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I still can't believe that happened....

Honestly, I really meant it when I said this:

I have no idea what in the shitting hell is going on. 

ESPECIALLY yesterday. WHY did all these professionals ascending onto Louis’ property look like a play put on by aliens about how to Human™? 

Like, “Here I am, I’m the doctor man! With my doctor tool!” 

“I am in my lawyer suit with my lawyer papers because I’m a very important lawyering man.”

“I"m the coffee man doing my coffee job, standing out of the way, for that pap on the lawn!”


I don’t really have any answers except that all of this is

It is so over the top and extra…I just really don’t even know what to say. It is a fact that the paparazzi are called for 90% of the shots you will ever see. The airport pap was called, presumably I feel, to capture them in their Tweedle Dumb and Dumber jumpsuits, which is fine because it’s clear that they are both under some sort of arrangement with Vetements. The return of what’s her face isn’t that surprising given that she was pictured with Gigi for official Tommy Hilfiger promo months ago and Zayn and Louis are still both, as far as I know, under Syco, so it would make sense that they roped their beards in together, and that they would use them for mutual promotion with TH. Maximum exposure required Zayn and Louis’ participation clearly. Louis recently followed Tommy Hilfiger on Twitter so it’s just like breadcrumb trail of stuntness that is right in front of everyone.  

There is so much overwhelming evidence to support that this was all planned. I don’t know about the hoodrats jumping them at LAX being real or fake, but I imagine that the “scuffle with the paps” was intentional, thus giving way to Dan fuckin W’s article about Louis’ mental stability and then the comment from the Desperado of Calabasas about him “not being himself”…this seems like a terribly drawn out and horrible season finale that everyone’s just tuning into out of fuckin obligation to the years they’ve invested in the show. 

It’s just…sad. It’s really sad for people who have bothered to look beyond the headlines, which are fabricated by yellow journalists and shitty PR people to build a narrative that is not true, and who know that this is the last thing that someone like Louis Tomlinson deserves. He deserves exactly none of this shit.

Not to continuously bring it up, and I wish I didn’t have to, but what I wrote about this subject over a year ago now is more relevant than ever. And that’s extremely depressing. If you haven’t read these, then hopefully you will and they can shed some insight into what I believe is actually happening behind the scenes. 

Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign?

Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe That Louis Tomlinson Has Actually Had A Baby?

Is Louis Tomlinson’s Bizarre Behaviour Actually Just Him Mocking Simon Cowell?


For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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Jax Teller.
  • Judge: The man's lawyer is here to speak on his behalf.
  • Lawyer: Jax Teller.
  • Judge: What?
  • Lawyer: Jax Teller. Beautiful human being.
  • Judge: That doesn't relate to the case.
  • Judge: Oh, that hot hunk of a man.
  • Lawyer: *nods*

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Can you do a smutty and fluffy hc of sugarbaby jimin with his home attire of a silk robe and lingerie and being hubby material and taking care of his sugar daddy jk when he gets home from work tired?

+ Jimin tightens his robe as he talks to a male on the phone.

+ Jimin has a way with words and knows how to convince people to do what he wants. Right now Jimin has just chatted his way into a lower phone bill.

+ Jimin hangs up then dials the tv company and starts getting deals off the bat.

+ Jungkook says that Jimin should become a lawyer or a business man.

+ Jimin likes the job of being spoiled and riding Jungkook’s dick better.

+ Jimin hangs up the phone before heading over to the kitchen to pop open the bottle of whiskey Jungkook likes. Jungkook should be him by now.

+ Jungkook walks through the front door only a minute later and Jimin can tell it was a rough day.

+ Jungkook kicks his shoes off and just drops on the couch while rubbing his eyes.

+ “Bad day?” Jimin asks sitting on the couch next to Jungkook while holding the glass of whiskey.

+ “yeah, c'mere.” Jungkook says holding his arm out. Jimin crawls into Jungkook’s lap easily before handing the whiskey to the younger boy. Jungkook takes a gulp before exhaling, “we didnt seal the deal.”

+ “I’m sorry baby.” Jimin says running a hand through his hair, “anything I can do for you?”

+ Jungkook finishes the glass and sets it on the table next to him. “Lay down baby.” Jimin shifts to undo his his robe to expose his red lacey panties. Jimin lays on the couch as Jungkook rubs his legs.

+ Jungkook strips off his shirt before climbing on top of Jimin to kiss him slowly. Jimin figures that the pace Jungkook needs to relax.

+ Jungkook slowly strips Jimin’s panties off before he undressed and prep Jimin.

+ Sex was slow but it had Jimin whining and squeling in pleasure. Jimin knows Jungkook really need him to be vocal.

+ They finish 20 minutes later and they cuddle on the couch as Jimin runs his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.

+ “I know how much you wanted this deal.” Jimin says softly, “how about your being me tomorrow. I’ll make sure you get it daddy.”

+ Jimin shows up the the meeting the next day in a sharp suit and seals the deal in a half an hour.

+ Jungkook needs a new desk cause they broke it.

You Again?

Matt Murdock/ Reader

Words: 1,894

Summary: Maybe you were too much to handle. Maybe you believed too much in getting the justice ripped away from the citizens by the judicial system. Maybe Matt couldn’t find a way to respect both you and the law.

Request: Babe! I just had an idea and I know you are the perfect one to write it! Do you reckon you could please write a Matt Murdock / Reader where you are convicted for something (something you did, or maybe didn’t? Whatever fits with a snarky/sarcastic reader ;)) and he turns up as your attorney but you have bad blood from the past? Love ya Angel face x

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: @ly–canthrope

Author’s notes: Thank you for endowing me with this request! This fic delves into a lot of social issues and I hope y’all can take away a lesson from it. Shameless self plug-in but I do run a Daredevil imagine blog so you can hit me with requests there! ( @imaginedaredevil). Created a minor OC pero…whatev she coo

You roll your eyes as the usual Detective Lamar appears in your holding room. If it weren’t for the cuffs, you would be slinging your arm around your chair and kicking your feet up on the table. Instead, you use your face to appear to be a force to be reckon with.

And a force you are.

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The Way Home Pt. 1

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff, humor - vampire!au

Warnings: swearing, explicit sexual content, blood and gore, violence, mentions of physical abuse, kidnapping

A/n: If any of the mentioned might be triggering please do not read my story or know that you are reading at own risk. It is my story but I cannot control how my audience receives it.

Rated: M

Summary: Namjoon remembers Y/n as a seven year old girl that hid behind her father’s leg and didn’t dare say hi to the older boy. He remembers her when she was fourteen caught in the awkward stages of puberty, the poor girl even wore braces. After that he doesn’t remember more, she stopped coming to the fundraiser and important dinners with her parents when she entered the rebellious teenage stage. He hadn’t seen her for years, but one day her face was all over the news. At nineteen, the girl had been kidnapped while out with a friend celebrating her birthday. No one had been able to find her. Namjoon didn’t pay much attention to the case only hearing about it from his detective friend. His father had died some weeks prior to the kidnapping and he was busy taking over his father’s law firm at the age of twenty three. His father’s lawyers daughter’s kidnapping had nothing to do with him. Except it does now, two years later. Namjoon’s firm is thriving and he’s getting richer by the hour when Mr. Lee himself visits Namjoon and tells him Y/n is alive. Namjoon doesn’t know why that has anything to do with him but he’ll find out sooner or later won’t he?


A/n: The main character’s family name is: “Lee”,  this is because it simply makes my writing process easier. It is still written as a reader x Namjoon story though,  so don’t worry yourselves.  <3.


noun  vam·pire \ˈvam-ˌpī(-ə)r\

(in Eastern European folklore) a corpse, animated by an undeparted soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and sucks the blood of the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.

Chapter 1

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Imagine that growing up, you were the ‘little sister’ of your neighborhood and you’ve always had a massive crush on Rafael who is oh so adorably oblivious.
  • You always make a point to touch base with him every once in a while and now that you’re all grown up, you become a lounge singer and you invite him to see your set.
    • The whole time he’s in awe and falls for you strong. And after that he makes sure you stay in contact and you become closer and closer and not exactly going out on dates but you’re definitely more than friends.
  • Eventually you start becoming more and more touchy feely and he keeps telling you that he would introduce you to the SVU squad but he always kind of puts it off because he’s a little nervous about taking that step with you, especially when you’ve never really discussed it.
    • Also he’s always kind of nervous about what the squad would think about him kinda sorta dating someone ten years younger than him.
  • Time passes a little and you take matters into your own hands when you get yet another text apologizing for not being able to make it to lunch because he’s stuck at the precinct working on a case. So you go down to bring him lunch and giggle when his mouth is like, gaping, and you just kiss his cheek and leave.
    • Later over dinner he talks about how the team wouldn’t drop it the entire time you he there and now you HAVE to properly meet or else they won’t ever shut up about it
    • The whole time you’re smirking, all satisfied with yourself.
  • After a pretty casual dinner, he would draw a really hot bath for both of you and the two of you go to bed all snuggled up.
    • During the night he chuckled to himself (quietly so he doesn’t wake you) because you hum in your sleep and he’s like holy fuck I’m in love with her.
  • If he’s honest with himself, he knows he falls for you even harder for the most mundane things.
    • Like he loves watching you braid your hair
    • and he’s just so transfixed and when you’re over the stove cooking. He can’t help but stare because your hair is a little bit frizzy and you’re slightly flushed but still grinning and singing under your breath and ahhhhhh. He just loses it.
    • And the best part is that he thinks he’s being slick, thinking you don’t notice what he’s doing but the whole time you’re just like ‘wwwwwwwhhhhhaaaaattttt are you thinking Mr. Lawyer Man?’
  • What makes him finally say ‘I love you’ is when he comes home to you singing in Spanish along to the radio and cooking his favorite meal and he’s just like ‘Yup that’s it this is the girl I’m going to marry one day’
  • And it’s so incredibly hard to fight because he hates seeing you upset and you can never take him seriously because he is just so GOD DAMN FUCKING HOT when he’s angry.
    • You end up being adults and talking about it later before bed because you two made a silent rule to never go to bed angry with each other.
    • and that’s just another reason he loves you, because sometimes you’re more mature than he is
    • sometimes you have to remind him that you come from the same place because sometimes he treats you like you’re so fragile and you’re just like ‘I can kick your ass carino’
    • He finds himself getting really impulsive when it comes to you and you’re always just like  'hey babe please chill’ and he admires you so much for that because it’s the exact opposite of him. Like he can be super calm and forward thinking during court but once you get involved all thinking goes out the window and he just kicks into gear to make sure that you’re safe and happy
  • As a kid were essentially the definition of a tomboy. You grew up with three older brothers and did everything with them and essentially idolized them and that’s why Raf is just floored when he sees you as a lounge singer.
    • And then your brothers find out about the two of you
      • the brother closest to your age is like ‘yay! Congrats! I knew you liked him! How ironic that you met up again!’ and the next oldest is just so confused he’s like 'rafael? That nerdy scrawny kid from all those years ago?? Really?’ but the oldest is your typical macho protective brother that just completely freaks out because you guys didn’t really grow up in the safest place. So you’ve got him like 'Rafael? What’s his address, blood type, social security number etc….’
    •  And then your brothers tell your mom and your mom tells his mom
      • Both Raf’s mom and your mom couldn’t be more thrilled and they’re already planning a wedding and both you and Raf  are like ‘chill not yet we haven’t even talked about marriage!’ But let’s be real here, you both have thought about it but are too scared to admit it.
      • While the firing squad of questions was incredibly embarrassing, it did mean that once you got home and were in bed, you’d talked about what it’d be like to have a family together.
  • When the two of you start talking about a family it starts with you saying something like “hypothetically if we were to get married what would it be like?” And he would be just like “well um first I would have to purpose….” and then you spend the majority of the night planning a “perfect future”. But the entire three hour conversation would be “hypothetically” and “in theory” and you both start giggling about it once it gets late enough.
    • The next day Barba buys an engagement ring
  • The first person he tells about the ring is Liv.
    • Each time he tells a new member of the team they just aren’t surprised in the slightest.
    • When he tells Liv she just kind of laughs and is like “yeah saw that coming when she first showed up with your lunch”
    • Finn is all 'wait, you haven’t been married this whole time? Because you could’ve tricked me’
    • Sonny is just like ‘Yup I’m the best man and also when’s the wedding I need to start planning the bachelor party’
    • Raf is both really proud and happy that the team likes you but is also so incredibly flustered

Thank you so much @smxkingimages for the original idea this still gives me life omg. If anyone wants to see anymore of this imagine thing, we’ve got plenty more where this came from that I’d be more than happy to post (; 


The Influencers: Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer: Twin Peaks’ Homecoming Queen and Centerpiece

It all started with a Homecoming Queen. She was dead and wrapped in plastic. The hauntingly beautiful blonde North Pacific teenage dream washed up on shore, nearby the Northern Lodge is what started it all. Laura Palmer was the American Dream the bore the secrets of a hellish life and a gruesome end. And yet, her story doesn’t just yet. Laura Palmer was Town Peaks’ savior. Ripped from the innocents, she dabbled in the darkness of the woods but she never let her conscious be sucked out.

According to her secret diary, young Laura has seen over 40 sexual deviants.From the violent Leo Johnson to the corrupt Ben Horne, the sultriness of the blonde bombshell was too captive to bear. Designed as a Marilyn Monroe mockup, Palmer eerily shares Norma Jean’s descent to death in a manner no other Marilyn biopic could. Her innocence was snuffed from out of her, even before she bled to death.

Ayn Rand once wrote this about Marilyn: “Marilyn Monroe on the screen was an image of pure, innocent, childlike joy in living. She projected the sense of a person born and reared in some radiant utopia untouched by suffering, unable to conceive of ugliness or evil, facing life with the confidence, the benevolence, and the joyous self-flaunting of a child or a kitten who is happy to display its own attractiveness as the best gift it can offer the world, and who expects to be admired for it, not hurt”

That figure that radiated a brim of light and utopia among the proverbial hypocrisies of the town buried in secrets is very much like Laura herself. Her smile and bright eyes were forced to see people and the alters for what they really were. Imagine the world where all your heroism and good deeds have no importance because the pain is just too unreal. You are the captive of your own parent’s sexual deviances. You are the pawn in “The Evil that Men Do.” To live your life as the sexual prey that lingers and consumes your father is morally reprehensible.

When you see Bob inhabit Cooper in the new season, we see a different man, absolutely. But everything Bad Cooper does is in tune with survivalism, with the nature of his job, and with his take on what’s the difference between morally and ethically good and bad. Even the murders are not of significant impertinence because he sees this part of his job. It’s the Hit Man or the Bounty Hunter. You cross the line, you paid with your life. This may be because deep down, the doppelganger is the duality of all the bad that lies inside Cooper. This is a Cooper with a freewill and choice to do unrepentant harm more than the choice to be good. The Bob here seems content to wreak havoc yet humane. This Bob Cooper appears to be lascivious, crude, and detached to the lightness. He operates in the dark where he can trap the creatures of the night. His entourage is these hooligans who look like they should be a part of Deliverance.

Leland Palmer, on the hand, is obtusely repugnant because as mentioned in the original series, his entire conscious was raped and carved out of him. His whole being and sense of right and wrong are influenced by Bob himself who is more the Jiminy Cricket to Leland’s Pinocchio. Yes, it’s horrifying to know that his own innocence was taken from him when he was just a boy but that doesn’t absolve him from the crimes he committed. He is everything described in Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” Painted smiles hiding a truth only found in nightmares.

As far as we know, this Bad Cooper doesn’t rape because he doesn’t have to. He gets what he wants. That he makes very clear. The doppelganger knows he’s bad but there’s a charm to him because he’s upfront about it. In many ways, there’s no need to go insane because he’s not hiding behind secrets and the dualities that do belong to us. He acknowledges himself for him and he can truly enjoy his essence.

With Leland, there is a sick streak of a shadowed veneer underneath the handsome suburban lawyer father. He is constantly trying to pretend to be normal but he sticks out like a sore thumb. He’s no longer conduit for Bob. He is Bob and Bob is him. That’s why the evil spirit doesn’t want that vessel anymore. He wants someone pure like Laura and Cooper that he can just live without his garmonbozia. Leland was too much of an erratic liability to withstand. He was in complete denial of his willing participation in these crimes. He was a family man. Your lawyer (to a corrupt capitalist with his own shady deals, Ben Horne incidentally is Laura’s pimp), your upright citizen in a quaint little suburban town.

The true story here is of a girl who was saddled with the inescapable evils of the father and chose death over allowing that evil to be fully realized in her flesh. Laura is the victim of the story. This sweet innocence tainted by societal greed and cruelty. But she was a savior as well. A savior who decided to save a town mixed of worthless fools and sweet souls.

The demonic possession is a metaphor for the monster inside of us and some can’t control the evil we do. Is the story of Laura Palmer so incredulous to believe that her grieving father was responsible for the rape, torture, and subsequent death of her. When seeing the world through her eyes, we are at the precipice of what the town really is. A fake town who turned a blind eye to the next generation, allowing them to become pawns for the seeding underbelly that underscores the greed, corruption, and drugs presented to them. It’s an idyllic town full of hypocrites that will never escape their hometown glory nor will they know just how this tragic Homecoming Queen saved them and continues to save them from eternal damnation.

Laura is Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Scooby Gang support system behind her.

Lost  Boy (Chapter 3)

Hey! If this is your first time reading, catch up HERE!

Another long chapter, pushing 2500 words. Thanks for all the love on this fic! I love to hear from you guys, and I reply to every comment/message so please reach out to me! Thanks lovelies!


They didn’t talk about it, not the next morning when Steve drove Tony back to Peggy’s, or the day after when Steve dragged himself back to the library to study some more. He was surprised to see Tony waiting for him at their usual table, but didn’t comment on it, just said a quiet hello and opened his books.

When Tony ordered lunch, Steve handed him a twenty to cover it, and they ate in silence.
But when Tony started gathering his things to leave at five, Steve reached out and grabbed his wrist, tugging him down until he could cup his jaw, his fingers stroking over the stubble there.

“You text me…” he cleared his throat. “Every time. Do you hear me?  Every time.”
Tony’s eyes widened and he nodded in understanding.
“I will always come and get you. Every time. It’s not that I approve or anything like that at all. But I’d rather you be safe with me then on somebody’s couch. High or- or not, okay? Whatever this is between us is–” he cleared his throat again, “I don’t know what this is, but let’s keep working at it. So you text me every time.”

“Okay.” Tony whispered, his dark eyes damp with emotion, and Steve pulled him down farther until their lips met in a gentle kiss. “Oh.” For once, Tony was speechless, and Steve smiled for the first time all day.

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