some twitter ideas for human!kiibo! I wanted to give him a big and poofy and comfy jacket, but I also wanted to see him in something a bit more fitted like his robo outfit// 

Dating Dean Winchester would include:

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·         Gruff morning hedgehog hair

·         Running his hands all over you

·         Whispering sweet things in your ear

·         Whispering dirty things in your ear when everyone is looking

·         Grabbing your ass in front of Sam to annoy him

·         Still being best friends with Sam

·         Teasing Dean on easy cases by flashing him ‘accidentally’

·         Rough jealous “You’re mine” sex

·         Sweet kind “I love you sex”

·         Him caring about you with all his heart without caging you in

·         Watching you con pool players with super heart eyes

·         Badass fighting together

·         “How the hell did you get your leg high enough to kick him in the face?”

·         “I’ll show you later.” *wink*

·         After a rough hunt, just lazing about the bunker with him for days

·         Massages in the shower

·         More than massages in the shower

·         “Should we move this to the bedroom?”

·         “If we don’t I think I’m gonna fall and break my neck.”

·         Dean goes weak when you ride him (even his muscular, jean-clad thigh)

·         Driving out to nowhere to sit on Baby’s hood

·         “I love you so much baby.”

·         “I love you too babe.”

A/N: This was made really quickly but I just wanted to give you guys a little something while I work on requests. Enjoy!

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