Lawyer: Man was hogtied by police before death
An investigation is underway to get more details into how a man died in the 3400 block of Goodman Road in Southaven.

Troy Goode is dead, and his family is trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

Tim Edwards, with Ballin, Ballin & Fishman P.C, is the family’s attorney.

Edwards said Goode and his wife were leaving the Widespread Panic concert at Snowden Grove Amphitheater as it began.

“He was under the influence and so the wife began to drive them home,” Edwards told WREG.

At some point on Goodman Road Edwards said Goode got out of the car and began running around.

Southaven Police said they were called to a shopping complex on Goodman around 7:45 p.m. on Saturday.

“They showed up in force and subdued him,” Edwards said. “They hogtied and put his face down on the stretcher.”

Edwards claimed a witness heard Goode scream that he could not breathe.

“The police took him off and next thing that we know he was a Baptist Hospital,” Edwards said.

Goode’s mother got the call that he died around 11:00 p.m. Saturday night.

“The family as you might expect is grieving, and they are not irrational at all, but they want answers. They want to know why Troy died,” Edwards explained.

WREG started questioning Southaven Police about the events that took place before Goode’s death, but a department spokesperson said they were not commenting or releasing any more information Sunday evening.

Goode’s body is being taken to Jackson, Mississippi for an autopsy.

“I’m not in the position right now pointing fingers because I don’t know the cause of death,” Edwards said.

Edwards believes there was someone shooting video of the incident that night and urges that person to come forward to help the family piece together what happened.

Stephen's Lawyer Man

Ever since yesterday I’ve had this MIGHTY NEED to know about the man who plays the lawyer, a recurring character on The Colbert Report.

After Stephen attempted to get the audience to take off their pants in order to beat Croatia’s Biggest Jeans World Record. is it just me or does lawyer man kind of look like Daniel Craig.

Then the more recent one in which Stephen must meet his contractual obligations. 

I have no doubt there’s other lawsuit moments I’ve missed because “Stephen” is adorably ignorant, but if anyone can tell me the name of the lawyer… I’ll love you forever.  I can’t rest until I know.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Can I request some angsty klapollo, like maybe one of them (preferably klavy) has a one night stand w someone else while they are in an established relationship? It's up to you if they work it out or not. Thnku!

okay, first of all, fuck you. secondly, fuck me for actually writing this. thirdly, this has been in my inbox for so long i had to scroll down forever to find it, holy shit. 


some other stuff: i haven’t given this fic the ending I originally intended to. it was very difficult to write and i can’t tell if this is any good or not, so i left it the way it was and maybe i’ll do a follow up fic or something in the future. i hope anon likes it anyway.

i’d like to make a note that this fic includes my headcanons for the gavinners- if there’s a name you don’t recognise, they’re a gavinner. i’d also like to trigger warn for etemophobia (vomit) and implied abuse when it comes to kristoph. bc kristoph sucks.

under the cut and now on ao3!

The apartment was colder than it used to be.

Klavier knew logically that it wasn’t true. It was just as warm. But it felt bigger, emptier, like part of the room had been stripped away. That wasn’t true either. Nearly everything remained, but it was the essence that had been stripped to the bone- the feeling of home was gone.

He wondered if it was ever going to return, and more importantly, if he deserved its return.

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Stephen's lawyer man is one of his writers, Max Werner. He got a shout-out on Jul 26th this year when his twin girls were born. :)

oohh! thanks for telling me! :D

incidentally someone totally needs to add lawsuit to the recurring segments on wiki.