”… and then at the same time, another Celestial Spirit Wizard, Layla opened the doors and there we were, 7th of July, X777…” // chapter 465

That look on Natsu’s face though

He’s not ready to go back with this new information

He’s not ready to tell Wendy or Gajeel

He’s not ready to tell Lucy that he’s part of the cause of her mother’s death and directly the cause of Aquarius’s incident


Excuse me but I demand answers!

Why does this business man with Jude Heartfilia have a similar outfit-

to one of our latest villains?!

In Jude Heartfilia’s letter to Lucy, he said “You resembled Layla so much…” 

- so why show an image that is NOT Layla? Why a statue of heavenly woman that appears to be praying? And what do you mean “you really were a ‘blessed’ child?”  

If the Heartfilia Konzern was around when Layla was 16-

(BTW what happened on this day and what was her mage work?)

-then why were Layla and Jude working outside the mansion at the age of 19?

Does this mean Heartfilia was really Layla’s last name before she married Jude?

(Plus, why does the sentence “we had to leave” have it’s own panel? And why did they leave when Layla looked 7-9 months pregnant; why didn’t they leave sooner?)

Why is there even a technique to summon the Celestial Spirit King? (It’s strange that the Celestial Spirit King would even need to be summoned in Earth land- like what specific danger does a powerful celestial mage have to encounter to require a god’s assistance?)

How does the Celestial Spirit King know Mard Geer? Why did Mard Geer seem to know that the Celestial King can even be summoned and how long has he had E.N.D’s book? When did they fight prior to this battle?

How did Zoldeo and Brandish know that Layla had a daughter when she stopped her mage work three years prior to Lucy’s birth?

When did Layla tell Lucy about the one magic and is Lucy right about it being ‘love’?

But most importantly, how does killing Lucy Heartfilia turn someone who has violated a taboo, with dark magic and celestial magic, completely human?!  

(……………and the sad thing is this is just the tip of the iceberg….)

Lumen Histoire = Fairy Heart?

Why the hell does Lumen Histoire need two names? Just for a dramatic revelation in between Makarov and Zeref?

I don’t think so.

Fairy Heart = Lumen Histoire. Lumen Histoire has the initials L.H., who else has the same initials?

Right. Lucy Heartfilia and Layla Heartfilia. Personally, I think these two are somehow connected to the current issues we have in the manga.