Jordan sighs, keeping him away from Sarah.

“NOT UNTIL HE STOPS BEING AN ASS!” “NOT UNTIL SHE STOPS BEING AN ASS!” It’s a simultaneous cry from the two, as they glare at each other, sparks almost visible between them. The other two groan, and just keep dragging them away from each other. 


Something seems familiar

Doctor Who 2008 | Jessica Jones 2015


“Thanks,” Mara said. “You need anything else, Luke?”

“Not at your prices,” he said dryly. “Seriously, thanks for everything.”

“Glad we could help,” Mara said. “Don’t forget to have those injuries looked at.”

“I won’t,” he assured her. “Artoo’s already pulling up a list of the nearest New Republic medical facilities. See you later.”

“Right. Watch yourself.”

The comm clicked, and with a flicker of psuedomotion the X-wing made its jump to lightspeed. Mara gazed after it, a strange mixture of emotions chasing each other through her mind. The glowing reports she’d read of Luke’s glorious achievements … and yet they were a far cry from what she’d seen him do just now. Had something happened to him?

Or was he finally coming to his senses?

“Jade?” Faughn asked. “What now?”

Mara exhaled softly, putting Skywalker out of her mind. “We shoot off a report to Karrde,” she said, doing a quick time calculation. “See if he wants us to get back on schedule for the Nosken rendezvous or else try to track the pirates’ escape route.”

“Right,” Faughn said. “Incidentally, Jade, in case no one’s ever mentioned it before, you and Skywalker make a pretty good team.”

Mara gazed out at the drifting asteroids. “Bite your tongue, Faughn,” she said softly. “Bite your tongue.”

–SPECTER OF THE PAST, Chapter 9, by Timothy Zahn

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