Cowgill House by Rural Explorer
Via Flickr:
An elaborate example of a Romanesque Revival home. Built in 1887 by a prominent banker named Henry Cowgill. Carthage, Missouri


Plant of the Day
Tuesday 7 March 2017

Dramatic drifts of Crocus vernus (Dutch crocus, giant crocus, large-flowering crocus) cultivars include Crocus ‘Pickwick’ with large purple-striped flowers on a greyish-white background with orange stamens and stigma. These
herbaceous perennials grow from a corm, with linear leaves usually with a silvery central stripe.

Jill Raggett


tx_snakewrangler Every once in awhile I try to get my bigger snakes outside for some natural sun and fresh air. I have 1.2 (1 male, 2 female) eastern indigo snakes, a federally threatened snake that occurs in Florida, Georgia, and a tiny piece of Alabama (historically, at least). My red theoated female in particular goes into double-chin, full cobra defensive mode when she gets outside, puffing up with air. She really is full of hot air though, she doesn’t bite.