BAEKHYUN IS ME. HAHAHAHA look at him all exicted😂😂 #baekhyun #yixing #baekxing #exo #lay #laybaek #byunxing

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I’m so glad the whole Lay vs. Kai thing is dying down. It’s so hard to say who’s really the “better” dancer, because it just depends on what you value. Lay has the precision, and if you look closely you’ll see he hits the moves best, but Kai has the flow and stage presence, and that’s why he’s so fun to watch. Lay’s a dancer; Kai’s a performer. They’re both amazing, just in different ways.


BAEKHYUN IS ME. HAHAHAHA look at him all exicted

EXO Reaction when they propose to you but you say no because you think you're to young

For the “dating a minor or someone younger” reaction, go to the masterlist. Requested by @kares220501 !! Lots of love form,

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*Irresistible boyfriend* “Jagi… you know I’ll wait for you right? Next time I won’t take no as an answer”


*Doesn’t take it wrongly* “I get it babe, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we are over, in fact I’ll work harder from now on to be a great husband”


*Thinking* “She is right… we both are still young. I just… want her to be mine. Forever…”


“Why didn’t I think of this earlier… of course she would say that. I should have waited.” *Thinking what to do so he doesn’t lose you*


*Tries to hide it hurt him a little but understands what you meant* “It’s okay jagi, we’ll get over this. One day I will ask you again, because this isn’t stopping me…”


*Tries to cheer you up* “Hey jagi, I love you no matter what! Hope you are seeing this!”


*Worried* “This doesn’t mean it’s over right jagi… Please stay with me, I’ll wait for you forever”


“come here and give me a kiss okay? I’m still your boyfriend, so don’t give me such a sad face just for telling me the truth” *Understanding*


*Devastated* “Is this the end? No.. I hope not. Maybe I can take her to that place she loves… I want her to know I really love her… no matter what..”


*Smiles just like you love* “It’s okay jagi.. I’ll stay here forever okay? We’ll wait all the years you want… If that’s what you want” *A little sad but he just loves you too much*


*Doesn’t tell you but he is heartbroken* “I thought it was the right time… we’ve talked about this… did I misinterpret her words? … What should I do now?”


*Disappears for a day* “Maybe it was something I did… maybe I’m not good enough… I’ll make her happy… I’ll show her”

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160723: EXO’rDium in Seoul Day 2 | 蜜兴YOU

Night out with Exo
  • Junmyeon:Very wasted and is laughing at everything the members say. Has given up the leader title in favor of shots. Didn't care when yixing made him sit on his lap. He is actually enjoying it
  • Chanyeol:100% louder than normal and is trying to tell kyungsoo a very involved story but keeps getting distracted. He keeps hearing barks from the dance floor which is... weird. Kyungsoo seems very bored with him. He's having a good time so it's ok
  • Yixing:Someone cut him off earlier but he's been stealing sips from Junmyeon's drink when he's distracted. Trying to convince the others that he's really not that drunk! He is very drunk
  • Sehun:was grinding on people on the dance floor until he saw Jongin with a puppy. They take turns making the puppy dance on the bar counter while he complains that Vivi does it better. He misses Vivi so much
  • Jongin:Bumps into someone on the dance floor and his shirt barked at them. The bar owner told him no pets allowed but he's not a pet he's a litte hairy baby. Also has no idea where this dog came from. Got kicked out after having a "wild animal" dance on the bar counter. Very emotional right now
  • Kyungsoo:Finally escaped from chanyeol only to find jongin crying while his shirt barks at a security guard? Tries to do damage control and ends up getting kicked out as well. The three of them go out for ice cream after. He doesn't know how he gets into these situations
  • Minseok:Only slightly buzzed and flirting with this girl at the bar. He's about to seal the deal when someone on the karaoke machine dedicates the song to him. He switches to a stronger drink
  • Luhan:Trying to win minseok's heart back by loudly singing him 'Touch My Body'. He thinks he got the message because half way through the song he gets tackled. Turns out it was only to be put in a headlock, but hey baby steps. He's very in love
  • Baekhyun:There's not nearly enough strippers in here and he plans to change that. Gets stuck while trying to take off his shirt. Jongdae cheers him on. He tries to continue but he's still stuck in his shirt. He gives up and sits down. Why do clothes have to be so complicated
  • Jongdae:Keeps getting free drinks from people and bumps in baekhyun while he's trying to strip. He cheers him on until Baek gives up. Jongdae takes his place and starts trying to remove clothes. He is the party
  • Yifan:Drags a whiney Jongdae from off a table to save his pride. He's not even drunk. Sehun said they were going to a universe convention and he's beginning to think that was a lie. He goes to round up zitao as well. Tonight was a bust
  • Zitao:Got drunk after exactly one beer and has renamed himself Swaggy T while making everyone at the bar buy him drinks. No one bought him drinks so he started crying. He's currently trying to pick pocket Junmyeon but Yifan catches him. The Taxi back home is tense and Zitao pouts the entire way saying he wasn't even drunk. He's not convincing anyone