in the drama, the traumatic loss of his mother turned light into a much more gentle person in the beginning

with her death, the role of “mom” had to be filled in the yagami home, and as sayu was much too young, and soichiro remained committed to his career over his family, the only one capable of stepping up to the plate was light

he took on the sort of responsibility expected of a girl. he cooked, he cleaned, he cared for his younger sister and for his emotionally distant father. this labor and its lack of reciprocity had a “feminizing” effect on him so to speak. he broke in the same way every girl does: he longed only for a simple life where he could be content and not stick out too much. he became an underachiever, a gentle young man, already worn down by a decade of responsibility.

but when he gets the death note, he gains a power that was unavailable to him as a child. it was initially his since of responsibility to his family and his caring nature that drove him to use it, but it was that promise of power that made him keep using it.

as the series progresses, light begins to change. he tells sayu to cook for herself, to wash her own clothes. he demands a seat with his father, and sayu pours him a beer just like she did for their father. he stops being kind to misa and begins to use her as a tool for his plans. he manipulates women in his path, consistently viewing them as tools and neglecting their humanity. the death note has given him access to manhood and the freedom that it provides that he was denied by taking on the role of his mother. the death note teaches him that masculinity holds power, and he gladly takes hold of it.

light believes this was his only option to unshackle himself; if he did not begin acting as a man (by way of violence against women, aka “toxic masculinity”), he would suffer the pain women experience forever. 

but he was presented another option: L.

L rejects social norms, he lives as he desires, and it is only men L becomes close with. L seems to heal with light. light inspires something kinder in him, something that wants to care and be cared for. and moreover, L ignites a spark in light, inspiring him to achieve and challenge himself and be better.

L’s rejection of society and closeness with other men is the route light couldve chosen and did not. L begging him to confess that he is kira is also a plea for him to confess that he loves L. L wanted light to see the value in loving him, to see how much he could be with him, and that his embrace of the social values that had caused him this pain was not the only way to free himself from that pain

but we know how that played out.

I never thought I would...
  • Use ship as a verb
  • Ship best friends
  • Ship enemies
  • Ship strangers
  • Ship people who aren’t even in the same fandom
  • Ship people who possess the same body
  • Ship two dead people
  • Ship a living person with a dead one
  • Ship countries

So, I wanted to create an appreciation post for the ships that are scorned and receive hate.

For the ships that are treated with homophobia, and are belittled for no other reason than for being between two people of the same gender. The ships whose beautiful emotional developments are ignored, and instead stereotyped into false pictures of “lustful yaoi pairings,” which they are most certainly not.

For the ships that are overshadowed and ignored due to their more popular competition:

For the ships who, conversely, are “too popular,” or have “taken over the whole fandom.”

For the ships who are sent hate for ‘queer-baiting’ in spite of their beautiful, long-developed bond:

For the ships that are considered ‘abusive’ or ‘wrong’ because the characters have problems (and work them out, in DirkJake’s case!):

And the ships between two characters who are “clearly straight,”

(Yes, I have actually seen this argument used against Kagehina XD)

Because every pairing, no matter how minute, mainstream, or controversial, deserves respect. It’s okay if you don’t ship it. Hell, I don’t ship all of the pairings in this post. However, that gives you no excuse to behave with hostility towards the people who do.

(I will likely continue making edits to this post. I didn’t include every ship that has ever received hate, of course, and I may have mis-categorized a few of them. I understand that not everyone will like these ships for a variety of reasons, but I would appreciate it if everyone avoided any shiphate :)

Do you ever spend more time analyzing every single moment of your ship, take the time to even put moments in chronological order, and just devote your time to a ship than to actually do your school work or even try to have a life bc I can most definitely relate
You ask why my favourite colour is purple?

…no reason