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Okay, let's get into the holiday spirit, how about the main three spending Christmas with their s/o? Please?

((Just a side note, holiday asks are more likely to be done faster, since y’know, Christmas spirit and all))


-Goes all out in decorating the house

-Mistletoe everywhere

-Every doorstep, every ceiling, hell, even above the couch, if you look up, you’ll see it

-Cold day cuddles!

-Also buys s/o tons of gifts


-Is very thankful he gets to spend the holidays with s/o

-Loves seeing them get happy about Christmas

-His favourite thing to do is go out for a walk and just admire the lights

-Lots of holding hands!

-A bit shy about receiving gifts

-Will blush a lot if s/o makes him something


-He pretty much lives for the cold days where you don’t do anything but laze around

-Really dislikes going out it the cold

-So he opts for staying inside and making hot chocolate

-Embarrassed to admit it, but he loves watching Christmas movies

-Definitely knows most of ‘Home Alone’ by heart

-Lowkey wants something similar to happen to him so he can be ‘cool’

-But he has s/o with him, which is not bad either

((No updates till tomorrow afternoon! Really sorry about that :/ ))


         “Uh? Wha— Oh, am just… napping, have not seen this Dashi guy you ask me about.” Why, he is napping INSIDE the Xiaolin temple, pretty much unaware of the fact this wasn’t exactly his time, nor he was looking at the person who talked at him.

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Happines.      a couple holding hands

Curiosity.       The children looking through the toy store windows

Restlessness.             Businessmen rushing down the streets

So many conflicting emotions calling out, some coming closer and others moving farther away. You watched them all as you perched on your head upon the balcony railing, bored out of your mind having nothing to do since you’d already finished your potions assignments for winter break and now you had nothing to do until classes started…and so you lazed around watching the crowds.

Malice.Pain.Fear.   Your head shot up in surprise, the sudden shock of that range of emotions left you gasping for breath as you looked around in search of the source.  Thats when you see him, the young man  you’d often seen working for the New Salem'r’s being pushed around by three physically larger men who seemed to have knocked him down and were jeering down at him. “Well thats not fair” you murmured as you sat up to assess the situation and decide if wether or not to help out when one of the larger men seemed to be trying to get a rise out of the young man and it seemed to be working much to well since the pain your feeling from him was starting to cause you to tear up a bit so before things got worse you decided to cast a quick Tarantallegra Jinx at the supposed leader of the group and almost considered sending a bat bogey hex on his friends but thought against it since that would be too noticeable for other no-majs, plus the panic being caused by the outrageous and uncontrollable dancing seemed to be enough to drive them away.

You were placing your wand back up your sleeves when the young man left on the streets made eye contact with you as he tried to find an explanation as to what just happened. His eyes kept going from your face to your dress sleeve as if to confirm what he believed you were. You gave him a smile and a small somewhat flirty wave as you  headed inside and closed the doors. Credence was left standing there in amazement at what just happened.

The next day as you made your way out of the apartment building you found yourself face to face with yesterday’s damsel in distress clutching more papers and from the anticipation you were getting from him you figured he’d been waiting for you to appear.  "Hello there, I’m glad to see you weren’t too roughed up by those jerks yesterday “ you offered as a way to kickstart the conversation since it seemed like he was debating how to proceed. "Oh!-u-um thank you for your help?” He replied almost automatically “you’re welcome!” You chirped as you turned to walk down the street and continue with  your day. You felt it before you saw it so by the time he reached you a small knowing smile graced your lips “Sooo… I’m guessing you have questions” you said as you looked at him from the corner of your eyes and saw him stop just two steps away in surprise at your knowledge of him following you and then hurry to walk closer  "How did you do that?“ He finally asked. "You already know the answer to that dont'cha hun?” You asked back just barely holding back from laughing at the wonder he exuded “magic?” he whispered to which you looked back and tapped your index finger against your lips and sent a quick wink towards him as if covering up some sort of secret, honestly you were starting to really enjoy yourself from how reactive he was if a simple wink could fluster him “Whats your name?” you asked as you paused considering a small cafe down the street. “Cred-” he cut off as you turned to look at him and he moved to look at the ground “Credence Barebone” he finished almost shyly “Well Credence why don’t we talk over a nice hot chocolate” you smiled as you led him towards the cafe and settled in to have a snack with Credence and answer his questions.

You take a sip of your hot chocolate and look at him over the rim of your teacup “Now tell me whats on your mind”. He didn’t even hesitate before asking “What did you do to that man?”, you scoffed “ it was only a little jinx, and honestly it would have lost effect in a minute.” setting the teacup on the table “ My turn now…whats a squib like you doing working for the New Salem'rs?” It was a question that had been running circles in your mind since he got close enough for you to feel what little magic he had. “What?” empathetic abilities weren’t even necessary now that you were face to face with Credence since he was just so expressive “uh… the anti witch people? Hellooo dont you know who your working for?” You asked back now just as confused as him. “No, no I meant the word you called me, and why would there be any problem, What is that? And why would it affect the New Sal-” “Because of what you are silly, the magic in your veins;albeit how little should be offended just with the idea of supporting the Salemer’s ideals”. You interrupted and even though you regretted being somewhat rude you also couldn’t hold back since it just didn’t feel right for someone who had magic to be against the magical community.

“I-i…I have magic? Thats what your saying right?” He questioned practically salivating  at the idea. “…Well yeah a little, but enough that I could feel it when you were next to me thats how I knew you were a squib”. It was starting to dawn on you that he honestly had no knowledge about anything you were talking about and if the following hour of questions he’d made about the magical community were somewhat illegal for you to answer then that only made you appreciate the fact that there didn’t seem to be any MACUSA agents nearby and that there was no one sitting outside with the two of you. Not that you’d regret it since the wonder he exuded only assured you that you’d be seeing him more often.

The following week without fail by midday all of your neighbors could find New Salem'rs flyers under their doors but not know that they were just and excuse for the young man who handed them out to visit a new friend who was working to open his eyes to a new world.

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This one took way to long even after I wrote down the story skeleton I just couldn’t seem to get down what I wanted to write

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I need to research sources for the development of property prices in Hong Kong after the reintegration in 1997. And attend to a list of 168 questions about formal systems. Help. Can I get some Supercorp with... like... cuddles and just lazing around to counteract that?

“But it’s Tuesday,” Kara whispered. Despite her complaint, she showed no motivation to actually get out of bed. Doing so would be a mistake, given that she rarely had free time to spend with Lena’s arms loosely tossed over her midsection, cuddled up in a warm bundle on the bed.

“Is it?” Lena kissed her neck and yawned. “You’ve never played hooky before, Ms. Danvers? Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me. You do have your cousin’s love for following the rules. Truth, love, justice, that sort of thing.”

“Technically, he has mine.”

“You know I don’t do well with Phantom Zone time lapse mechanics.”

Kara snorted. “I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“Yet you look so youthful. What’s your secret?” Lena rolled, pinning Kara to the bed. “I read in CatCo Magazine that daily sex can do wonders for your skin.”

“I don’t think Cat would have published–” Kara was cut off by Lena’s mouth on hers.


- ̗̀eight, december, sixteen  ̖́-  

ahhh, today was relaxing. Nibbling on various snacks (as demonstrated by my little sister in the picture) is perfect for a day where you’re just lazing around the house. A lil’ upset as a picture I took of some notes + books but it didn’t fit like I wanted to, so we just have some pictures of fruit w/ my computer :^)) not really a study-ish post, but I’ll post some later.

why you should eat more raspberries: contains lots o’ antioxidants + decreases decline in cognitive ability + good for your heart & brain

all pictures are mine, except for the one on the bottom left.

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RFA + V + Saeran reaction to a MC who has a very energetic cat that is a Manx/Siamese mix so the cat is loud as well and is constantly causing noise during the middle of the night? Thanks!


> This boy loves animals always has so for you to have a cat its a dream come true

> He expected it to be like average cats snoozing and just lazing about but nope he was so wrong

> This cat sprinted from one side of the room and back at break neck speed, it ran into the wall once

> But trying to get a goodnights sleep was close to impossible with the cat

> It would make a crying yell sound and start clawing at the doors so that someone would get up and pay it attention and it was uasually him because you could sleep through it

> He had no clue how you could sleep through the craziness of the cat at all, it wasn’t exactly quiet

> He loves that cat with all of his heart though and enjoys it when it finally does calm down and lay on him for snuggles



> Just don’t do this to him

> Cats are a deal breaker

> And he needs his beauty sleep so just no cats okay?


> Wasn’t very found of you having a cat to begin with because of the experiences with Elizabeths c-hair

> But grew to love it so much, apart from early in the morning, because boy was it loud

> And she just wanted to sleeeeeeeeeeeep

> Let Bahee sleep

> But loves how it can keep itself entertained with just a piece of string for hours

> And the cuddles that she gets after a long day from both you and your cat is her happy place



> Was worried that your cat and Elizabeth the Third would not get along at all

> But with how quickly he saw that Elizabeth the Third took to your cat he decided to take a step back and stop being a helicopter parent

> He slowly grew to love your cat as much as you do

> He would be used to the loudness of a cat because he does have his own but yours is louder but it doesn’t take him long to adjust

> He came home once to see your cat and Elizabeth playing chase and thought it was the cutest thing ever so he had to take a photo

> It was blurry as hell but he still cherished it


> Oh boy! He would have thought that Christmas came early

> So much better than his Robo cat

> He would love how energetic and loud you cat was

> He would often say that it was him in cat form

> Really wouldn’t mind the loudness of the cat at all

> If anything he would try to make it louder and run around more

> Treats and a lazer pointer were used

> Would get it catnip just to see what would happen

> Loves the cat almost as much as he loves you



> Loves animals

> Loves your cat

> Does NOT love the loud noises it makes in the middle of the night

> It always seems to jump on him and meow in his face as soon as he starts drifting off

> It was once flung off the bed in surprise

> He spent a good half hour clutching said cat and crying silently while appologizing

> When it licked his forehead he cried even harder because he hurt such an innocent creature and he got kisses from the floof

> Starts to really appreciate your cats loud noises when it once told him that someone was at the door when y'all were doing the do

> Asks your cat questions about its day and vents to it when alone



> Would deny loving your cat but not so secretly loves it

> Adores the little purrs he gets when feeding it

> Feels so friggin loved when it lays on his lap or gets him ‘presents’

> Not a huuuge morning person but a really hevay sleeper so rarely wakes up to the cats noises

> But has once woken up to the cat starring into his very soul

> Just asked what it was looking at and rolled back over to sleep more

> Another person who loves how energetic your cat is

> Brought it a Christmas present (It was a badly wrapped toy mouse with a Santa hat on it)


-Admin Kay

I’m Team Skull Trash, so have a slightly revamped Skull Admin Yinae.

While Plumeria is the Cool Big Sis of Team Skull, Yinae is the Aloof Big Sis. Her love of Ghost Type Pokemon rivals that of Guzma’s love of Bug Type Pokemon, which seems to have an odd effect: Ghost Type Pokemon are drawn to her like moths to a flame. Yinae tends to laze around, not really interested in Pokemon Battles, but it’s said that when she battles, she never comes out as the loser.

Skull Admin Yinae’s Team:

Fluttershy the Drifloon: More of a pet than a fighter, Fluttershy is almost never in her Poke Ball. She’s more often seen clinging to Yinae’s arm to avoid being blown away by stray winds. She likes throwing things she can pick up at people she doesn’t like.

Noir the Lampent: The sole reason most Grunts do not want to piss off Yinae. Noir listens to everything Yinae tells him to do without fail, and often is responsoble for “accidentally” giving others mild burns. He is rather affectionate when Yinae is in a good mood, but the Grunts still avoid him.

Mikachu the Mimikyu: Yinae’s prized Mimikyu, Mikachu is notorious for being able to solo sweep teams all by herself thanks to her disguise and Z-Splash. She is the only Pokemon in Team Skull that can intimidate Guzma’s Golisopod, although this appears to be unintentional.

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oh haha by "holiday reading" I meant books you read on holiday like on the beach or just when you have days to laze about and read (here in nz we're on our summer break so I have a lot more time to read), but you're very sweet for that list xx

oh, okay! that’s an easier list to make haha. i like to read historical or fantasy novels when i’m looking for some lazy day escapism

-mary renault’s the last of the wine (bonus rec: the charioteer)
-david almond’s skellig
-patrick o'brian’s master and commander
-patrick rothfuss’ the name of the wind
-kristin cashore’s graceling

hope you have fun with your vacation time! :)

Nicepants Fluff Drabble #1


Guy, the Nice Cream vendor, fluttered his sleep-filled eyes a bit at the sensation. Something bumped into the end of one of his long blue ears, but he couldn’t be sure if it wasn’t just a twitch, so he let out a breath and drifted off to sleep again.

Another week had come and gone, another day off with his boyfriend lazing about on the couch spent after watching another terrible movie. The bunny had his arms spread across the back, slouching his tall frame and his head hanging down in slumber, his chin resting against his bright yellow shirt.

In his lap rested the head of a rather content fast-food worker, purring as he gazed up at Guy’s sleepy face. Burgy, however, was wide awake; a typical problem he seemed to have, particularly when he was with his partner. Watching the blue monster drift into unconsciousness made him blush…but those ears.

They were hanging right above his nose.


Burgy playfully touched one with his paws, the ear’s muscles twitching in response. The cat looked to see if Guy was waking up, but thankfully he didn’t rouse, although his breathing shook a little. A smirk washed over Burgy’s face.


Another twitch, followed by a deep breath and a swallow. Guy’s eyes were still closed, his ears still dangling in front of Burgy’s face.


“Burgy…what’re y’all doin?” Guy yawned, eyes open just a sliver.

Burgy let out a tiny gasp upon being caught, and scrambled to improvise. His paw moved from Guy’s ear to his cheek, as he stretched his own neck to meet the bunny, giving his boyfriend a playful kiss.

“Just seeing if I could sneak one of these on you while you’re sleepin’.”

“Can’t sleep, huh?



Guy wearily smiled at Burgy as his arm reached behind the couch. As he looked the cat in the eyes, he had a brief moment where he couldn’t believe he had been so lucky.

…before picking up a pillow and dropping it on Burgy’s face.

SKAM may or may not update in ONE minute so here’s some coffee shop SKAM au to calm my nerves

uhhh I’ve never done this before I’m just tired and its like 5 am lmao

No title yet, i may post to ao3 who knows??

Isak woke up to Eskild’s ringtone playing at full volume. He opened his eyes and regretted it immediately, grimacing at the searing bright light leaking through his window. Fumbling around with his eyes half open for his phone, which was tangled in the sheets somewhere, he groaned. Why couldn’t the world just leave him along for one more day? Let him sleep and laze around the house and not worry about the papers that needed writing or the dishes that needed washing.

Pulling the phone from his rumpled sheets, he answered Eskild’s call with a groggy, “Hello?”

“Isak, good morning!” Eskild’s cheery voice sang. “Was someone still asleep? For shame.”

“No,” Isak lied, “I was just taking a break from homework. What’s up?”

“Get ready, because we are going out!” Eskild said.

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