it really irritates me when people act like sportsmaster in young justice wasn’t an abusive dad??? like let’s not forget that

  • he spents YEARS until artemis was fifteen coercing her into training to be a supervillain, obviously against her will
  • his eldest daughter, jade, chose to run away at age 12 and brave the streets of gotham city (crime capital of america) rather than live with lawrence anymore, she hated it that much
  • lawrence attempted to emotionally abuse and manipulate artemis, telling her that she would only ever be a villain inside due to what he’d done to her
  • who else do you think artemis got her trust and self esteem issues from, hm?
  • unlike jade, who admitted to legitimately caring for artemis, lawrence was explicit about that his wanting revenge on kaldur for artemis’ death was about his pride and reputation, not any attachment to his daughter
  • also unlike jade, when m'gann brought all their minds together, lawrence didn’t believe it was true that artemis was alive as he couldn’t feel her touch in his mind, basically indicating a lack of relationship / emotional attachment to artemis in comparison to jade
  • in fact, artemis knew that the only way to make him realise it was truly her was to fight him so that he’d recognise his training in her – and don’t you think that’s fucked up?
  • not to mention that he barely reacted to realising his daughter was alive at all (again, unlike jade who – despite also being a bit of an emotionally fucked up asshole (and i say that in an appreciative way, i love yj!cheshire) – expressed joy at finding artemis alive), unlike any father with a loving bond with his daughter would