jacquemus ss17 aka looks to try if you time travel back to the 80s and laze around in parisian boulangeries before going to a concert

This little pooper was just lazing away the day while his human bought some pho! I was also in the mood for some soup, so it’s a good thing this little bundle of bulldog bouillon appeared! I’m about to master the art of French cooking if you get my drift! #frenchbulldog #dog #dogs

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anonymous asked:

Every time I see you post photos of hk, I wish I was there!! I love it there 😊 what do you usually do when you are in hk? (Shop, eat, etc.)

awww, i’m so glad to hear that! but haha oh my gosh that’s exactly what i do ^^;;;; i honestly just shop and eat but mostly just laze around the house


Here, have some pics if the dumb cats I live with.

The regal beast is Buffy. She’s almost 16, and she is the most perfect example of “three ounces of whoopass” that you’ll ever encounter. Buffy excels at killing small animals, delivering their corpses to her people as presents, and lounging around elegantly. Her most impressive accomplishment to date was probably scaring off a mother raccoon from her babies.

Then there’s my fluffy little bitch: Butters. He lazes about a lot, but never with any grace, and he’s much too slow and gentle to kill anything. He plays with water, comes to you when called, falls off of things all the time, and has occasionally barked. I’d think he was a dog in cat’s clothing if he didn’t spend 90% of his time sleeping.